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JEE Main Exam Day Instructions

JEE Main Exam Day Instructions: NTA makes available JEE Main 2023 Exam Day Instructions for the convenience of test takers. For the exam to run smoothly, students are advised to follow the comprehensive advisory and instructions provided by NTA. Phase 2 of JEE Main 2023 is scheduled for July. To the exam site, candidates must bring their JEE Main 2023 Admit Card, a properly executed undertaking, and a valid photo ID. Additionally, candidates must arrive at the testing location by the reporting time specified on their JEE Main Admit Card 2023. (an hour before the exam time).

JEE Main 2023 exam time for the morning session will start at 9 AM. Before the exam begins, candidates are advised to arrive at the JEE Main exam center at 8 AM to complete physical screening, document verification, biometric verification, and attendance checks. This article will familiarize you with all the crucial JEE Main 2023 exam day instructions, including what to bring, what to avoid, when to report, and much more. Continue reading this article to learn how to avoid last-minute stress at the testing center.

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JEE Main 2023 Exam Schedule

  • As is customary, the JEE Main 2023 examination will be split into two parts:
    • Forenoon Session- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
    • Afternoon Session- 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Events First Shift Second Shift
B.E/B.Tech Timings 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
B.Arch and B.Plan (both) Timings 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM
B.Plan Timings 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
B.Arch Timings 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

physical frisking, document verification, and admission to the examination center, hall, or room;

The biometric registration desk and manual attendance are both recorded by the invigilators;

The invigilator will check that the admit card’s signature and photo match.

7:00 AM to 8:30 AM 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Instructions by the Invigilators 8:30 AM to 8:50 AM 2:30 to 2:50 PM
Candidates log in to read the Instructions 8:50 AM 2:50 PM
Commencement of exam 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

JEE Main Exam Day Instructions and COVID-19 Advisory

In the current scenario of COVID-19, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will be implementing all of the social distancing measures to ensure the health and safety of the candidates who are appearing for the exam. This is in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Government of India.

Candidates are obligated to follow the guidelines and new procedures for social distancing and hygiene with strict attention to detail in order to protect both their own health and the health of their fellow candidates. The examination is being carried out in a manner that adheres to all appropriate measures and protocols for safety, without compromising the high standards of cleanliness and fairness that have been set.

It is strongly recommended to each and every applicant that they do not bring anything to the JEE Main 2023 exam center other than items that are permitted. In the event that this cannot be avoided, however, arrangements will be made at the exam centers for the storage of bags and other belongings at the owner’s own risk.

Preparation at JEE Main Exam Center

  • Standard Operating Procedures are being put in place to keep people safe and keep hygiene at a high level.
  • Before each shift, the area where people sit will be cleaned thoroughly. Monitors, keyboards, mice, webcams, desks, chairs, door handles, stair railings, lift buttons, etc. will all be cleaned.
  • The gap between seats would be kept according to the rules set by the Indian government.
  • Hand sanitizers will be in different places at the entrance and exam site.
  • At the entry point, there will be bar code readers that can be used to scan the barcode on the admit card.
  • At the door, students will be told their lab or room number.
  • Before the test started, people with gloves on would put rough sheets on each desk.
  • NTA has made sure that no one touches anything at the exam center to follow social distance rules.

Pre-Exam Preparations at JEE Main 2023 Exam Centers

  • Students are told to get to the center at the time listed on the JEE Main 2023 Admit Card so that there won’t be a lot of people there when they try to get in.
  • The instructions must be followed when filling out the cards.
  • If a candidate has a scribe with them, both the candidate and the scribe must wear masks.
  • Items that are allowed in the exam room are:
    • Documents for the exam, such as the admit card, ID card, etc.
    • Transparent Ball Point Pen
    • Another picture needs to be stuck on the attendance sheet.
    • Sanitizer for your own hands (50 ml)
    • A personal water bottle that is clear.

Guidelines at the time of Entry at JEE Main Exam Center

  • Every student must keep at least 6 feet between them at all times. Students must do what the staff at the center tells them to do.
  • Before getting in, every student will be given a 3-Ply face mask. Students are expected to wear these masks, which were just given to them so that they don’t cheat in any way. Students will have to wear only the mask that is given to them at the center.
  • Students must definitely bring their IDs with them to the test center.
  • At the entrance, the body temperature and the signed Undertaking on the Admit Card will be checked.
  • Students must follow the instructions given by the center staff to the letter. After scanning the barcode on the admit card, the staff will lead candidates to their respective labs.
  • No applicant will be turned away from the exam unless they break the COVID-19 government rules that are in effect on the day of the exam.

