Ph.D. Yoga Course - Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Institutes, Scope

This is a doctoral-level course. Through a detailed academic conceptual framework and research-based education, it focuses on human health and yogic studies. This is a full-time program, and some universities only offer it as a residential program. The goal of yoga is to provide relief to the human body using various yogic techniques. It is also in charge of treating various psychosomatic disorders in humans over a long period of time.

The Ph.D. in Yoga teaches students about the various skills associated with Yoga, such as Yogic Therapy, Yogic training, and, most importantly, the various methods to heal various ailments.

PhD Yoga: An Overview

Level of CourseDoctorate Degree
Also referred to asYoga
Duration of course3 Years – Full Time
Type of ExaminationSemester System
Eligibility CriteriaPost Graduation in Yoga/ MBBS/ or any other relevant stream from any recognized School/University with at least 55% marks. 
Process of AdmissionEntrance Examination and Merit-based
Fee for courseRs. 2,000 – 100,000
Average Pay1 to 15 LPA
Top Hiring CompaniesHyatt Hotels Corporation, ESIC General Hospital, IGNOU, Best Aromatics Limited, National Health Mission, and Ayur Bethaniya Limited
Job ProfilesYoga Therapist, General Therapist, Research Officer, Yoga Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Ayurvedic Doctor, etc. 

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PhD Yoga Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for admission into this course are a Master’s degree in any discipline or Medical Graduation.

  • Candidates must have completed their post-secondary education at a recognized college or university.
  • Candidates must have completed a post-graduate degree in yoga or passed any other relevant examination.

PhD Yoga Syllabus

First YearSecond YearThird Year
Fundamentals of YogaNatural Yogic DietStages of Yoga Practices
Human AnatomySiddhar’s PsychologyHome Remedies
MicrobiologyDemonstration of Surya NamaskarRule of Yoga in Health
Psychological Functions of Human BodyPreventive health Measures of SiddharsDemonstrations of Yogasanas
Identification of HerbsPreparation of One Yogic Chart
Medicinal Values of Herbs
Social Outlook of Siddhars

PhD Yoga Admission

Based on Merit

  • Candidates must apply online at the college or university’s official website.
  • After meeting the college’s eligibility requirements, the application form should be filled out correctly.
  • The qualified candidates will be sorted out and called for counselling after the application period has ended.
  • The university or college will release the final merit list.
  • Candidates must attend the counselling session to confirm their acceptance into the college.

Based on the Entrance Examination

  • To be successfully registered, candidates must apply on the official website of the entrance examination conducting body.
  • The authority will announce the examination date, and candidates must appear for the examination.
  • Candidates must obtain a high grade or CGPA in their respective examinations in order to be admitted to the PhD programme in Yoga.
  • The authority will compile a merit list of the successful candidates and assign the students to the appropriate colleges.
  • As part of their admission, candidates must go through additional personal interview rounds.

PhD Yoga: Preparation

  • Begin your preparations at least a year before the entrance examination so that you have enough time to finish the syllabus and gain a thorough understanding of the subjects.
  • If the entrance exam format is MCQ, then practice as many MCQ questions as possible from various books.
  • Collect Mock papers and give Mock tests to help you gain confidence and improve your skills before the final entrance exam.
  • Rather than focusing on academic aspects, try to determine the applicability of the subjects. It will assist you in passing your final entrance examination with ease.
  • If you are serious about pursuing a PhD in Yoga, you must achieve a satisfactory score at the post-graduate level of study.
  • If you are preparing for any entrance examination, you must also achieve a high CGPA on the relevant entrance examination in order to be accepted into a good PhD in Yoga College.
  • Please investigate any college or university you are considering before making a decision.
  • Check to see if the college has a good scope and a good reputation.

PhD Yoga Top Institutes in India

InstitutePlace Process of AdmissionAverage Fees 
Average Salary
Per Annum
Rani Durgavati VishwavidyalayaMadhya PradeshDoctoral Entrance Test (DET)INR 30,000INR 1.50 LPA
Uttarakhand Sanskrit UniversityUttarakhandMerit-basedINR 8,890INR 2.35 LPA-
Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports UniversityChennaiEntrance and InterviewINR 2,800/INR 3.10 LPA
Singhania UniversityRajasthanEntrance and InterviewINR 50,00-INR 1.8 LPA
Annamalai UniversityTamil NaduAdmission Test and InterviewINR 2.5 LPA
Himachal Pradesh UniversityHimachal PradeshEntrance ExaminationINR 3.00 LPA
YBN UniversityJharkhandEntranceINR 80,000INR 1.4 LPA
Devi Ahilya VishwavidyalayaMadhya PradeshDoctoral entrance Test (DET)INR 12,000INR 2.6 LPA
Shoolini UniversityHimachal PradeshShoolini University Entrance Test and InterviewINR 1.21 LakhsINR 6.50 LPA
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic VishwavidyalayaMadhya PradeshMerit-basedINR 13,300INR 1.9 LPA

PhD Yoga Important Book Recommendations

Book NameAuthor’s Name
The Power of YogaYamini Muthanna
Dream YogaAndrew Holecek
Stopping the Noise in Your HeadReid Wilson
Prostate Health in 90 daysLarry Clapp
You are the UniverseDeepak Chopra

PhD Yoga: Suitability

In today’s world and society, a Ph.D. in Yoga is a very important subject. This course not only teaches students about the academic side of Yoga, but also provides them with a variety of outside skills, knowledge, and techniques. The following are some key points that explain why you should take this particular course:

  • Candidates interested in fitness, lifestyle, health, Yoga, and exercise will benefit greatly from this PhD in Yoga programme.
  • It will help them learn more about Yoga and the fields that are related to it.
  • Students will be exposed to a variety of techniques and aspects of yoga because it is a three-dimensional subject that encompasses a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • PhD in Yoga students will improve their motivation, communication, interpersonal relationship skills, and speaking abilities.
  • Students will learn how to use a variety of techniques to treat patients with physical and mental illnesses in this course.
  • Candidates for a PhD in Yoga will learn the art of Yoga as well as how to safely apply Ayurvedic medicines to the human body.

