JEE Main Result

JEE Main Result 2022: On July 10, the NTA announced the results of the JEE Mains 2022 examination. At the website 2022, the results of the JEE Mains examination will be made public. You can find the link to the NTA JEE Main result 2022 session 1 on the website Candidates can check their results for the JEE Mains June 2022 exam by entering their application number and date of birth/password into the appropriate fields. The top 2,50,000 candidates who qualify and are listed in the NTA JEE Main result 2022 will be eligible to take the JEE Advanced exam in 2022. This page will also be updated with a direct link to download the JEE Main result 2022 when it becomes available.

Each session’s IIT JEE Main results will be made available separately by NTA. Candidates will be able to view the JEE Main 2022 toppers list in addition to the JEE Main 2022 result. Along with the JEE Main Session 2 results, the JEE Main rank list for 2022 will be made public on the official website. The first JEE Main 2022 session’s examination was given on a computer. To learn more about the JEE Mains 2022 result date and time, rank list, marks vs. percentile, and other information, read the full article.

JEE Main results for both sessions—Session 1 (June) and Session 2—are released separately in 2022. (July). Candidates should be aware that the JEE Main Phase 1 result only includes the candidate’s overall score; the release of the AIR occurs only after the announcement of the Phase 2 result. The best of the two scores for candidates who showed up for both sessions is used to determine their JEE Main 2022 Result. 9,39,008 candidates had their JEE Main results released the previous year. 44 of these passed the test with an NTA score of 100 percentile, and 14 received the highest possible score (AIR).

JEE Advanced 2022 applications for IIT admission are only accepted from the top 250000 JEE Main qualifiers. Candidates may apply for admission to the top engineering and architecture colleges in India if they meet the JEE Main Cut-Off 2022.

JEE Main 2022 Result Highlights

On and, NTA separately announces JEE Main 2022 results for the June and July sessions. The table below provides the key results from NTA JEE Main 2022:

Particulars Details
JEE Main result releasing authority NTA (National Testing Agency)
2022 result mode Online
JEE Main 2022 result date for session 1 and 2 June/ July 2022
result website
JEE Main result good score 250+

JEE Main Result 2022: Release Date & Time

The JEE Main 2022 exam dates for sessions 1 and 2 have been changed by NTA. Dates and times for the JEE Main results have not yet been released. The following table lists the potential JEE result dates:

EventsPhase I DatesPhase II Dates
Exam DatesJune 23 to 29, 2022July 21 to 30, 2022
Answer Key ReleaseJuly 6, 20221st week of August 2022
result dateJuly 11, 2022 (OUT)2nd week of August 2022

JEE Main Session 1 Result 2022

JEE Main results for Paper 1 (B.Tech), Paper 2A (B.Arch), and Paper 2B (for session one of 2022) were released on July 11. (B.Planning). The first session of JEE Main 2022 was successfully conducted in multiple shifts, so the results for B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Plan are based on the actual marks that candidates in each shift received after being normalized. NTA scores for the JEE Main for session 1 are broken down by subject and overall.

JEE Main Session 2 Result 2022

The second week of August 2022 is anticipated to see the release of the JEE Main 2022 results for session 2 for Paper 1 (B.Tech), Paper 2A (B.Arch), and Paper 2B. (B.Planning). JEE Main results for session 2 B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Plan are also made public based on the normalized NTA score, similar to session 1 results. Both the aggregate and subject-specific NTA scores are included in the JEE Main session 2 results for 2022.

JEE Main Result Date and Time: Previous Year Trends

For your reference, the dates and times of JEE Main result trends from previous years are listed below:

JEE Main ExamJEE Main Result DateJEE Main Result Time
2021 result date session 4September 15, 20211.35 PM
2021 result date session 3August 6, 20218:10 PM
2021 result date session 2March 24, 202110:00 PM
2021 result date Session 1March 8, 20218:46 PM
2020 result date SeptemberSeptember 11, 202010.40 PM
2020 result date JanuaryJanuary 17, 202012:00 PM
2019 result date AprilApril 29, 20196:19 PM
2019 result date JanuaryJanuary 19, 201911:30 AM

