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Mohit Dhulia

A postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management, often known as a PG Diploma, is a one-year diploma program in management and health sciences. The program includes the strategies and management features of interacting with hospitals and health care facilities. A degree is required in hospital management, hospital administration, or a related discipline is required to attain a PG diploma in hospital and healthcare management. Individuals who have a certified Medical Council of India MBBS/BDS/BAMS degree are also eligible to take a PG diploma in hospital and healthcare management.

The PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management admissions program is based on the result of the certification test, which is graduation. Enrollment to the PG diploma in hospital and healthcare management does not require an admissions test. AIIMS, Delhi, Bangalore University, Madras Medical College, Gandhi Medical College, and others are among the best institutions that provide a PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management. For a one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management, the typical tuition fees range from INR 3,000 to INR 25 lakh.

Clinical, diagnostic, and rehabilitative services, healthcare system management, introductory to management -I, introduction to management -II, project work, and other topics are included in the study program. Medical services chief, Healthcare management executive, Associate/Assistant professor, Internal corporate, and other positions are available to the candidate. The average salary of a candidate with a Postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management is between INR 1 lakh and INR 15 lakh per annum. Sancheti Hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic, Jehangir Hospital, Aditya Birla Hospital, Mangeshkar Hospitals, and others are among the leading hiring firms.

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Eligibility Criteria for PGDM in Hospital Management

  1. Applicants should have earned a bachelor’s degree that is approved by India’s Medical Council or Dental Council.
  2. Applicants must have studied disciplines such as homeopathy, pharmacy, and other related fields.
  3. MBBS/BDS degree holders are also eligible to apply.
  4. The individual must have previous hospital experience.

Admission Process for PGDM in Hospital Management

The student’s performance in his prior assessment test determines his entrance to the Postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management program. The following are the requirements to apply for admissions:

  • Applications can be applied for online at the university’s website.
  • Candidates can only submit an application at an IGNOU regional centre.
  • Applicants can pick up a request form or print one from the official web page.
  • Aspirants must then fill out basic personal information such as their name, address, and other facts to demonstrate their qualification.
  • Upload the documentation, photograph, and signature in the size and format specified.
  • Finally but not least, the applicants must pay the registration fee.

Course Overview for PGDM in Hospital Management

Course LevelPostgraduate diploma
Full-FormPostgraduate diploma in hospital and health management
Duration1 Year
Examination typeSemester wise / Yearly
EligibilityBachelor’s degree in the relevant field of study recognized by the Medical Council of India
Admission ProcessMerit
Avg Course FeeINR 3,000- 25 Lakhs
Average SalaryINR 1 to INR 15 LPA
Top Recruiting CompaniesSancheti Hospital, Ruby Hall clinic, Jehangir hospital, Aditya Birla hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Rao nursing Home, KEM Hospital, etc
Job PositionsMedicinal services chief, Doctor’s facility executive, Hospital planning adviser, Hospital consultant, Hospital quality assurance executive, Associate professor, Ambulatory clinic manager etc

What is the PGDM for Hospital Management?

Healthcare management is the area that focuses on the administration of healthcare institutions. A healthcare manager is not a healthcare person who works any type of healthcare activity. In a health care facility, a healthcare manager is in charge of the operational processes. People observe health care growing beyond hospitals all over the world. The healthcare industry has been taken over by a slew of enterprises and corporations. As a result, we require a specialist to oversee the operations of such institutions.

Bachelor’s degrees in healthcare management are not available in India. After earning a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, you may pursue a post-graduate MBA in Healthcare Management. Management and administration activities will be assigned to you in healthcare institutions.

Why pursue a PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Administration?

In today’s world, the health sector has risen to prominence as among the most important sectors. Health care and institutions are developing with the passage of time, necessitating better monitoring and support abilities to keep up with an ever-expanding business. The need is steadily expanding. This degree is useful in a variety of hospital and healthcare settings where management skills are required to maintain a high level of quality in all areas.

Skills Required for Health Care Management

Becoming a healthcare executive can be both exciting and stressful at a certain time. If you want to perform in healthcare management, you’ll require a set of talents. Many of these are acquired talents through experiences, and it is always beneficial to intentionally develop and cultivate such skills.

Leadership skills– A healthcare manager’s responsibilities role is to guide his team. Being a leader necessitates the ability to complete tasks without disrupting the team. You must be able to delegate effectively and make the best in others. Because a health center employs a large number of professionals, you must be capable of leading them and then getting the job done without causing complications.

Organization skills–  The importance of organizational skills and organization cannot be overstated. You must be able to make the most efficient use of your assets, time, and effort. You must be disciplined in addition to being prepared.

Problem-solving skills– Someone who is a healthcare executive comes with a lot of obligations. You are continuously confronted with a plethora of issues and questions. As a result, you should be able to assess and prioritise numerous difficulties before providing calculated solutions.

Communication skills– You must interact with your colleagues on a frequent basis in this field, both in writing and orally. You must be able to communicate with the team in a clear and concise manner.

Negotiation skills– Many of the complications that develop in this profession can be overcome when you can negotiate properly. You must be able to discover a method for both sides to profit without losing a lot of money. It would benefit greatly to many people in the organization if you could get stuff accomplished your way without causing a lot of problems.

Interpersonal skills– Interpersonal skills allow you to connect with others and understand their perspectives. You won’t be able to complete your task; if you depict yourself as powerful, no one will work with you. You meet many people working in healthcare. You must be able to deal with a large number of individuals who are vulnerable and seek your assistance.

