Discuss the main features of the retreating monsoon in India.

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Discuss the main features of the retreating monsoon in India. 

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  1. Answer: The main features of the Retreating Monsoon season in India are:

    A. During October-November the monsoon trough becomes weaker. It is gradually replaced by a high-pressure system. The south-west monsoon winds start withdrawing gradually. By the beginning of October the monsoon withdraws completely from northern plains.

    B. The months of October and November are a period of change from hot rainy season to dry winter conditions. The land is moist, the sky is clear and the temperature rises. Nights are cool and pleasant. Owing to high temperature and humidity, the heat becomes oppressive during the daytime and it is called ‘October heat’.

    C. The low-pressure conditions get transferred over the Bay of Bengal by the beginning of November. This shift is associated with the occurrence of cyclonic depression, which develops over the Andaman Sea. These cyclones cross the eastern coast and cause heavy rainfall. They are destructive and the deltas of the Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri are often struck by them.