JEE Main 2022 Result for Paper 1 (B.Tech)

Paper 1 (B.Tech/B.E.) and Paper 2 (B.Arch and B.Planning) JEE Main results are released separately by NTA. The results of the JEE Main B.Tech paper for sessions 1 and 2 will be made available separately in July and August, respectively. The outcome includes information on the total NTA score as well as subject-specific results for all three subjects—Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

JEE Main Result for Paper 2 (B.Arch and B.Planning)

Candidates who take the B.Arch and B.Planning papers 2A and 2B will receive their JEE Main paper 2 results in 2022. The information about the NTA scores that will be used in the paper 2A and paper 2B JEE results for 2022 is listed in the table below:

JEE Main Paper 2A Result: Scores Mentioned JEE Main Paper 2B Result: Scores Mentioned
General Aptitude General Aptitude
Drawing Planning
Mathematics Mathematics
Overall Aggregate Score Overall Aggregate Score

How to check NTA JEE Main Result 2022?

The JEE Main 2022 result has only been released online by the National Testing Agency. The easy steps that applicants should take to check their JEE Main results are listed below. To check the NTA JEE Main result, applicants need their application number, date of birth, and password. The JEE 2022 result by roll number cannot be viewed.

Steps to check JEE Main result 2022

  • Visit the official website for the NTA JEE Main 2022 exam, which can be found at 2022.
  • Simply select either the “View JEE Main result 2022” or the “View score card” option.
  • Please enter your date of birth and the JEE Main application number.
  • No, please hit the “Submit” button.
  • The complete results of the JEE Main 2022 exam, including scores, will be displayed on the screen.
  • You should save the result page for the JEE Mains and then download it for future use.

JEE Main 2022 Result: Details on Scorecard

  1. Category & Sub-Category
  2. Marks Secured in each subject, i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
  3. State Code of Eligibility
  4. Father’s & Mother’s Name
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Roll Number
  7. Percentile
  8. Total marks obtained by the candidate
  9. Nationality
  10. Name of the Candidate

Re-evaluation of JEE Main Result 2022

After the announcement of the JEE Main Result 2022, the NTA will no longer consider any requests for a recalculation of a candidate’s JEE marks or percentile. The final versions of the NTA score, percentile, and AIR will be included in the JEE Main Result. You have the right to contest the answer key; however, this must be done before the results are announced. The results of the JEE Main exam are determined based on the final answer key, which was developed after any challenges that were submitted were taken into consideration.

NTA JEE Main Result: What is JEE Percentile Score?

The final result and rank of the NTA JEE Main are determined by the percentile score that is attained following the process of normalization. The percentage of applicants who scored at or below a given percentile on the JEE Main exam is referred to as that particular percentile’s “JEE Main Percentile Score.”

  • The percentile score for JEE Main 2022 is calculated based on the relative performance of all of the applicants who took the examination.
  • As a result, the person who finishes first in each session (has the highest score) is awarded a desirable percentile ranking of 100.
  • Also converted to appropriate percentiles are the marks that were obtained somewhere in the middle of the highest and lowest scores.

NTA JEE Main 2022 Result: Normalization Process

The JEE Main 2022 examination is scheduled to take place over the course of two sessions and several shifts. In terms of the level of difficulty of the questions that are asked, it’s possible that some shifts will be simpler than others. This has an impact on the marks that are obtained by aspirants across shifts; those who attempt a more difficult exam are more likely to receive lower marks than those who try a more straightforward exam.

  • As a result, the NTA might use the score normalization process in order to adjust the level of difficulty across different sessions and shifts.
  • It is ensured that the results of the JEE Main exam will neither benefit nor put any applicant at a disadvantage by utilizing the normalization technique.
  • In order to determine the final result and rank for JEE Main, NTA applies a formula that determines the percentile score overall and for each individual subject.

What is the difference between JEE Main Percentile and Percentage?

JEE The terms “main percentile” and “percentage” refer to entirely distinct quantities. The concept of percentage is an absolute measure, while the concept of percentile is a relative measure.

