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Program in Planning and Entrepreneurship [PGPPE] – Eligibility, Admissions, Top Colleges

PGPPE (Postgraduate Program in Planning and Entrepreneurship) is a one-year postgraduate program that spans two semesters. Economic growth is achieved thru a thorough examination of the country’s numerous economic operations and their supervision in such a manner that economic growth is achieved. A graduating degree from a recognized university/college with an overall mark of at least 50% of its comparable marking scheme is essential to be eligible for the PGPPE Course.

Admissions to the PGPPE program are solely based on academic merit. And though the relevant authorities may administer an admissions test in specific situations. The Indian Institute of Planning and Management, with campuses in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bhopal, and other cities, is the best college for PGPPE programs, with fees ranging from INR 30,000 to INR 1,00,000. Graduates can obtain positions at business businesses, as planners and movers, innovators, startups, and other companies after finishing this program, with an average income of INR 10-20 lakhs.

Admission Process for PGPPE Course

  • The admissions procedure is entirely merit-based, meaning that students are chosen solely on the basis of their graduation marks.
  • Even though the appropriate authorities may administer an admissions test in specific situations.

Eligibility for PGPPE Course

Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to the PGPPE program.

Have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/college with a minimum cumulative mark of 50% or a similar grading scheme (with a 5% mark reduction for ST/SC/PWD candidates). Students intending to gain important skills such as planning and business acumen.

Course Overview for PGPPE Course

Level Of CoursePostgraduate
Full formPostgraduate program in planning and entrepreneurship (PGPPE)
Duration1 year
Examination typeSemester
Admission processEither on a merit basis directly or through a common entrance test
Course feeINR 30,000 – 50,000
Average starting salaryINR 10 – 20 lacs
Top recruiting fieldsBusiness firms, planners and movers, Entrepreneurs, Startups, etc

Best Colleges for PGPPE Course

Eastern Institute for integrated learning in management, Kolkata23,500
Indian Institute of planning and management, Gurgaon1,00,000
Indian Institute of Business Management, Mumbai80,000
Indian Institute of planning and management, Delhi40,000
Indian Institute of planning and management, Bhopal50,000
Indian Institute of planning and management, Bhubaneswar75,000

What is the PGPPE Course all about?

PGPPE highlighted the key topics:

  • Its goal is to familiarise candidates with market segments that have a strong opportunities for economic growth.
  • It also strives to identify income-generating opportunities with great development potential for people from all walks of life, including those living in poverty.
  • As a result, it concentrates on getting students acquainted with both management and entrepreneurship.
  • Instead being conceptual, PGPPE takes a more practical approach.
  • The PGPPE program entails looking at many areas of the economy and determining which parts of the employment market/income generating station have the most potential for growth.
  • Its goal is to discover and promote higher-income-generating avenues/sources in order to enhance GDP.
  • The programme intends to develop a skilled labour base capable of developing an implementation plan for the improvement of persons living in hardship.
  • It encourages individuals to develop entrepreneurial abilities by integrating their goals with a social mission.

PGPPE Course specialization for PGPPE Course

  • Marketing is a required concentration for students enrolled in the program.
  • Students can choose from a variety of specialisations, such as HR, Finance, or Information Technology.
  • Economics, Leadership, and Social Change are examples of secondary specialisations.
  • Wealth Management or Strategic Marketing are two examples of further hyper specialisations.

Required Skills for Entrepreneurship for PGPPE Course

To encourage investors to fund in their firm, each entrepreneur needs a unique set of talents. They’ve drawn employees to work for him, as well as customers, in order to build customer engagement for his services. In whatever judgment he makes, he must be extremely efficient and effective.

  • Problem-solving skills – Entrepreneurs should be able to address the questions that have been posed to them. They should be able to get answers to all of their concerns.
  • Innovation – An entrepreneur will not be able to come up with unique solutions to the difficulties they face unless they have an innovative mind. Resolve issues intelligently while keeping the cost and spending plan in mind.
  • Opportunity to handle possibilities — All an entrepreneur needs to do is take risks in his firm. Only through taking risks would he be able to determine whether his firm will succeed or fail.
  • Self-assurance — Communicating in front of thousands of people necessitates a great deal of self-assurance.
  • Good communication skills –  Entrepreneurs must be aware of the proper protocol for dealing with clients and sponsors. Work should be communicated clearly and concisely, with no equivocation.

Why should you take this curriculum for the PGPPECourse?

