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Top PhD Courses In India

A PhD is a doctorate degree that emphasizes academic and research work. A national or university-level entrance exam is used to determine PhD admissions. A PhD program typically lasts three years, with candidates having five to six years to complete the program. However, the length of the course varies by institute. To be eligible for a PhD program, applicants must have completed a master’s degree.

A student must complete course work, a thorough examination, research work, and a dissertation to earn a doctoral degree. In addition, the PhD’s primary goal is to train the next generation of researchers and scientists for the academic society.

An Overview of Doctor of Philosophy

Course NameDoctor of Philosophy
Course Duration4-6 Years
Requirement for Course Completioncoursework, presentation, submission of progress reports, defence of thesis
Admission ProcedureDirect Admission/entrance exams
Courses offered for a PhDPhD computer science, Phd in Psychology, PhD in History, PhD in Physics,PhD in Business Administration, PhD in engineering, Phd in Economics, PhD in Nursing 
Online PhD CoursesIISc Bangalore, Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University Hyderabad, IGNOU, Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University
PhD Programs that are fully fundedStudents need to clear UGC NET exam to get funded by the government
Top InstitutesIITs, IISc, Jadavpur University, Delhi University, JNU

PhD Eligibility Criteria

  • Only those candidates who have completed their master’s degree in a similar course/field/stream to the one in which they wish to pursue a PhD are eligible to apply for a PhD program.
  • Some colleges also require candidates to have completed an M.Phil before enrolling in a PhD program.
  • Aside from that, many colleges state that candidates who have passed the UGC NET meet the eligibility requirements for their PhD programs.
  • Candidates interested in pursuing a PhD in Engineering must have a valid GATE score.

PhD Admission Procedure

Aspirants must follow the steps outlined below in order to gain admission to the educational institute’s PhD or research programs:

  • Step 1: Visit the educational institute’s official website to learn more about the PhD programs it offers and to choose the area of research that the candidate wishes to pursue.
  • Step 2: Candidates should look for admission advertisements in newspapers or go to the university’s official website to fill out an application form for admission to the course of their choice. Typically, admission notifications are sent out 4-5 months prior to the start of the course cycle.
  • Step 3: Following that, candidates must complete and submit their PhD application forms according to the educational institute’s schedule. In order to be considered for PhD admissions, applicants must pay the application fee on time and submit all required documents with their application form.
  • Step 4: Candidates may also be required to submit a research proposal along with their application form by some educational institutions. The application form, along with the research proposal, is submitted to the educational institute’s Research Unit, which conducts the application review.
  • Step 5: Following the completion of the PhD course application form, most educational institutes shortlist the names of candidates who will be required to take the entrance exam and other admission rounds in order to be considered for admission to their PhD programs.
  • Step 6: Candidates who are accepted into PhD programs after passing the admission rounds are assigned supervisors/guides to help them with their research.

Suitable candidates for a PhD program

  • A Doctor of Philosophy is an excellent choice for students who want to pursue a career in academia or research.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to broaden one’s horizons on a subject that one enjoys. It is a source of immense pride and respect for the person who wishes to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree.
  • To determine whether you are capable of completing a Doctor of Philosophy, you should have a serious discussion with your lecturers and former Doctor of Philosophy students who can better guide you.
  • Students should look into various Doctor of Philosophy programs to get a sense of what PhD degrees entail. Only after students have grasped the entire structure should they decide to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy.

PhD: Important Skills Required

Any aspirant who wishes to pursue a PhD in a subject or field of their choice must have a strong interest in and passion for the subject. A PhD requires aspirants to study a topic in depth, so candidates must have the necessary skill set and dedication, as well as be extremely hardworking. Aside from these abilities, candidates should be capable of conducting research and collaborating on the results of their own research.

A PhD also requires aspirants to be quick and good at presenting their ideas and findings, so candidates must be comfortable with written communication and have strong writing skills.

The following are some important skills to have if you want to pursue a PhD:

InquisitiveGood at research
Good writing capacityOrganised
Self-motivatedKeen observer

Types of PhD programs

There are three types of PhD programs: full-time, part-time, and online.

A Full-time PhD Program

A full-time PhD program is similar to a traditional Doctor of Philosophy program. These PhD programs take between 4-6 years to complete. Students devote the majority of their attention and concentration to Doctor of Philosophy subjects.

In comparison to other types of PhD degrees, the cost of a full-time Doctor of Philosophy program is the highest. Full-time PhD students fall into one of three categories. Government/Semi-Government Fellowship Recipients, Institute Research Scholars with Teaching Assistance, and Self-funded PhD Candidates.

A Part-time PhD Program

PhD programs can be completed part-time in some cases. Part-time PhDs are typically awarded to candidates who work in reputable research organizations, academic institutes, and industries, preferably in close proximity to the campus.

Part-time doctoral students are required to complete the same number of academic credits and other criteria as full-time students, so the program takes 7-8 years to complete.

An Online PhD Program

PhD programs offered online are currently a very popular academic course. Thousands of people have completed their Doctor of Philosophy online because they were unable to complete their degree in person. The primary goal of online PhD programs is to provide postgraduate students and working professionals with higher education.