The JEE Main Percentile provides an indication of the percentage of applicants who have scored lower than that particular percentile. Your JEE Main Result mentions your percentile score. The following is the formula that is used to arrive at the same result:

(Number of candidates in the session with aggregate marks less than that obtained by the candidate x 100) / Total number of candidates who appeared in that session

The actual marks that a student has earned are used in the calculation of the student’s JEE Main percentage. In spite of the fact that it is not included in your JEE Main Result, you are still able to compute it by using the following formula:

(Marks Obtained/ Total Marks) x 100

JEE Main Result 2022 – Percentile Calculation

The JEE Main is calculated by the National Testing Agency for the purpose of determining percentiles for individual subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) as well as in the combined format by using the normalization formula that is displayed below.

Calculating JEE Main Percentile

Total Percentile (T1P): (100 x No. of candidates from the session with a raw score equal to or less than T1 score) / Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session
Physics Percentile (P1P) (100 x No. of candidates appeared from the session with a raw score equal to or less than P1 score in Physics) / Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session
Mathematics Percentile (M1P) (100 x No. of candidates appeared from the session with a raw score equal to or less than M1 score in Mathematics)/ Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session
Chemistry Percentile (C1P): (100 x No. of candidates appeared from the session with a raw score equal to or less than C1 score in Chemistry) / Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session

JEE Main Result 2022 – Inter-se merit and tie-breaking rule

It is not uncommon for multiple candidates to receive the same NTA score when the JEE Mains 2022 results are released. As a result, the NTA utilizes the tie-breaking criteria included in the JEE Main 2022 results in order to provide an exclusive All India rank. Please refer to the list of subjects’ scores that has been provided in the order of their priority and which are considered for breaking a tie in the NTA JEE Main result 2022.

JEE Main Paper 1 Result- Method of resolving ties

  • Math score on the NTA
  • Physics NTA score
  • Score on the NTA in Chemistry
  • Candidates who got fewer negative answers in Mathematics
  • Candidates who got fewer negative answers in Physics
  • Candidates with fewer negative answers to Chemistry questions
  • Then, in order of age,
  • In order of the application number going up

JEE Main Paper 2 Result- Method of resolving ties

When two people get the same NTA JEE Mains 2022 score in Paper 2B: B. Arch., NTA uses the order of scores by subject to break the tie.

  • Math score on the NTA
  • NTA score in Aptitude Test
  • Score on the NTA Drawing Test
  • Those who have fewer negative responses than positive ones
  • Then, in order of age,
  • In order of the application number going up

Compilation & Display of Results for Multi-Session Papers

There are two chances to take the JEE Main exam. Here are the steps for putting together and showing the results:

Compilation of Result (1st Attempt):

The first attempt was divided into multiple sessions, and candidates’ raw marks from each session were used to calculate their NTA scores. To announce the results, the calculated NTA scores from each session will be combined. The final score is the sum of the four NTA ratings for the first attempt in each of the three subjects (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry).

Compilation of Result (2nd Attempt):

A candidate’s raw marks from each session will be used to calculate their NTA scores for the second attempt, which will also be conducted in multiple sessions. For the purpose of declaring the results, the NTA scores from each session will be combined. The final score will include the second attempt’s overall score as well as the four NTA scores for each of the three subjects (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry).

What is JEE Main 2022 Final Result?

The final JEE Main 2022 result will be made public following the July session because the exam will be administered in two sessions this year—June and July). NTA will combine the percentile scores obtained across all sessions for the JEE Main 2022 final result and assign the candidates’ AIR in accordance. The following information will be included in the JEE Main final result:

  • total scores for the June/July JEE Main attempt
  • In the event that a candidate shows up for both sessions, the better of the two JEE Main scores
  • JEE Main All India Rank for 2022
  • Candidates’ categories
  • Cutoff for JEE Main for JEE Advanced 2022

JEE Main 2022 Rank List Preparation

The JEE Main 2022 Rank List will be compiled using the percentile scores that were obtained throughout all of the examination sessions. Along with the announcement of the qualifying score for JEE Advanced 2022, the JEE Main Rank list will also be published. Along with their overall All India Rank, candidates will also receive category-specific ranks based on their performance.