  • Because the PGPPE is only one year long, it is more viable for individuals who want to return to work as soon as possible.
  • In addition, as comparison to other postgraduate programmes, the program’s fee is affordable.
  • Because the eligibility requirements are so relaxed, a growing number of people can apply. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in any subject with a cumulative grade point average of at least 50% or a comparable grading scheme.
  • It helps students to become entrepreneurs by aligning their goals with a business plan.
  • It opens up economic potential for innovation by preparing a trained workforce with fresh ideas and perspectives. As a result, the economy’s G.D.P. rises and the standard of life rises.
  • It’s a fantastic choice for applicants who really aspire to be first-line business owners but can’t afford to pay for expensive MBA programmes.
  • The programme allows students to learn about new products and services, enter into a new industry, inspire learners to try a new corporate strategy, and work from home as a management consultant.

Syllabus for the PGPPE Course

Planning and Practices of ManagementManagement Information system
Entrepreneurship development and managementMarketing Management
Management AccountingPlanning management
Business EconomicsStrategic Management/Wealth Management
Entrepreunal marketingProject/growth feasibility
Exploring business opportunitiesEntrepreneurial effectiveness
Human Resource Management/IT/FinanceOperation Research

Career Scope for PGPPE Course

Strategic business plannerTheir responsibilities include obtaining, organizing, and evaluating data. When a company is experiencing strong competition and market uncertainty, it can use the strategic plan to assist them.10,80,334
Business ManagerTheir job is to hire and train employees in order to manage the workforce. They check to see if a specific department or individual is meeting the organization’s objectives.7,75,000
Planning ManagerTheir task is to maintain and manage various sections/divisions of a larger organization’s planning department. They also work as a Deputy Planning Director and Acting Director.15,00,000
EntrepreneurTheir responsibilities include policy formation, daily business management, human resource planning, and material management planning.40,00,000Startup ownerTheir responsibilities include policy formation, daily business management, human resource planning, and material management planning.33,40,000

Future Scope in PGD in Planning and Entrepreneurship

The area of planning and entrepreneurship encompasses a wide range of possibilities. Learners may consider starting their own business after finishing this program. Entrepreneurship has huge potential not only in India but also internationally. When it comes to our younger population, they are more concerned with starting their own business than working for someone else. The new start-ups that we are seeing have a lot to do with the new, youthful minds. They pick up new skills and knowledge for running a firm.

Individuals can also serve in a corporation before beginning their own to obtain expertise with how a company operates, its funding sources, its various departments, and so on. In the sphere of entrepreneurship, several new trends are emerging. Entrepreneurs are attempting to capitalize on these new trends in order to increase earnings and reduce expenses.

  • Digital transformation is what today’s entrepreneurs are looking for. This allows entrepreneurs to communicate more easily via digital devices, lowering their fixed costs and allowing them more freedom in handling their assets.
  • Entrepreneurs that broaden their business plans to expand into worldwide markets, which raises their share prices and company names, are said to have a globalized business.
  • Consumers generally are interested in buying items and services online, so businesses are trying to make their product or service available on the internet.

FAQ’s for PGD in Planning and Entrepreneurship

 Is a BBA degree required to participate in the PGPEE program?

No, a BBA degree is not required to enroll in this program. You only need a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point average of at least 50% or a similar assessment scheme.

Is it necessary for me to pass an entrance exam prior to taking this exam?

In most circumstances, you won’t have to because admissions are granted solely on the basis of merit. Even though the relevant university/college may offer an admission exam in specific situations.

Is it necessary for me to have any prior experience in pursuing this curriculum?

No, you do not need any prior experience to take this class.

What sets it apart from other postgraduate or MBA programs?

When compared to other programs of a similar sort, there is a significant difference. To begin with, no prior experience is required. Second, rather than curriculum-based study, the PGPPE program focuses on entrepreneurship development.

Is it necessary for me to take the CAT/XAT/MAT or a comparable exam in order to pursue PGPPE?

No, you are not required to take these MBA admission tests in order to enroll in these programs.

What are the prerequisites for pursuing a PGP in planning and entrepreneurship?

This program requires an interest in planning and entrepreneurship, as well as an effective process.

Is there a place for a postgraduate degree in planning and entrepreneurship in India?

Yes, the Postgraduate program in planning and entrepreneurship covers a wide range of topics. There will never be a good opportunity to study an entrepreneurship program than now, with the Indian government focused on projects like Startup India Mission and Make in India.

My plan is to establish my company in India. What is the benefit of this program to me?

The postgraduate program in planning and entrepreneurship is specifically designed to help students develop entrepreneurial, planning, and organizing skills. This program’s major goal is to foster entrepreneurship in the Indian market by fostering innovation and giving students a venue to test new goods and businesses.

What are the finest institutions for planning and entrepreneurship postgraduate programs?

This program is offered at the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management in Sikkim and the Global School of Business in Delhi.

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