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Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Management – Admissions, Eligibility, Top Colleges

A PGD in Financial Management is a diploma degree in the development of financial management. Depending on the university, the program can last anywhere from one to two years. To enroll for the PGD in Financial Management program, you should have graduated from a recognized institution with a bachelor’s degree in any field. This program’s typical course fee ranges from INR 32,500 to INR 32,500 every semester. The individual’s admittance procedure could include his or her performance in institute-specific entrance exams.

Financial management, global economics, mergers, and acquisitions are all topics covered in the PGD in Financial Management program. It aids and provides extensive information in the analysis of cost centers, organizational expenditures, and the preparation of effective balance sheets. The course covers a wide range of topics, including examining a firm’s costs, maintaining an effective balance sheet, and understanding domestic and international finance ideas and techniques. The curriculum is designed to help students build financial management abilities that are in demand in the workplace. After successfully completing the course, the student will be able to pursue a variety of occupations, including those in research and educational institutions, as well as banks.

PGD Financial Management: Course Highlights

Course LevelDiploma
Course NamePost Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
SpecializationFinancial Management
Duration of the course1-2 years
Course modeFull time
Examination typeSemester
Eligibility criteriaGraduation in any discipline
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam and Merit-Based
Course FeeINR 50,000 to 200,000
Average Starting SalaryINR 50,000 to 15,00,000
Top recruiting companiesResearch and Educational Institutes, AIG, Boeing, Banks, Philips, JPMorgan Chase
Job PositionsBank officer, Bank Manager, Financial Planner, Treasurer

PGD Financial Management Admission Process

Enrollment to the PGD in Financial Management program varies depending on the institution. For more details, see the following: Direct entry to the PGD in Financial Management is regularly offered by colleges. Candidates are carefully selected based on their merit, which is determined by their performance in the entrance test. Certain institutions may require applicants to take an admission exam. To be admitted to this program, applicants may be required to attend an interview.

Eligibility Criteria: PGD Financial Management

Employed individuals with a minimum of one year of work experience and a BE, BTech, MSc, or BITS Integrated First Degree or it’s similar with a minimum 60% marks obtained.
Employees with a three-year bachelor’s degree in subjects including math, statistics, science, finance, commerce, and business and management have taken at least one mathematics or statistics course in high school and have at least two years of substantial work experience.

What is it about PGD Financial Management??

Programs that require analytical reasoning and analyzing skills are included in the PGD in Financial Management. Collaboration with capital management and understanding international finance are two of the most important intellectual topics. The analysis section covers information on topics like balancing balance sheets, cost-cutting, and profit maximization. This program focuses on the development of financial management skills, which are critical in the workplace.

The primary purpose of this course is to provide the candidate with a thorough understanding of the financial and finance sectors. Awareness of national and international financial strategies and tactics was also provided. This course assists learners in better managing important problems in the financial sector, allowing them to be accountable for more advantages.

Why Should We Pursue PGD Financial Management?

Finance is the backbone of the company, and graduates who specialize in finance have a plethora of career prospects. With the rapid development in privatization, more and more organizations have joined the industry, increasing the demand for financial management students. After successfully finishing the program, a student is qualified for a variety of professional opportunities. The average package or compensation of a PGDM finance is from one of the country’s highest-paid sectors. A financial manager can earn between Rs 3-4 lakhs per year on average, or possibly more based on professional experience, qualifications, recruiters, and job location.

  • When compared to a Master’s degree, the PGD Financial Management takes fewer time and costs less.
  • You can quickly change careers or begin working as a specialist in the area.
  • You can gain practical experience in a topic that interests you.
  • Managers seeking for entrance programs to improve functioning in the banking and financial related sectors, such as insurance, investment companies, and loans, will benefit from the PGD in Financial Management programme.