The following 4 steps make up the process of preparing the rank list for the JEE Main examination:

  • Participants Who Took the Exam During the Two Sessions (June and July): To begin, the NTA will make certain that the test-takers are distributed fairly across the JEE Main sessions in June and July. This will guarantee that there is no favoritism in the distribution of applicants across shifts and sessions.
  • Getting Ready for the JEE Main 2022 Raw Scores Before moving on to the calculation of percentile scores, it is necessary to first get the raw scores using the following formula:

JEE Main Raw Score = 4 marks x number of correct answers – number of wrong answers x 1

  • Calculation of the JEE Main Percentile Score The NTA JEE percentile score will be calculated using the formulas described in the preceding section.
  • Calculation of the NTA score and preparation of the JEE Main Rank List: The percentile scores of the various sessions, as calculated above, would be merged to create what would be called the NTA scores. After that, these will be put to use for the purpose of declaring the final results and preparing the overall JEE Main All India Rank list.

JEE Main Result 2022: Marks vs Rank Analysis

The following table has been created using the JEE Main Marks vs. Rank Analysis from the previous year. After the announcement of the JEE Main result is 2022, the actual JEE Main Marks vs Rank 2022 will be updated.

JEE Main Rank (CRL) JEE Main Marks
1 – 20 336 – 360
21 – 225 310 to 335
226 – 1492 251 to 300
1493 – 5752 201 to 250
5753 – 18377 151 to 200
18378 – 57131 101 to 150
57132 – 240541 51 to 100
240542 – 984170 1 to 50

JEE Main Percentile vs Marks

JEE Main Percentile vs Marks refers to the JEE Main marks range for which a specific percentile is assigned by NTA. To get an idea of what score will get them the desired percentile, candidates can review the JEE Main Percentile vs Marks analysis from the previous year.

JEE Main Percentile JEE Main Marks Range
100 – 99.98724751 360 to 310
99.985572 – 99.9740296 309 to 299
99.97589128 – 99.96258028 298 to 288
99.96146328 – 99.94424276 287 to 278
99.94098483 – 99.91929629 277 to 268
99.91836545 – 99.89081262 267 to 258
99.88643768 – 99.84845946 257 to 248
99.84510844 – 99.79959043 247 to 238
99.79679791 – 99.73294238 237 to 228
99.73005678 – 99.65475193 227 to 218
99.64888765 – 99.55273201 217 to 208
99.54919482 – 99.43609792 207 to 198
99.4200875 – 99.28958392 197 to 188
99.26473052 – 99.07781811 187 to 178
99.06329703 – 98.85683701 177 to 168
98.82509541 – 98.55710695 167 to 158
98.53104347 – 98.20040957 157 to 148
98.14939961 – 97.75686494 147 to 138
97.69477799 – 97.17648701 137 to 128
97.13841571 – 96.41990133 127 to 118
96.35511496 – 95.49744019 117 to 108
95.42678954 – 94.40128456 107 to 98
94.19473145 – 92.74709113 97 to 88
92.61891464 – 90.64227869 87 to 78
90.42902355 – 87.34180397 77 to 68
87.34180397 – 82.68016383 67 to 58
81.92571907 – 75.39020758 57 to 48
74.13450619 – 64.11300382 47 to 38
62.88839244 – 49.28762915 37 to 28
49.01228707 – 33.08815042 27 to 18
31.32570046 – 9.077538863 17 to 1

JEE Main Result by Name

The JEE Mains result by name cannot be checked through NTA’s system. Candidates must use their application number, date of birth, and password to access their NTA IIT JEE Mains result.

JEE Mains Seat Matrix

The JEE Mains examination will be held for a total of 33,679 engineering seats across 86 different institutes, including 31 NITs, 26 IIITs, and 29 other government-funded technical institutes (Other-GFTIs).

