Explain Fayol’s principle of ‘equity’ and ‘order’ with examples

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Explain Fayol’s principle of ‘equity’ and ‘order’ with examples

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  1. Equity: Fayol advocated that there should be no discrimination against anyone on account of sex, religion, language, caste, belief, nationality etc. and emphasises kindness and justice in the behavior of the managers towards the workers to ensure loyalty and devotion.
    For example, Now-a-days, in multinational corporations, equal opportunities are available to everyone.
    Order: Fayol advocated that people and resources must be in suitable places at appropriate time for maximum efficiency i.e., there should be a place for everything and everyone in an organisation and that thing or person should be found in its allotted place. This will lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
    For example, Raw material should be available at the place prescribed for it.