Skills You Learn from PGD Finance

A master’s degree in finance provides students with many of the most crucial abilities needed in the workplace. This course prepares students for leading managerial jobs by providing them with the requisite abilities for such professions. All managers must be able to successfully communicate, manage, and encourage personnel while planning projects. Management skills are crucial since they can aid in the efficient operation of a firm as well as the advancement of graduates in their professions.

  • Leadership skills

Professionals at all levels can use leadership skills to grow their competencies, encourage their teams, and produce exceptional business results. Effective managers are able to reorganize firms, boost business value, improve efficiency, and involve their employees in order to achieve better results. Standard leadership abilities training in a PG diploma drives students to explore new business opportunities and grow and manage people in novel ways.

  • Teamwork

Teamwork and management are two of the few abilities that will help a student succeed in their desired career. Individuals interested in pursuing PG programs as a field of study and profession should be familiar with the foundations of collaboration, as working in a team will help a business run more smoothly.

  • Workflow improvement

Individuals with good workflow management and a PG diploma achieve high rankings in their assigned workplace. They can efficiently create, execute, and manage processes to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s functions at each stage. Candidates who take a PGDM course and learn effective workflow advancement can minimize errors in daily operations, increase collaboration, enhance efficiency, reduce unnecessary mundane tasks, maintain multiple tasks, and also have greater visibility among team members, resulting in a better workplace environment.

  • Organizing resources

It is critical for a candidate in the business world to appropriately organize assets. The effective handling of a company’s resources, such as revenues, commodities, and human resources, is referred to as resource organization. Corporations place a higher emphasis on individuals who have a systematic approach to resource management since they ensure a company’s smooth operation.

  • Communication skills

In every given corporate context, communication abilities are perhaps the most crucial talent a candidate must possess. A candidate’s success and position in a company are determined by their relationships with coworkers, superiors, employers, and other business partners. The quicker a person engages in business relationships, the greater the risk to a firm’s reputation and the candidate’s.

  • Problem solving 

Students pursuing a postgraduate diploma must be capable of negotiating, identifying the source of problems, and solving them. A graduate program can lead to a career in any sector or functional area. Organizations seek out people who are competent at managing, organizing, and solving problems.

An employee becomes a great asset to the organization when he or she can tackle complicated challenges with ease. There are never any simplified tasks or quickly processed data in the corporate sector or company procedures. There is a bevy of challenges in management that aren’t discussed in any textbook. The capacity of a PGD graduate to solve problems has grown in importance, and students who have a record of success in resolving difficulties inside their team and office are highly valued.

  • Decision making 

Decision-making abilities are the methods we use to make choices on the basis of where we wish to take our organizations. Decision-making skills, unlike issue skills, which seem to be dynamic and help to avoid crises from developing in the first place, are future-oriented and help to avoid crises from happening in the first place.

Top College PGD Financial Management

A few of the greatest colleges that provide the best education around the world are listed below:

Name of InstituteAverage Annual Salary
Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development, Pune6,90,000
Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneshwar5,90,000
ITM Institute of Financial Markets, Navi Mumbai9,20,000
NMIMS, Mumbai6,58,000
Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad8,00,000
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow6,90,000
IIEBM Indus Business School, Pune5,50,000
T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal13,00,000
SDM Institute for Management Development, Mysore10,07,000
Chandigarh University, Chandigarh1,59,000
EMPI Business School, Chattarpur, Delhi7,25,000
United World School of Business, Kolkata5,30,000
International Management Institute, Bhubaneshwar9,90,000
Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Delhi8,00,000
K J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai11,90,000
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida9,00,000

Distance Learning for PGD Financial Management

A postgraduate program is rarely offered as a distance course since it necessitates extensive study. Acharya Nagarjuna University Centre for Distant Education, Guntur, is the only college that offers the course via distance education. Education lasts roughly a year and costs INR 4,597 every year.