Capable of distinguishing between profession and emotion– To be a healthcare manager is a difficult job. You frequently find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You must be able to recognize and distinguish between your job and your feelings. You must not let your emotions control you. At the same time, you cannot approach the staff coldly; you must be able to balance the entire act.

Top Colleges for PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

College NameAverage Annual fees
AIIMS DelhiINR 1,944
Alagappa Institute of TechnologyINR 24,000
Armed Forces Medical College (Pune Maharashtra)INR 64,400
Bangalore UniversityINR 30,370
Lady Hardinge Medical College (New Delhi)INR 10,000
Madras Medical CollegeINR 20,500
Gandhi Medical CollegeINR 40,833
Sri Ramachandra University (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)INR 1,00,000
Seth GS Medical College (Mumbai)INR 29,600

Distance Education for PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

Several institutions offer remote academic programs for a postgraduate diploma in hospital and health care management. A postgraduate diploma in hospital and health-care management has also been recognized, which trains professionals in management, planning, and other skills.

Top Colleges for PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

Institute NameCourse fee
SymbiosisINR 40,750 (Total fee approx)

Syllabus for PGDM in Hospital and Healthcare Management

These were some of the subjects and topics covered over the two years.

  • Healthcare Policies and Regulations
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration
  • Organisation of Hospitals
  • Disease Control Management
  • Medical-Legal Issues
  • Quality Assurance
  • Administration of Hospital
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Information Management
  • Healthcare Legislation
  • Anatomy
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Physiology
  • Hospital Enterprises Management
  • Medical terminologies
  • Conflict management
  • Epidemiology
  • Health management
  • Principles of Management

Careers in Health Care Management

Because it is specially related to the health industry, the sectors in which people can work will be limited. However, the sector offers a wide range of career opportunities. You could work as the Administrator of a hospital or in charge of specific sections. You’ll have the chance to lead a number of hospital franchises and branches. If you’re interested in the financial side of things, you may work for insurance companies or something similar. The possibilities are unlimited here. These are just a handful of the numerous changes in healthcare management.

Job ProfilesDescription
Healthcare Department ManagerA healthcare department manager is in charge of a single hospital or institution’s team. The medical team, the radiology team, or any other team could be involved. Their role includes overseeing the work of one department.
Healthcare AdministratorOne or more institutions are under the control of a healthcare administrator. They are in charge of all business and management activities. They may even be in charge of hospital franchises.
Healthcare Finance managerThe hospital’s finances must be managed by the manager. They are in terms of maintaining track of all expenditures, incomes, and bills. They’d be in charge of the entire department’s job.
Physician Practice Managera medical professional The practice manager’s job is to oversee all aspects of the firm. They must develop numerous business suggestions and plans, as well as carry them out.
Quality and Improvement managerEverything that happens in the hospital will be examined by a quality and improvement manager. They will evaluate the quality of services on a regular basis and devise methods to improve it.

Top Hiring Companies in Healthcare management

Hospitals, medicines, and other associated businesses offer employment opportunities. The following are the top employers in the field of healthcare management:

  • Apollo Life
  • Cadila Healthcare
  • Cipla
  • WIPRO GE Healthcare
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • AstraZeneca
  • Aurobindo Pharma
  • Sun Pharma
  • Nectar life
  • HDFC Health Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

Average Salary for PGDM in Hospital and Healthcare Managment

Job ProfilesAnnual Salary in INR
Healthcare Department ManagerRs. 6 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Healthcare AdministratorRs. 5 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Healthcare Finance managerRs. 5 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Physician Practice ManagerRs. 5 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Quality and Improvement managerRs. 16 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)

Future Scope in PGDM in Hospital and Healthcare Management

  • In today’s environment, there is a rising need to manage, organise, and coordinate within hospitals and health-care facilities.
  • As a result of the increased number of hospitals and health-care institutions. Hospitals and healthcare institutions currently need plenty of organisation, administration, planning, staffing, and health services, among other things.
  • Applicants can apply for positions in the pharmaceutical business, government sector, doctor’s facilities, and counselling organisations in the wellness sector after completing their Postgraduate diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Management.
  • They can work as a medical service chief, a medical caretakers executive, a pharmaceutical venture, a hospital planning adviser, a quality control executive, or a healthcare management executive, among other positions.
  • They can apply for Lecturer and Associate Professor positions.
  • Internal company analyst, health care provider, and chief nursing officer are all possibilities.

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FAQ’s for PGDM in Hospital and Healthcare Management

What are my alternatives for a career in healthcare management?

You may check into healthcare administration, finance administration, and other related industries. You could also look for work in drugs or insurance. Another well-paid career is quality assurance testing. If none of them apply to you, you could pursue a career in teaching, as it is the one doorway that is always open.

What are the necessary abilities for a student seeking a postgraduate diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management?

Conceptual clarity of the disciplines is an essential quality for candidates seeking a postgraduate diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management. Applicants who have a good understanding of management principles are also a plus.

Is it possible to get a job after completing a postgraduate diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management at a college?

Yes, after completing a postgraduate diploma in healthcare and medical administration, most colleges offer job placement services. Candidates, on the other hand, research the colleges to which they are applying for admission.

Is it a smart idea to pursue a post-graduate diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management?

Indeed, with the current boom of the healthcare sector, there is a significant demand for management abilities.

Is it possible to work for the government after earning a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management?

Yes, both sectors are in high demand. Both the federal and state governments hire for positions such as hospital administrator, hospital management, and healthcare institution management.

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