Procol is looking for a

Sales Development Intern

Internship Overview

  • Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Full-time
  • Onsite
  • Gurgaon

Stipend & Benefits

  • Fixed hours
  • 5 days work week
  • Offers certificate

Skills Required

  • CRM, Effective Communication

Roles & Responsibilities

Procol is hiring for the position of Sales Development Internship!

Responsibilities of the Intern:

Identify potential customers and create new business opportunities for the company.
Contact and qualify potential customers through effective communication.
Set appointments and diligently follow up on leads to nurture relationships.
Prospect new customers using various methods such as lead generation, trade shows, follow-ups, and cold calling.
Utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software to effectively manage leads and sales activities.
Stay informed about market trends, competition, industry developments, and new product features.
Attend networking events and trade shows to establish relationships and generate leads.
Collaborate closely with other sales team members, marketing, and customer success teams to align strategies and share valuable insights.

Possess hands-on experience with various sales prospecting techniques, including personalized outreach, cold emailing, and social outreach.
Exhibit excellent communication skills to effectively engage with prospects and articulate value propositions.
Demonstrate a strong drive to achieve individual and team goals within the sales domain.
Showcase resilience and persistence, adept at bouncing back from setbacks and challenges.
Feature strong problem-solving skills, essential for addressing complex issues in a sales environment.
Take ownership of responsibilities and excel in working independently, ensuring accountability and initiative.

Contribute to one of the fastest-growing start-ups, with the potential to influence a significant market and positively impact millions of people.
Collaborate with dynamic and passionate peers across the company, engaging in daily challenges and constant stimulation.
Build and earn ownership of a key part of the business while working directly with the company’s leadership team.
Receive a competitive salary and benefits as part of the compensation package.

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