PhD Yoga: Important Career Options

Profile of Job Description of JobAverage Salary
(Per Annum)
Ayurvedic DoctorAyurvedic doctors are in charge of treating patients with Ayurvedic medicine. It is a zero-side-effect treatment for a variety of disorders that entails a number of steps such as visualization, analysis, and a review of the patient’s medical history. They must use a variety of ayurvedic techniques and medicines to treat the patients.INR 3.77 LPA
Yoga InstructorYoga instructors must teach patients the fundamentals and developed stages of yoga, including proper body position, and techniques. They have a close relationships with patients and are in charge of them. They offer different Yogic advice and keep track of the patients’ progress. They are also taught a variety of breathing techniques.INR 2.15 LPA
Yoga TherapistYoga therapists are in charge of treating patients using the Yogic healing alliance. They treat physical ailments such as diabetes, back pain, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis, among others. They also address mental health and physiological issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression, among others. They carry out the entire treatment in several sessions.INR 2.00 LPA
Research OfficerResearch Officers are in charge of conducting general research, which includes both qualitative and quantitative elements, in order to prepare a strong report. They must create a complete research blueprint and give a presentation on it. Research Officers attend a variety of discussions and information sessions in order to gather information for report preparation and writing.INR 4.24 LPA
Clinical PsychologistClinical psychologists are in charge of determining the various psychological problems that patients are experiencing and attempting to help solve them through variety of clinical procedures and therapies. Emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders are all examples of psychological issues. They examine the patients thoroughly and prescribe treatment based on the findings.INR 3.53 LPA

Some other Top PhD Yoga Institutes in India

Name of the InstitutePlaceProcess of AdmissionAverage Fees 
Average Salary
Per Annum
Uttarakhand Sanskrit UniversityUttarakhandMerit-basedINR 8,890INR 2.35 LPA 
Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports UniversityChennaiEntrance and InterviewINR 2,800INR 3.10 LPA
Singhania UniversityRajasthanEntrance and InterviewINR 50,000INR 1.8 LPA
Himachal Pradesh UniversityHimachal PradeshEntrance Examination3.00 LPA
Shoolini UniversityHimachal PradeshShoolini University Entrance Test and Interview1.21 Lakhs6.50 LPA

PhD Yoga: Benefits and Scope

  • Students learn various yogic techniques, tactics, and methods to help patients with various problems, both mental and physical, by enrolling in this course.
  • Successful individuals will have many opportunities to work as yoga professors, yoga instructor trainers in yoga institutes, and research directors in yoga development institutes both nationally and internationally. They can also find work in yoga research centers and fitness centers.
  • This course allows students to learn about the strength of yoga and its significance to mankind, particularly in today’s world. PhD in Yoga is a term that encompasses all three aspects of yoga: mental, physical, and spiritual. The term “Spiritual Dimension” refers to the process of using Yoga to achieve internal peace and eliminate stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues.
  • PhD in Yoga candidates will gain knowledge of the art of Yoga as well as the application of Ayurvedic medicines to the human body with no side effects.
  • PhD in Yoga will assist students in developing strong motivational skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and speaking abilities.
  • Many people are interested in practicing yoga and are looking for qualified instructors and professionals who can provide specific recommendations and advice. Many institutes will hire yoga doctorates to fill these positions.
  • It explores the various Yoga techniques for the treatment of severely afflicted people suffering from physical and mental disorders.
  • Students can learn about yoga philosophy, physiology, basic research statistics and methodology, basic psychological processes, human anatomy, scientific study of yoga and consciousness, and theoretical perspectives of yoga during the course.


Is it mandatory to do a Ph.D. in yoga to become a yoga teacher?

No, if you want to be a standard Yoga Teacher, you must complete a postgraduate or diploma program in Yoga. However, if you want to broaden your horizons in this profession and have high ambitions, a Ph.D. in Yoga is the way to go.

Is it worth pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga?

It is unquestionably worthwhile to pursue a Ph.D. in Yoga. Yoga’s global importance is expanding by the day, and India is one of the most promising locations for pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga. Yoga is divided into three categories: physical, mental, and spiritual. As a result, it has a lot of potential.

Which are the best abroad countries to pursue a Ph.D. in Yoga?

The United States, Germany, and Switzerland are considered to be among the best places to pursue a Ph.D. in Yoga.

Can I pursue a Ph.D. in Yoga if Foreign Universities as an Indian Student?

Absolutely, you can get a Ph.D. in Yoga from any university in the world. However, there are few overseas universities that offer Ph.D. programs in Yoga.

Which state has the most affordable private universities for pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga?

Rajasthan has the most affordable private colleges for pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga, with average tuition rates of 1.84 lakhs.

What are the requirements for pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga from a distance?

To be eligible for any foreign university, you must have finished your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Yoga.

Is it necessary to obtain a Master’s degree before applying for a Ph.D. in Yoga?

To be eligible for a Ph.D. in Yoga, you must first earn your Master’s degree. This is the bare minimum of eligibility.

Which state offers the most affordable public colleges for pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga?

Madhya Pradesh has the most affordable private colleges for pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga, with an average tuition rate of 1.36 lakhs.

Is it possible for me to get a Ph.D. in Yoga if I have a science background?

You are qualified to apply for a Ph.D. in Yoga if you have completed your MBBS degree.

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