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Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation – Admissions, Eligibility, Top Colleges

The Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation is a two-year diploma program that covers the technical and practical components of taxation, corporate internal audit, federal taxes, and other relevant topics. A minimum of 45 percent in class 10th from any recognized board is necessary to be qualified for a postgraduate diploma in taxes. This program’s admissions method varies from one institution to the next. Most colleges favor merit-based admissions based on class 10+2 results. A few more institutions accept students depending on entrance tests administered at the college level. Symbiosis Law School, Osmania University, Indian Law Society Law College, Pune, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Bharati Vidyapeeth, and others are among the institutes in India that provide postgraduate diplomas in taxes. The average cost of a diploma program in taxes is between INR 5,000 and INR 2,000.

Direct tax, indirect tax, corporate tax, central sales tax, real worth tax, financial planning, budgeting, cost management, testing concepts, and other topics are covered in the diploma program in taxation. Accounting and taxes are two of the most well-known and attractive employment categories today. Students might work in a wide variety of settings, including governments and the private sector, commercial banks, institutions, organizations, and commercial firms, among others. Wipro Technologies Ltd., Tata Motors, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC Ltd), National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC), and others are among the top employers of Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation graduates. Between INR 4,00,000 to INR 9,00,000 is the estimated yearly salary package.

Eligibility for a Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

A few conditions that are closely enforced for the decision are listed here. An ambitious candidate should have a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Laws degree, as well as a graduation grade point average of at least 45 percent. A few respectable universities also take entrance exam scores into account. Most institutions will consider an applicant who has worked in a similar field for at least one year.

Admissions for a Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

The selecting procedure differs from one institute to the next. Only some few institutions accept students based on their 10+2 grades. Other colleges need applicants to take entrance examinations.
Depending on the situation of the individual, enrollment might be in either full-time or part-time form.
One of the institutions that offers distant education programs to its learners is Sikkim Manipal University, Symbiosis.

How to apply for a postgraduate diploma in taxation?

  • A slated release for the program may be seen on the official website.
  • Even before the deadline, submit your application.
  • To obtain a copy of the admission card, go to the online webpage.
  • Exam preparation is essential.

Course Overview for Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

NamePost-Graduate Diploma in taxation
LevelPost Graduate
EligibilityGraduate in Law or commerce
Duration1-2 year
TypeFull-time, Correspondence
Admission ProcessEither through merit or exam
Examination schemeSemester based examination
Course FeeINR5,000 to INR 5,00,000
Average SalaryINR 4,00,000 to 9,00,000
Top recruitersTATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED, Genpact, Wipro Technologies Ltd., Tata Motors, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC Ltd), National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC), WNS Global Services

What is the Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation?

The PGD in Taxation is meant to provide advanced knowledge of numerous forms of taxes as well as solutions to connected issues. Students will learn the fundamentals of income tax, sales tax, service tax, VAT, GST, and Central Excise, as well as several different methods to file taxes, in this program. The PGD in the tax curriculum is constantly focused on giving managerial and technological knowledge. Participants in the PGD in Taxes program learn how to investigate tax records, handle complicated tax issues, and conduct analytical assessments of tax filings. They’ll also learn about the behavioral difficulties surrounding taxation and how to manage them. Gradually, graduates will pass a framework in which they will learn about tax and national insurance, recognize sector tax complexities, and understand how tax affects the national and worldwide economy. PGD for Taxes: Land tax and planning, financial analysis, real estate taxes, fixed remuneration, and sales tax are all topics that students can study.

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation?

  • Tax collection and transportation refer to the means through which a government or taxing authority imposes or demands a tax on its citizens and commercial entities.
  • Tax assessment occurs at all levels, from annual period to merchandise and enterprises charge (GST), and we will learn to handle them effectively in this program.
  • Students can work in a wide variety of disciplines, including state and corporate groups, business banking, schools, colleges, and financial organizations, among others.
  • It allows aspirants to gain thorough and up-to-date knowledge of charge law concepts and practises, as well as control routines, in an environment that promotes the development of technical and interpersonal skills.
  • They can pursue teaching careers and subsequent research studies to strengthen their instructional abilities after completing a Master’s Degree program.
  • They are also free to work as consultants.

Best Colleges for Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation

Symbiosis Law SchoolINR 42,000
Osmania UniversityINR 50,000
Indian Law Society Law CollegeINR 16,790
Khalsa CollegeINR 52,000
Netaji Subhas Open UniversityINR 30,000
ASM Group of InstitutesINR1,35,000
Manipal UniversityINR 54,000
Chandigarh UniversityINR 1,59,00
Aligarh Muslim UniversityINR 16,700

How to Enroll in a Decent Institution for a Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation?

Numerous variables come into effect when it comes to getting into a top-ranked institution. Some of the following suggestions would be useful for a candidate seeking entrance to the top institution for a postgraduate diploma in taxes. Taxation Post-Graduate Diploma

  • Numerous variables come into effect when it comes to getting into a top-ranked institution. Some of the following suggestions would be useful for a candidate seeking entrance to the top institution for a postgraduate diploma in taxes. Taxation Post-Graduate Diploma
  • It’s also important to be psychologically and physiologically prepared for the next steps in the admissions procedure, such as consultation and seat allocation procedures.
  • Keep informed of all the essential dates and deadlines related to your admittance so you don’t miss anything.
  • Make note of the qualifying requirements, program cut-offs, application method, application fee, and other changes in newspapers, college official websites, and other sources.
  • Focus on your attitude to be respectable enough in front of the professors during the final stages of admissions.