Institute name Total no. of seats
Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) 13,583
Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) 5404
National Institutes of Technology (NITs) 22,655
Government-funded Technical Institutes (GFTIs) 5620

JEE Main Result 2022 – Top Engineering Institutes as per NIRF

  • Rank 1: IIT Madras
  • Rank 2: IIT Delhi
  • Rank 3: IIT Bombay
  • Rank 4: IIT Kanpur
  • Rank 5: IIT Kharagpur
  • Rank 9: NIT Tiruchirappalli
  • Rank 13: NIT Karnataka
  • Rank 16: NIT Rourkela
  • Rank 19: NIT Warangal

JEE Main Cut-off 2022

Along with the results of the most recent session, which took place in July 2022, the NTA will publish the cutoff for the JEE Main exam. The minimum score needed to qualify for the IIT JEE Advanced exam and gain entry into an IIT will be determined by the JEE Main cut-off, also known as the qualifying score. After each round of counseling, the Joint Admissions and Counselling Authority (JoSAA) will publish admission cut-offs for NITs, IITs, and GFTIs based on candidates’ AIR and JEE Main scores. The qualifying marks for the JEE Main exam from the previous two years, 2021 and 2020, are included below for your reference, along with the expected cutoff for the JEE Main exam in 2022:

Cut-off of NTA Score for JEE (Advanced) – 2021

EWS 87.8950071 66.2214845
OBC-NCL 87.8950071 68.0234447
SC 87.8950071 46.8825338
ST 87.8474721 34.6728999
UR 100.0000000 87.8992241
UR-PH 87.8273359 0.0096375

JEE Main 2020 Qualifying Cutoff

Category Cutoff
Common Rank List (CRL) 90.3765335
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 39.0696101
Economically Weaker Section (EWS) 70.2435518
Scheduled Caste (SC) 50.1760245
Other Backward Class (OBC-NCL) 72.8887969
People with Disabilities (PwD) 0.0618524

JEE Main 2022 Reservation

When selecting candidates to enroll based on their performance on the JEE Main 2022 exam, educational institutes are required to adhere to a particular reservation that has been recommended by the government. However, information regarding institutes that are specifically run by the central government can be found in the following table. This table contains the percentage of seats that are to be reserved in institutes that are run by the central government.

Reservation Criteria for institutes run by the Central government

Categories % of Reservation
Non Creamy Layer of Other Backward Classes (OBC-NCL) 27%
General – Economically Weaker Sections (GEN-EWS) 10%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) 7.5%
Scheduled Castes (SC) 15%
Persons with Disabilities (PwD) 5% in each category

JEE Main 2022 Toppers

Along with the announcement of the JEE Main results, NTA also released the full list of JEE Main 2022 Toppers. 14 candidates in total received a perfect NTA score of 100 percentile. The table below contains the names of JEE Main top scorers or 100 percentiles.

Application Number State Candidate Names
220310169764  PUNJAB MRINAL GARG
220310148283  ASSAM SNEHA PAREEK
220310119531  RAJASTHAN NAVYA

JEE Main 2022 State-wise Toppers (Phase 1)

S. No. Application No. STATE NTA Score Candidates Name
5 220310062105 ARUNACHAL PRADESH 98.3940093 DEBARGHA NATH
6 220310148283 ASSAM 100 SNEHA PAREEK
7 220310343290 BIHAR 99.9984259 ADITYA AJEY
8 220310019361 CHANDIGARH 99.9984363 SAARTH SINGLA
10 220310176857 DADRA AND NAGAR HAVELI 99.1850394 DISHANT KUMAR
11 220310028582 DAMAN AND DIU 99.9121321 VISHNU LAL MAURYA
12 220310023286 DELHI (NCT) 99.9984506 ASHMIT NANGIA
13 220310340696 DELHI (NCT) 99.9984506 HEMANSHU GARG
14 220310167983 GOA 99.9469413 ANVESH SANDEEP BANDEKAR
15 220310093475 GUJARAT 99.9984528 MAHIT GADHIWALA
17 220310461631 HIMACHAL PRADESH 99.8441657 CHETAN KUKREJA
18 220310078195 JAMMU AND KASHMIR 99.9207545 DIVYANSH VERMA
21 220310195398 KERALA 99.9937942 THOMAS BIJU CHEERAMVELIL
22 220310232657 LADAKH 98.163031 IRFAN HUSSAIN
23 220310320758 LAKSHADWEEP 80.7387986 MOHAMMED SUHAIL M K
24 220310570403 MADHYA PRADESH 99.9952928 SAMYAK JAIN
25 220310142898 MAHARASHTRA 99.9984486 ADWAI KRISHNA
26 220310663980 MANIPUR 96.9073943 USHAM ADHITYA LUWANG
27 220310128154 MEGHALAYA 96.5970792 SIDDHANT PURKAYASTHA
29 220310647065 NAGALAND 97.7086009 KHADKA BAHADUR BANIYA
30 220310016007 ODISHA 99.9891545 DEEVYANSHU MALU
31 220310446946 PUDUCHERRY 98.934044 S. P. SIDDHARTH
32 220310169764 PUNJAB 100 MRINAL GARG
33 220310119531 RAJASTHAN 100 NAVYA
34 220310418692 SIKKIM 94.9016854 CHANDAN KUMAR MAHATO
35 220310034980 TAMIL NADU 99.9984259 DEEKSHA DHIWAKAR
39 220310176916 TELANGANA 100 RUPESH BIYANI
40 220310231901 TRIPURA 99.924444 RISHIK SAHA
42 220310007948 UTTARAKHAND 99.9162219 GAUTAM ARORA
43 220310009183 WEST BENGAL 99.9937578 ASHUTOSH AGARWAL