Guidelines for students During and After the JEE Main Exam

  • For rough work, each desk would have 5 A4-sized sheets. If more sheets are needed, they will be made available when asked for.
  • Even though the exam room would be cleaned after each shift, students could use the sanitizers to clean their seats and chairs if they wanted to.
  • On the Attendance sheet, students will need to put a picture the size of a passport and sign their names.
  • When the test is over, applicants must wait for the proctor to tell them what to do next. They can leave the venue one at a time in a good way.
  • After showing their Admit Card and Rough Sheets to a member of staff, students must put them in the correct drop boxes.
  • If a student doesn’t put their Admit Card or Rough Sheets in the boxes, they can be punished. This also includes getting kicked out of the test.

No one would be allowed to enter or leave the exam site before or after the Gate Closing Time. No one will be able to get into the test center without their JEE Main Admit Card, a valid ID, or a proper search.

At the Examination Centre, applicants are not allowed to bring any personal items, such as electronic devices, cell phones, or other items on the list in the Information Bulletin.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Design College Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

Guidelines for Scribes for JEE Main

  • Applicants with disabilities should fill out the online JEE Main Application Form with the correct type and percentage of disability. Any false information can hurt their chances of getting the job.
  • At the candidate’s request, a Scribe/Reader will only be given to candidates with a disability of 40% or more.
  • The candidates can choose to have their own scribe/reader, or they can ask the center superintendent for one.
  • The center superintendent will find the scribe/reader students for the applicant after the candidate asks for them. The center superintendent’s only job is to choose a scribe for the applicant.
  • But if a candidate wants to meet the scribe before the exam, they will only be able to do so a day before the exam to see if the scribe is right for them.
  • One more rule says that candidates with a disability of 40% or more will get 1 hour (60 minutes) of extra time, even if they use a scribe or reader.

JEE Main Exam Day Instructions – For Diabetic Candidates

  • We all know that you can’t bring food into an exam, but the authorities have made an exception for people with diabetes.
  • Inside the testing center, you can bring sugar tablets, fruits (like bananas, apples, and oranges), and clear water bottles.
  • No one, diabetic or not, is allowed to bring packed foods like chocolate, candy, or sandwiches into the exam room.

Items Allowed in the Exam Centre

  • Transparent Ball Point Pen
  • Personal transparent water bottle.
  • Exam-related documents such as admit cards, ID cards, etc.
  • Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • Additional photographs to be pasted on the attendance sheet

What Not to Carry to JEE Main 2023 Test Centre?

  • Candidates are not allowed to bring any bags to the test center.
  • The JEE Apex Board won’t be in charge of making sure your things are safe or getting them back if they get stolen or lost on the premises.
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring any written materials, calculators, slide rules, log tables, electronic watches with calculators, scraps of paper, cell phones, or any other devices.
  • If any applicant is found with any of the above or other banned items, this could cause his or her candidacy to be canceled.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Design College Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

JEE Main 2023 Dress Code

While preparing for the JEE Main 2023 exam, there are a few rules that must be adhered to.

For JEE Main, NTA has not established a dress code. Therefore, students who are appearing can dress however they feel most comfortable. Here are some recommendations for the JEE Main 2023 dress code:

  • Avoid wearing anything with excessive pockets.
  • Keep your jewelry off.
  • Dress simply and without jewelry.
  • Wear a t-shirt and jeans, or a top/Kurti and leggings, if possible.

For almost 2,50,000 students, JEE Main 2023 is the prerequisite exam for JEE Advanced. IITs have added 10,000 seats this year, making it simpler for more applicants to pass JEE Advanced and pursue admission to their ideal university.


Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Main?

The NCERT books cover almost every subject and are enough to pass the cutoff. But you can’t expect to get good grades if you only use NCERT books.
For JEE Main, you should study coaching modules, standard reference books, and NCERT, among other things. Also, take a lot of practice tests and question papers from years past.

How do I score 200+ in JEE main?

The easiest way to get a JEE Main score above 200 is to get 95 or more in Chemistry. It is the easiest part and requires the least amount of math. For getting ready, read through the NCERT books carefully. Check out the question papers from the years before as well, because the way the marks are given is almost always the same.
The math section is also worth points, but it takes longer to finish. As much as you can, try to practice math. Solve the questions from the Arihant book series, the NCERT, and the questions from last year.
The physics part is often hard to predict. You can study Physics with NCERT and HC Verma.
If you study well, you should get more than 110+ marks for the Math and Physics sections together. This is the easiest way to get a JEE Main score above 200.

How many times can I give the JEE Main?

You can take the JEE Mains test six times in three years. A student can take both sessions of JEE Main 2023, according to NTA rules. If you are taking boards in 2023, you can take JEE Main both times in 2023, 2023, and 2024. So, if you aren’t happy with your score after the first session, you can do better on the second try.

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