PhD Programs in Different Streams

Science Stream:

PhD ChemistryPhD Physics
PhD MathematicsPhD Biotechnology
PhD ZoologyPhD Botany
PhD Computer SciencePhD Microbiology
PhD BiochemistryPhD Environmental Science
PhD GeologyPhD Home Science
PhD Life SciencePhD Humanities
PhD electronicsPhD Anthropology
PhD YogaPhD Applied Chemistry
PhD Applied MathematicsPhD animal Nutrition

Arts Stream:

PhD EnglishPhD Economics
PhD HistoryPhD Hindi
PhD SociologyPhD Political science
PhD PsychologyPhD Geography
PhD TamilPhD Sanskrit
PhD Library and Information SciencePhD Social Work
PhD PhilosophyPhD Humanities and social Science
PhD MusicPhD Urdu
PhD Public AdministrationPhD Social Sciences
PhD in ArtsPhD in fine Arts

The Medical Stream

MD BiochemistryMD Forensic Medicine
MD anesthesiologyMD Pulmonary Medicine
PhD PhysiologyMD Skin and VD
PhD PathologyMD TB and Chest
MD Physical Medicine and RehabilitationPhD Medicine
MD Homoeopathic Organon of MedicinePhD Radiology
MD HomeopathyPhD Psychiatry
PhD Hospital ManagementPhD Cardiology
MD CardiologyMD Neurology
PhD ImmunologyPhD Neuroscience

Engineering Stream:

PhD in Mechanical EngineeringPhD in Computer Science and Engineering
PhD in Civil EngineeringPhD in Electrical Engineering
PhD in Electronics and Communication EngineeringPhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
PhD in Information TechnologyPhD in Chemical Engineering
PhD in Electronics and TelecommunicationPhD in Bioinformatics
PhD in Computer EngineeringPhD in Electronics Engineering
PhD in Food TechnologyPhD in Biomedical Engineering
PhD in NanotechnologyPhD in Environmental Engineering
PhD in Geotechnical EngineeringPhD in Petroleum Engineering
PhD in Software EngineeringM.Phil in Mechanical Engineering

Management stream:

PhD in Management StudiesPhD in Marketing
PhD in Business AdministrationPhD in Finance
PhD in HR ManagementPhD in Business Management
PhD in Operation ManagementFellow Program in Management
M.Phil in Management StudiesM.Phil in Management

Pharmacy Stream:

Pharm.DPhD in Pharmacy
PhD in Pharmaceutical SciencesPhD in Pharmacology
PhD in PharmaceuticsPhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PhD in Medicinal ChemistryM.Phil in Pharmaceutics

Commerce Stream

PhD in CommercePhD in Statistics
PhD in Commerce and ManagementPhD in Accountancy
PhD in Business EconomicsPhD in Banking and Finance
M.Phil in Commerce

Agriculture Stream:

PhD in AgriculturePhD in Agronomy
PhD in Genetics and Plant BreedingPhD in Horticulture
PhD in Agricultural EconomicsPhD in Plant Pathology


PhD in LawDoctor of Law (LL.D.)
PhD in Legal StudiesM.Phil in Law

PhD: Scholarship Programs

The Name of the Scholarship  The Name of the Institution
Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) MHRD, Government of India
CSIR-UGC JRF Fellowship Government of India
DBT-JRF Fellowship Government of India
FITM – AYUSH Research Fellowships Scheme Forum on Indian Traditional Medicine (FITM) and Ministry of Ayush
SAARC Agricultural PhD Scholarships SAAR Agricultural Centre
Swami Vivekananda Single Child Scholarship for Research in Social Science UGC
ESSO-NCESS Junior Research Fellowship ESSO- National Centre for Earth Science Studies
Vision India Foundation (VIF) Fellowship Vision India Foundation (VIF)
Burning Questions Fellowship Awards Tiny Beam Fund
Google PhD Scholarships Google
Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Scholarships Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund
ICHR Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)

Top PhD Institutes

Ranking by QS IndiaInstitute NameAverage Fees
1Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)58,200
2Indian Institute of Science35,200
3Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)42,900
4Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)19,670
5Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP)50,000
6Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)64,050
7University of Delhi
8University of Hyderabad8,980
9Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)28,500
10Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG)18,150
Aligarh Muslim University
12Jamia Millia Islamia15,000

PhD- Top Job Profiles

Profile of JobDescription of JobAverage Annual Salary 
University ProfessorA professor assists and guides students with their studies, research, and other activities. Their primary responsibility is to instruct students in academic and vocational subjects.INR 6-10 LPA
Market Research AnalystA Market Research Analyst must be capable of gathering and analyzing large amounts of data as well as comprehending the results in depth.INR 9-12 LPA
Start-Up MentorsThey offer advice on new ideas as well as their opinion on the direction a startup should take.INR 6 LPA
AuthorsAuthors with a PhD write about topics that interest readers and on which they have specialized and conducted research.INR 9 LPA


What is a PhD degree and what does it mean?

A PhD degree stands for “Doctor of Philosophy,” and it is the highest level of academic study.

How long does it take to obtain a PhD?

PhD programs typically last five to six years. The duration, however, may vary depending on the institute to which the students have applied.

Will I be compensated for my PhD?

Of course, Stipends are available for most PhD programs. The amount varies depending on the doctoral degree chosen by the candidates.

How do I apply for a PhD fellowship?

Students can apply for fellowships by taking and passing entrance exams like UGC-NET, GATE, and others.

What are the skill-sets required for a PhD?

For a PhD, students should be committed and capable of conducting research. They should also be self-motivated and able to write well in order to prepare all of the reports and their thesis.

How do I apply for a PhD program?

Students applying for PhD admissions must do so through the institute’s official website. Some institutes may also request research proposals in order to select students for admission.

How much does a PhD earn?

The highest academic qualification available is a PhD. A PhD holder can expect to make between INR 6 and INR 12 lakhs per year.

Is it possible for me to finish my PhD in two years?

In two years, a specific group of students can complete their PhD. Nothing, however, can be clearly stated as such.

What are the legitimate reasons for pursuing a PhD?

Pursuing a PhD has long-term career objectives and allows the aspirant to make a significant contribution to their chosen field.

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