JEE Main Result Statistics

The key points of the JEE Main Result for the year 2021 are listed below.

  • In 2021, JEE Main was offered in 4 sessions: February, March, April through July, and August through September.
  • In all four sessions, 10,48,012 applicants registered for JEE Main 2021. Only 9,39,008 of them showed up for the exam.
  • 44 candidates received a score of 100. Only 18 of them were successful in receiving AIR 1.
  • Kavya Chopra and Pal Aggarwal were the only two female candidates among the 18 for the AIR.
  • The qualifying cut-off was revealed along with the JEE Main result 2021. The cutoff for JEE Main qualifying in 2021 was marginally lower than in 2020. The numbers for the General, EWS, and OBC categories were 87.8992241, 66.2214845, and 68.0234447, respectively.
  • According to the JEE Main paper 2 results, only two candidates received a perfect score in B.Planning (Paper 2A), while three candidates received a perfect score in B.Arch (Paper 2A) (Paper 2B).

JEE Main 2022 Answer Key

Before the announcement of the JEE Main result 2022, the NTA will post the JEE Main 2022 Answer Key on the official website. This answer key will be available for the B.Tech (Paper 1), B.Arch (Paper 2A), and B.Planning (Paper 2B) papers.

  • On July 6, the preliminary JEE Main answer key was made available for the session that took place in June of 2022.
  • It is anticipated that the answer key for the session in July will be ready by the first week of August 2022.

Candidates have until one week after the exam to object to the preliminary answer keys, which will be made available to them after they have paid a fee of INR 200 per objection. Following the resolution of all of the issues that were brought up, the final JEE Main Answer Key will be published. The NTA will announce the results for session 1 and session 2 of the JEE Main 2022 examination based on the final answer key.

What After JEE Main 2022 Result?

After the results of JEE Main 2022 have been announced, candidates who have met the requirements will be able to move forward with the admissions process at NITs, IITs, GFTIs, and IITs.

Admission to IITs through JEE Advanced 2022

The top 2,50,000 JEE Main qualifiers who surpass the cutoff will be eligible to apply for JEE Advanced 2022 for admissions to IIT B.Tech. JoSAA counseling 2022 will be used to distribute seats. Additionally, applicants who pass the JEE Advanced 2022 exam and want to enroll in a B.Arch program at one of the three IITs (IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, or IIT Varanasi) will need to take the AAT (Architecture Aptitude Test) 2022.

JEE Main Counselling 2022

Students will be able to take part in the counseling process based on their exam results. According to the candidates’ obtained ranks, counseling will be provided. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority and the CSAB are in charge of organizing JEE Main counseling (Central Seat Allocation Board).

The counseling process is divided into rounds. The only way to receive counseling is online. It entails a number of steps, including online registration, choice entry and locking, seat assignment, fee payment and seat acceptance, and reporting to the designated institution.

