JEE Main Attempts

JEE Main Attempts: The dates for the JEE Main 2022 exam have been released on the NTA’s official website, JEE Main 2022 will be offered twice at various testing locations. From June 23 to June 29, 2022, JEE Main Phase 1 will take place, and from July 21 to July 31, 2022, JEE Main Phase 2.

Students who successfully complete their 12th grade can take the JEE Main exam three times in a row, according to NTA. Students can take the JEE Main exams in 2022, 2023, and 2024 if they pass class 12 in the year 2022. Candidates must be aware of the JEE Main number of attempts when planning their preparation strategy. More significant details regarding the JEE Main number of attempts are available to candidates.

JEE Main requires candidates to demonstrate mastery of the subjects of physics, chemistry, and mathematics from classes 11 and 12. To be well-prepared for JEE Main 2022, the aspiring candidates should attempt the mock exams and solve the question papers from the previous year.

JEE Main Number of Attempts

Students will be permitted to register for JEE Main 2022 twice, according to NTA. Students who graduate from high school in 2022 will be eligible to participate in JEE Main in three consecutive years, in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Advantages of 2 attempts for JEE Main 2022

If a candidate participates in both sessions of the JEE Main exam, that candidate will be eligible for the benefits listed below.

  • Candidates have the option of retaking the exam during the second session if they feel that their performance during the first session was inadequate.
  • Anyone who participated in the first session and committed errors will have the opportunity to rectify those errors during the second session.
  • Applicants do not have to wait an entire year before they are given another opportunity to rectify any mistakes they may have made.
  • It is not necessary for a candidate to wait an additional year before taking the JEE Main examination if they were unable to attend the first session of the JEE Main 2022 exam.

Validity of JEE Main Score

Your score on the JEE Main 2022 will only be valid for the current academic year. This means that if a candidate takes the JEE Main exam in 2022, the only year for which they will be eligible to apply for admission to the institute is the academic year 2022-2023.

JEE Main 2021 Attempts vs JEE Main 2022 Attempts

JEE Main Attempts 2021:

  • The JEE Main 2021 examination has been carried out in four stages.
  • In the JEE Main 2021, there was no provision for negative marking for section B.
  • The JEE Main 2021 set the age limit at a maximum of 25 years old.
  • Each candidate’s attempt at the JEE Main 2021 exam was tallied on its own.

JEE Main Attempts 2022:

  • There will be two phases to JEE Main 2022.
  • In the JEE Main 2022, each and every section will include a provision for negative marking.
  • There are no age requirements for participating in JEE Main 2022.
  • Both of your attempts at the JEE Main 2022 exam will be combined into a single score.

JEE Main Attempts: Dates

EventsJEE Main Phase 1JEE Main Phase 2
Release of JEE Main Application FormMarch 1, 2022April 8, 2022
JEE Main 2022 Exam DatesJune 20 to June 31, 2022July 20, 2022 to July 31, 2022
JEE Main 2022 Result Date4th week of July 20224th week of August 2022
Counseling and Admission3rd week of September 20223rd week of September 2022

JEE Main 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Those who want to take the JEE Main in 2022 should check the eligibility requirements. On the NTA website, the eligibility requirements for JEE Main 2022 have been made public. Here are the rules for who can apply:

JEE Main Number of Attempts: There will be two parts to the JEE Main in 2022. The JEE Main will be open for applications twice a year. Also, people who have passed their Class 12 exam can apply for three years in a row.

Age requirements for JEE Main 2022 have not been set by the government. Students of any age can take the JEE Main in 2022, but they can only do so for three years in a row after finishing class 12.

Class 12 Subject Criteria:

  • If you want to get into a B.Tech program through JEE Main, you have to pass class 12 with Physics and Maths as required subjects. In class 12, candidates must pass one more subject from the list of Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, or Technical Vocational.
  • In order to get into the B.Arch course, candidates must have passed Physics, Chemistry, and Math at the class 12 level or higher. Those who want to get a B.Planning must have passed Class 12 Mathematics.

Criteria for Taking JEE Main in 2022: Students taking JEE Main in 2022 must not have finished class 12 before 2020.

JEE Main Attempts: Registration

The registration process for JEE Main 2022 has begun on the NTA website. Before filling out the application form, students need to make sure they meet the requirements for JEE Main 2022. From March 1, 2022, to April 5, 2022, Phase 1 of the JEE Main 2022 registration process has already taken place. The second phase of registration for JEE Main 2022 will begin on April 8, 2022. Follow the steps below to fill out the JEE Main Application Form for 2022.

  • Go to, which is the official site.
  • Click on the link that says “Apply” on the screen.
  • Enter the information that is asked for and upload the documents in the format that is asked for.
  • To finish the registration process, click “Submit” and pay the registration fee.

JEE Main Attempts: Preparation Tips

If candidates have planned out how to study well, they may get a good score. Check out these tips for getting ready:

  • Candidates for JEE Main in 2022 must know a lot about math, physics, and chemistry from the 11th and 12th grades.
  • Before you decide how to prepare for the test, you should carefully look over the exam’s format and syllabus.
  • Try all of the mock tests and questions from the previous year to find out the weightage of each chapter in JEE Main 2022.
  • Don’t waste your time on hard questions; solve the easy ones first, then move on to the harder ones.

JEE Main Attempts: Result

In the fourth week of July 2022, the JEE Main 2022 Phase 1 result should be made public. Most likely, NTA will release the results of JEE Main 2022 Phase 2 in the fourth week of August 2022. Follow the steps below to see your JEE Main 2022 score.

  • Go to the official JEE main website.
  • Click on the link that says “Result” on the homepage.
  • To sign in, enter your application number and password.
  • When you click “log in,” the result will show up on the screen.
  • You can save the result to your computer and print it out for future use.


What are the pros of the increased JEE Main Attempts limit?

The candidates have several opportunities to improve their scores on the examination thanks to the increased number of times they can take the JEE Main examination. In addition, if someone was unable to take the exam due to circumstances that were beyond their control, they do not have to postpone taking it until the following year; rather, they can take it during one of the three sessions that are still to come. However, because there is such a short time frame in which to prepare for the four sessions, this frequently results in an increase in the mental pressure to prepare more effectively. Therefore, it is possible that taking the JEE Main exam twice in 2022 will be ideal for preparing for the test and achieving better results.

Am I allowed to apply for one session or more than one session at the same time?

Candidates have the option to submit an application for either one session or for both sessions (April and May) at the same time; however, if they choose to do so, they will be required to pay the appropriate exam fee in order to take advantage of both JEE Main Attempts 2022.

How many attempts for JEE Main 2022?

The JEE Main examination in 2022 will be split up into two parts, as per the decision made by NTA. Therefore, each candidate will have the opportunity to take the JEE Main examination twice in 2022. Both an attempt in the June session as well as an attempt in the July session are going to be made.

Is it compulsory to give JEE Main in all the sessions?

No, it is not required; rather, it is entirely up to the candidate to decide whether or not to participate. It is entirely up to the individual to decide whether they will make a single effort or two. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the JEE Main exam. In the event that they took part in all of the examinations, the higher of their two scores will be taken into consideration when compiling the merit list.

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