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NID DAT 2023 Exam Pattern: Exam Mode, Duration, Marking Scheme

The National Institute of Design prescribes the NID DAT 2023 exam pattern, which contains all exam-related material. The NID DAT 2023 exam pattern will provide applicants with a good understanding of the question pattern, marking scheme, maximum points, and other aspects of the entrance exam.

The NID DAT is a pen-and-paper exam that is administered in two stages for B.Des and M.Des students. Design Aptitude Test (DAT) Prelims is stage 1, and Design Aptitude Test (DAT) Mains is stage 2. Applicants must be familiar with the NID DAT 2023 exam pattern in order to do well in the entrance exam. The type of questions that will be asked in the entrance exam, the grading system, and the test period are all part of the NID DAT 2023 exam pattern.

The NID DAT (Design Aptitude Test) Prelims is a pen-and-paper-based written exam, whereas the NID DAT Mains includes a Studio Test and a Personal Interview round. Applicants who pass the NID DAT Prelims will be eligible to take the NID DAT Mains.

Applicants can also review the exam pattern, marking scheme, and types of questions that will be asked in the NID Entrance Exam 2023.

Note: The schedule and nature/structure of the NID DAT 2023 may change depending on the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, and all tests may be conducted entirely online, entirely offline, or in a combination of both modes at the Institute’s discretion.

Highlights for NID 2023 Exam Pattern

NID DAT Exam PatternFor B.Des. & GDPDFor M.Des.
Mode of ExamOffline mode/ pen – paper-based testOffline mode/ pen – paper-based test
No. of parts2 (Section A and B)2 (Section A and B)
No. of QuestionsSection A: 1 to 22 (MCQ)Section A: 59 (MCQ)
No. of QuestionsSection B: 23 to 26 (Subjective)Section B: 3 (Subjective)
Maximum Marks100100
Negative MarkingNoNo
Maximum Time3 hours2 ½ hourS

NID DAT Exam Pattern Prelims

Maximum Time3 hours
Exam ModePen and Paper mode
Language of the PaperEnglish
Total no. of questions100
Question-typeSubjective and Objective type
Maximum number of question26

According to the NID DAT exam pattern, the preliminary exam is divided into two sections, with a few questions asked in a subjective mode and the rest in an objective mode. The details of the two sections are listed in the table below.

NID DAT Exam Pattern Prelims Formats

SectionType of questionNumber of Question in each sectionMark allotted per questionMaximum marks per section
Section 1MCQ1 to 221 to 14(question) – 1 mark15 to 22(question) – 2 marks30 marks
Section 2Subjective type23 to 26Question no 23 – 15 marks question no.24 – 20 marks Question no.25 – 15 marks Question no.26 – 20 marks which are again subdivided into three parts70 marks

Section 1 of Prelims NID DAT 2023

  • Applicants will have to answer objective-type questions in the first section of the Prelims exam.
  • Applicants will be given OMR sheets, and the MCQ answers must be written on the OMR sheet.
  • Section 1 will have a total of 22 questions and will be worth a maximum of 30 points.
  • The OMR sheet’s response mark will be digitally checked.

Section 2 of Prelims NID DAT 2023

  • The second section contains four subjective questions in total.
  • As per the NID DAT 2023 exam pattern, you must attempt all of the questions in this section.
  • There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

The NID DAT exam pattern 2023 will assist applicants in their exam preparation. Applicants will be evaluated based on the factors listed below.

  • Knowledge
  • Visualization
  • Analysis
  • Creativity

Guideline for filling the OMR sheets for NID DAT 2023

Aspirants must fill out the OMR sheets carefully as it will be evaluated digitally. The following is the instruction to fill the OMR sheet.

  • For each MCQ question, there will be four options. Applicants must mark the correct option on the OMR sheet by darkening the corresponding oval with a blue or black ballpoint pen only.
  • For each question, aspirants must darken only one oval. Applicants should be aware that marking more than one oval counts as an incorrect response.
  • Aspirants can learn how to darken the oval on side 1 of the OMR answer sheet using the correct method. When filling out the oval, applicants must strictly adhere to the instructions.
  • The OMR answer sheet cannot be torn, mutilated, or bent by the applicants.

NID DAT Exam Pattern Mains

Language of paperEnglish
Maximum Time3 hours
Total Marks100

NID DAT 2023 Mains Formats

The NID DAT mains exam 2023 is held to provide admission to Bachelor of Design, GDPD programs, and it is available in a variety of formats. The various formats of the NID DAT mains exam are listed below.