After the JEE Main result is announced in 2022, the NTA will send the details to the counseling authorities (JoSAA and CSAB) so that they can handle the admissions process. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) will be in charge of JEE Main Counselling 2022 for admission to NITs, GFTIs, IITs, and IIITs. JoSAA will have 6 rounds of counseling, and after each round, the starting and ending ranks will be made public.

The JEE Main 2022 JoSAA counseling process will include online registration, filling out and locking your choices, a mock allotment, the final seat allotment result, and showing up at the college you were assigned to. Candidates who passed JEE Main will need to sign up on the official JoSAA 2022 website to take part in counseling. The link will be active soon after the JEE Main result 2022 is made public.

CSAB will do the NEUT counseling for the extra seats in the North East and Union Territories. For admission to 18 SFTIs, the Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) will also run a separate counseling process called CSAB SFTI Counselling.

JEE Main 2022 Seat Matrix

JoSAA will soon put out the JEE Main 2022 Seat Matrix. For the 2022-23 school year, the seat matrix will show how many seats are available at IITs, NITs, GFTIs, and IIITs. Until then, you can look at the category-wise seat matrix from the previous year for all of the participating institutes.

Category Total Seats Offered NITs Seat Intake IIITs Seat Intake GFTIs Seat Intake IITs Seat Intake
Open 20311 9150 2273 2682 6206
Open-PWD 1033 465 103 137 328
General-EWS 4539 2037 483 517 1502
General-EWS-PWD 242 123 25 23 71
SC 7152 3311 793 757 2291
SC-PWD 384 180 47 41 116
ST 3980 1991 400 437 1152
ST-PWD 218 123 17 20 58
OBC 12345 5824 1431 964 4126
OBC-PWD 618 302 71 42 203
Total Seats 50822 23506 5643 5620 16053

Top B.Tech Colleges Accepting JEE Main Scores

The results of the JEE Main exam are recognized by all B.Tech colleges in India, including all 31 NITs, all 26 IIITs, IIEST Shibpur, and all 29 GFTIs. The following is a list of the best engineering schools according to the most recent NIRF 2021 ranking that will accept JEE Main scores for admission to their Bachelor of Technology programs.

Top B.Tech CollegeNIRF Ranking
NIT Tiruchirappalli9
NIT Karnataka10
NIT Rourkela20
NIT Warangal23
NIT Calicut25
IIEST Shibpur27
NIT Durgapur29
VNIT Nagpur30
MNIT Jaipur37
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Prayagraj42

IITs take up 7 of the top 8 spots, but admission to these schools is determined by the results of the JEE Advanced exam, not the JEE Main exam.


Can I apply for the revelation of JEE Main Result 2022?

No, the NTA will not consider any requests for the JEE Main Result 2022 to be reevaluated in any capacity. After the official JEE Main Answer Keys have been distributed, there will be no more changes made to either the answer key or the results.

How to download JEE Main 2022 exam result?

To view the IIT JEE Main result 2022, candidates must log in to the result portal using their application number and birthdate.

What is the tie-breaking or inter-se merit rule in JEE Main Result? 

When creating the JEE Main rank list, ties between candidates with the same overall score are broken using the tie-breaking or inter-se merit rule. The goal of implementing this rule is to give each candidate an exclusive All India Rank.

What is the official website to check JEE Main result 2022?

At, the JEE Main 2022 result link will be updated.

Will NTA also release the list of JEE Main 2022 Toppers along with the June session result? 

Yes, NTA will announce the names of the top scorers in the JEE Main 2022 exam along with the results. The toppers’ names, application numbers, states, and NTA scores will be listed in the topper list.

Is JEE Main 2022 result date out?

The JEE Main result date 2022 has not yet been announced by the authorities.

 I am unable to check JEE Main Result. What should I do?

JEE Main 2022 Results are posted on the NTA website. Updated on is the NTA JEE Main result link. However, because so many candidates are using the website, some may experience difficulties when trying to view their results. The link is also updated on in case candidates are unable to access the JEE Main Result page. Candidates can access and download their JEE scorecard using their application number and date of birth. Candidates are advised to double-check their login information if they are still unable to access the JEE Main Result page. Incorrect information may make it difficult to access the JEE Main Result link.

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