Account for the current environmental crisis.

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Account for the current environmental crisis.

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    Environment performs four functions, namely, supplies resources, assimilates wastes, sustains life, and provides aesthetic services. But the rising population of the developing countries, the affluent consumption and production standards of the developing countries, and the industrial revolution have brought the situation of environmental crisis i.e., it all put great pressure on the first two functions of the environment.

    Many resources have become extinct and the wastes generated are beyond the absorptive capacity of the environment. The crisis has worsened by the drying up of rivers. Besides, the intensive and extensive extraction of both renewable and non-renewable resources has exhausted some of these vital resources and thus we are compelled to spend huge resources on technology and research to explore new resources.

    The situation becomes more worsened with the current issues of global warming and ozone depletion. They also put great strain on the government’s finite financial resources.