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Cyber Security Intern (Remote)

Internship Overview

  • Posted 1 week ago
  • Full-time
  • Work from home

Stipend & Benefits

  • Fixed hours
  • 5 days work week
  • Offers certificate

Skills Required

  • Cyber Security

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Acknowledge, analyze, and validate incidents triggered by correlated events through SIEM solutions
  2. Acknowledge, analyze, and validate incidents received through other reporting mechanisms such as email, phone calls, management directions, etc
  3. Collect necessary logs that could help in the incident containment and security investigation
  4. Escalate validated and confirmed incidents to the SOC Analyst
  5. Undertake the first stages of false positive and false negative analysis
  6. Understand the structure and the meaning of logs from different log sources such as FW, IDS,
  7. Windows DC, Cisco appliances, AV and antimalware software, email security, etc
  8. Understand the subject of EDR alarms
  9. Track and update incidents and requests based on client’s updates and analysis results
  10. Log client requests and change requests in SNOW.
  11. Report false positive alarms from EDR and SIEM to L1 SOC analysts
  12. Generate weekly reports from the SIEM platform and send them to L1 SOC analysts for review

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