Ahmedabad's AMC MET Medical College is named after PM Narendra Modi.

On Thursday, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), which is under the control of the Bharatiya Janata Party, named a medical college after the prime minister. The college in Ahmedabad’s Maninagar neighbourhood is run by the Medical Education Trust (MET). “The ‘AMC MET Medical College’ will now be known as the ‘Narendra Modi Medical College,'” according to Hitesh Barot, chairman of the municipal corporation’s standing committee. It is located on the grounds of the AMC-run LG Hospital in the Maninagar neighbourhood of the city.

He claimed a standing committee meeting on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a proposal to name the medical college after Modi. According to Barot, Modi was Gujarat’s chief minister when the college was constructed. “Everyone agreed that the medical college should be named after Narendrabhai because it was constructed while PM Modi served as Gujarat’s chief minister and wants people to remember his contribution. The least we can do for someone who has done so much for the city and the state is that “said he. The head of the AMC standing committee claims that this college annually admits close to 300 medical students for undergraduate and graduate programmes. The 1,050-bed AMC-run LG Hospital is connected to the educational institution.

One of the three medical colleges in the city managed by the AMC MET, the college was established in 2009, when Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat. NHL Municipal Medical College and AMC Dental College are two more. “By constructing institutions, Modi had the vision to improve medical education in the region and increase the number of physicians available to the population. The college is named after Modiji as a tribute to his vision by the AMC “added Barot, a MET member as well. In MET’s executive committee meeting on Wednesday, Barot was the one who first suggested renaming the college. The trust approved Barot’s suggestion and presented it as an “important topic” for the standing committee meeting on Thursday.

According to him, the plan was approved by everybody present at the meeting. The Gujarat Cricket Association controversially named the newly constructed cricket stadium in the city’s Motera neighbourhood after the prime minister in 2021.

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