Syllabus for a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation

The program is structured over two semesters to ensure that students gain a complete understanding of the subject.

Semester 1Semester 2
Income Tax-1Income Tax-2
Corporate TaxAssessment of Specified Entities and Assessment Procedures
Central Sales TaxValue-added tax
Central Exercise -1Central Exercise & service tax
International Trade and custom dutyCustom duty-2

Besides the curriculum, the learner must have a thorough understanding of the essential topics to fully comprehend the topic and principles:

  • Methods of Accounting
  • Organizational tax
  • Foreign Transactions
  • Tax planning, accounting
  • Cost management
  • Testing concepts

Books for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Taxation

Popular BooksName of the Author
Practical Approach to Direct & Indirect TaxesDr. Girish Ahuja and Dr. Ravi Gupta
Direct Tax System Income TaxDr. R.K. Jain
Taxman’s Case Studies & Procedures Under Direct Tax Vivid Se Vishwas Act 2020 – Understand the Practical Aspects of the Scheme through Practical Case StudiesMayank Mohanka
Professional Approach to Direct Tax Laws and International TaxationDr. Girish Ahuja and Dr. Ravi Gupta

Career Scope for a Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

For recent graduates from either the business or law streams, the Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation is quickly emerging as one of the most desirable postgraduate programs. It is also drawing students from specialized fields such as management, company secretary, and chartered accounting to further their education.

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary
Tax ConsultantIt helps customers with income tax returns as well as a variety of financial issues such as trusts, estates, and retirement taxes.INR 5,11,041
AccountantIt is a critical component of any business, as it is responsible for payroll, audits, financial management, and tax filing.INR 249,458
Chief Financial OfficerThe person in charge of a company’s finances is known as the chief financial officer (CFO). They may do financial risk assessments, develop business strategies, and maintain financial records. A company’s financial data may be analyzed by the CFO, who then reports his or her findings to the board of directors and chief executive officer.INR3,541,126
Assistant Wealth ManagerIt is a professional who provides a combination of financial/investment counseling, tax planning, and estate services.INR 4,19,000
Financial advisorsIndividuals, corporations, and charity organizations hire financial consultants to examine their financial needs. Advisors assist their clients in planning for both short and long objectives, such as college costs, retirement funds, planning, and general investments.INR 3,61,297
Revenue agentMoney agents work alongside tax examiners and collectors to guarantee that the federal, state and local governments get tax revenue from individuals and businesses. They are in charge of performing audits and analyzing tax returns, as well as locating and recovering past-due payments.INR 613,940
Certified Public AccountantProfessional accountants (CPAs) frequently advise clients on tax and income difficulties in order to prepare their taxes.INR 6.5 to 7.8 LPA
Tax collectorTax collectors, also known as revenue officers, try to collect money owing to the government by people or corporations that have failed to file their tax returns on time. The majority of law enforcers work for the federal, provincial, or local governments.INR 2,54,773
Tax managerDeveloping relationships with clients and interacting with them to give exceptional planning, counseling, and expertise. Providing creative tax planning and examining difficult tax returns.INR 13,08,088
Tax examinerIndividual and small business tax returns are often examined by tax examiners whether at the local, state, or governmental level. They verify that taxpayers are collecting the correct deductions and credits and, if required, assess fines, interest, and fees.INR 6,50,000

Future for Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

  • The Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation prepares students for professional qualifications in revenue, finance, and accounting, and so assists them in gaining a strong foundation in the finance industry.
  • It also provides people with a variety of work opportunities. Understanding of this profession will only improve one’s résumé and career prospects in the future.
  • As the industry expands, the demand for people who are well-versed in taxation and how to deal with it has a bright future ahead of them.

FAQ’s for PGD in Taxation

What type of industry experience am I looking for?

This program is primarily for persons with a background in trade or law who want to improve their expertise.

What are the advantages of obtaining a postgraduate taxation diploma?

Because the business is rapidly increasing, career chances are many and will have a broad reach.

Why must I sign up for this course?

Finance is one of the pillars of a developing economy, therefore understanding it will benefit you both socially and financially.

Is it possible to get a job after obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation?

Indeed, it will improve your CV and provide you with excellent prospects, and you will be able to work for yourself, but in the end, it will be your knowledge of the program and your hard work that will be rewarded.

What are the different components of the entrance exams?

General English, Quantitative Ability, General Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, and Written Ability Test are the five components that institutions commonly arrange the exam into (WAT).

What skills do I need to know before enrolling in PGDT?

The training requires critical thinking, sound decision, and effective listening as a minimum.

Is it possible for me to change my career after completing PGDT?

Yes, learners have that choice available to them at any time during the course.

Can I get a Scholarship while applying for Colleges in Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation?

ScholarShips are always available at institutions that choose students through an admission test, and some institutes offer scholarships based on merit. So, if you meet their requirements, you may be eligible for a scholarship.

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