  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Hands-on model making

The NID DAT 2023 mains exam will be held in any of NID’s campuses: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gandhinagar, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Assam. Applicants must arrange their own lodging because the examination institution will not provide it.

NID DAT Syllabus 2023

NID DAT Syllabus 2023 Prelims

The NID DAT prelims exam will be held in 21 cities across India in the last week of December 2021. Aspirants taking the NID DAT prelims should be familiar with the syllabus on which the prelims questions will be based. The following is the NID DAT 2023 prelims syllabus.

Theme developmentInnovation in designExercises on imagination
Principles of compositionOptical illusionDesign theory
Inspiration & design developmentNatural & geometrical formColour, pattern & texture
Lateral thinkingGraphics & pictogramsOrnaments & motifs
Form & functionUnderstanding light & shadeDesign awareness
Imagination & doodlingCreative thinking & writingDrawing fundamentals
Mood, theme & colour inter-relationshipElements & principles of designDeveloping observation
Colour psychology & optical illusionsUsage of colour in compositionsLettering
Presentation techniquesOptical illusionVisual logic
Memory drawingGood design vs. bad designPicture analysis
Natural & geometrical formInnovation & creationForeshortening & perspective
Inspiration & creativityDeveloping themes & colour associationsUse of measurements, scale & proportions
Expression & emotionStory

NID DAT Syllabus 2023 Mains exam

The NID DAT mains exam 2023 has a different syllabus than the prelims exam. Aspirants must be aware of the topic on which the mains exam questions will be based. The following is the NID DAT syllabus for Mains 2023.

  • Evolving ideas
  • Importance of body language
  • Doodling
  • Model making
  • Questions generally asked in an interview
  • Material manipulation
  • Mock interview
  • Audio-visual exercises
  • Past studio test & interview questions
  • Interview tips
  • Creative thinking
  • Guidance on portfolio making

NID DAT 2023 Exam Pattern for M.Des (Prelims)

  • The NID DAT 2023 Prelims (B.Des) exam lasts two and a half hours.
  • The M.Des DAT prelims paper evaluates applicants’ creativity, visualization, analysis, knowledge, and comprehension through a Common Design Aptitude Test (CDAT) and a faculty-specific Domain Test.
  • In the NID DAT 2023 Prelims, there is no negative marking (M.Des).
  • The question paper is divided into two sections, each with multiple choice objective type questions and subjective questions.


  • For aspirants applying in only one discipline of the M.Des Programme :
    • Such candidates must take the NID DAT Prelims, which include the CDAT (Common Design Aptitude Test) and a domain-specific test of the faculty stream of the subjects they have chosen.
    • The examination will last 150 minutes in total.
  • For aspirants applying in two disciplines of the M.Des Programme.
    • Aspirants in this category must appear in the NID DAT Prelims, which consist of.
    • If the two subjects chosen are in the same Faculty Stream, the CDAT (Common Design Aptitude Test) and one domain-specific test are required.
    • If the two subjects chosen are from different Faculty Streams, you can take the CDAT (Common Design Aptitude Test) and two domain-specific tests.
    • The examination will last 150 minutes in total.

NID DAT 2023 Exam Pattern for M.Des (Mains)

  • Only those applicants who pass the first stage of the examination are invited to take the Mains (M.Des) examination.
  • A Studio test and Interviews are part of the second stage of M.Des DAT Mains.
    • The studio test will be divided into sections, with questions in a variety of formats such as hands-on drawing/sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions, and so on.
    • The test will take three hours to complete.
    • Interviews: Each discipline will have its own interview round, which will take place immediately after the Studio Test and at the same location as the Studio Test.

NID DAT 2023 Exam Pattern FAQ’S

An individual can only proceed to the NID DAT Mains after passing the NID DAT Prelims. Only those applicants who pass both exams will be admitted to the National Institute of Design.

The NID DAT includes both objective and subjective questions.

THe medium of the question paper of NID DAT would be English only.

In the NID DAT 2023, there will be no penalty for wrong answers.

The exam of NID DAT would be 3 hours long for the B.Des programme.

There are two parts to the NID DAT Prelims question paper. The first is an objective part in which the candidates will be given an OMR sheet, and the second is a subjective part.

The first part of the NID DAT Prelims for the B.Des course is worth 70 points, while the second part is worth 30 points.

The NID DAT Mains paper would have a total score of 100.

In the NID DAT, no marks are deducted for questions that are not answered or are unattempted.

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