Syllabus for PGD Financial Management

For those interested in pursuing the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management, the below is a complete subject-by-subject syllabus:

Principles and Practices of managementProject and infrastructure financing
Management accountingCapital market
Managerial EconomicsAccounting systems and financial analysis
Indian Banking and Financial SystemsManagement of bank
Marketing of Banking ServiceSecurity analysis and portfolio management
Banking Regulations and lawsBank leading procedures and policies
Capital marketProject and infrastructure financing
Accounting systems and financial analysisMacro-economics
Management of bankingMicro-financing
Security analysis and portfolio managementRisk management
Bank lending policies and proceduresRural and cooperative banking

Job Role for PGD Financial Management

For an individual who is qualified for the following positions, a PGD in Financial Management is required.The following are among the top PGDM finance recruiters:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Bain and company
  • Boston Consulting companies
  • Lehman Brothers
  • JP Morgan
  • Barclays
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Mckinsey

Sectors for Recruiting

The following is a list of industries in which PGDFM graduates can work:

  • Money management entails purchasing, selling, and carrying corporate bonds, investments, and other financial instruments. Financial adviser, fund manager analyst, and investment bank operators are examples of common jobs.
  • For financial students, the insurance industry offers numerous prospects. Some frequent careers for PGDM finance candidates include calculating the insurance of a firm’s assets or working as a representative for an insurance provider.
  • Asset administration
  • Corporate banking
  • Credit risk management
  • Treasury
  • Private equity
  • Structured derivation
Job ProfileJob DescriptionAnnual Salary
Bank officerResponsible for all the tasks related to financial services300,000
Bank managerSchedules, Assigns, and Manage all the financial work600,000- 700,000
AccountantRecords all the financial details including expense, income, and estimation.600,000-700,000
ControllerThe person who controls and manages all financial status700,000-800,000
Financial ManagerOne who manages all the financial transactions700,000-800,000

Future Scopes for PGD Financial Management

Upon finishing PGD in Financial Management programs in the financial industry, students can look forward to a variety of job prospects. Aspirants can apply to work for organizations that provide financial management services as well as academic and training organizations in the sector.

A PGD in Financial Management is a professional course that provides the individual with specialized knowledge and qualifies them as a viable option for firms that demand the assistance of a financial management expert. The candidates are also allowed to enroll in higher education programs such as master’s, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs, which will improve the student’s grade scale.

  • His expertise encompasses every facet of financial management. Accounting information, finance management, mergers and acquisitions, and other topics are covered. Students with this expertise have a multitude of options.
  • In today’s market, the course has a lot of potential; after completing it, the candidate will be qualified for a variety of employment in areas such as insurance, mutual funds, and loans, among others.
  • Candidates can start as a trainee or finance manager in different enterprises, which will offer doors for subsequent promotions and opportunities to go up the corporate ladder to positions such as finance manager and CFO. All of this gives a person with a strong wage package and additional advantages.

The following are some common fields of work after completing a PGD in Financial Management:

  • Banks
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Investment Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • financial consultancies
  • Financial Risk Management

FAQ’s for PGD in Financial Management

What is the primary goal of this course?

The primary goal of this course is to provide the candidate with a thorough knowledge of the financial and banking industries. An understanding of domestic and international financial strategies and tactics was also provided. This course assists learners in better managing important problems in financial sectors, allowing them to be accountable for more advantages.

What are the requirements for pursuing this course?

This course is open to individuals who have finished their bachelor’s graduate degree with a minimum aggregate grade in their exams. Some institutions assess the entrance test scores based on the programs offered and may take those scores into account as well.

Is it required to have prior work experience in order to pursue a PGD in Financial Management?

No, prior work experience is not required. Without any prior work experience, students can pursue a PGD in Financial Management.

What kind of salary can I expect after completing a PGD in Financial Management?

After completing a PGD in Financial Management, the average beginning income ranges from INR 300,000 to 500,000.

What types of students are eligible to apply for this PGD program?

This curriculum is aimed at working professionals. Applicants must be employed by a different organization at the time of application. Professionals with a valid business license are also qualified to participate. Check the course qualifying criteria for more details, covering educational knowledge and job experience.

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