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PhD Commerce and Management Courses: Syllabus, Fees, Scope, Salary, Online, Distance

PhD Commerce and Management Courses: The PhD degree in Commerce and Management is a three-year curriculum that can be extended to six years. You must have completed a postgraduate degree in Commerce or a similar discipline from a recognised university listed under UGC/AIU with a minimum aggregate of 55 per cent or higher to be eligible for admission to the programme. Some institutions also provide entry-based admissions, either through national tests like the NET or through their own university-based entrance exams.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to participate in group discussions and personal interview sessions before being processed for admission. The curriculum is structured on research, and the coursework is heavily influenced by the student’s chosen topic of study.

PhD in Commerce and Management Highlights

Course LevelDoctor of Philosophy
Course NamePhD in Commerce & Management
Fees for CourseINR 30,000 to 3,00,000 Per Annum
Duration of Course3 to 6 years
Course EligibilityMust have a qualifying Master’s degree in Commerce, MBA, or M.Phil or equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 55% or higher.
CollegesCalicut University, Manipal University, Apex University, SRM University, West Bengal State University
AdmissionMerit-based or Entrance Based
Course Entrance ExamsNET/DET or University-Based Exams
Job ProfilesBusiness Analysts, CFO, CEO, Finance Manager
Estimated SalaryINR 6,00,000 to INR 40,00,000
Top Recruiting SectorsPublic Sectors, Market Sectors, Finance Sectors, Business Sectors.

About PhD in Commerce and Management 

Students with a doctorate in Commerce and Management gain in-depth knowledge of business and management foundations. Business and management skills have been in need for many years and will continue to be in demand in the future. The program’s goal is to employ research to assist the growth and development of Commerce, Management, and related disciplines.

  • Business law encompasses all areas of business, including ethics and managerial tools. Continue reading: Commerce PhD.
  • The curriculum incorporates the concepts of commerce and management into its research.
  • Human resource management, marketing management, research technique, and organisational behaviour are among the topics covered by students.
  • Students must choose an emphasis field and write a dissertation/research thesis in their senior year of high school.
  • Graduates of the PhD in Commerce and Management programme will have the necessary management abilities as well as a working grasp of corporate law.
  • Doctorates will be able to conduct their own research as well as pursue lucrative work in finance, marketing, research, business, and other areas after completing the course.

Why Study PhD in Commerce & Management? 

A PhD in Commerce and Management is focused on conducting research in the field of business and commerce. It has to do with management, service, and human resource management, as well as other disciplines such as agriculture, retailing, product production, tourism, hospitality, science, medical, and engineering. All of these are in high-demand market segments.

  • Ability to Do Quality Research: Through the study of courses such as Human Resources, Operations, Productions, and Business Principles, candidates get the ability to conduct research in a range of business disciplines.
  • Job Purposes: The curriculum has produced doctorates with the necessary abilities to pursue careers in the sectors of business, accounting, operations, and management. They can work as Business Analysts, Finance Managers, CFOs, CEOs, Company Secretaries, and other positions.
  • Develop Management Skills: This course focuses on creating, advertising, and selling products and services, as well as forming connections or partnerships, dealing with difficult situations, and maintaining the company’s finances in good order. The industry’s data is acquired and used to create reports.
  • Various Job Openings: This curriculum will provide greater work and opportunities in the future, in both the Commerce and Management sectors.

PhD Commerce & Management Admission 

PhD admission is primarily determined by entrance exams, however, it can also be determined by merit. Students are admitted to institutions based on their achievement on university-related PhD entrance exams or qualifying exams such as the NET/DET, among others. Applicants who are admitted on the basis of merit normally have an interview with the professor before being accepted.


  • Candidates must have earned a minimum of a 55 per cent aggregate in a postgraduate degree in Commerce/equivalent or an M.Phil. degree from a recognised university listed under the UGC/AIU.
  • At a few reputable institutions and universities, group discussions and personal interviews will also be placed.
  • If you have 4 years of relevant professional experience in either teaching or administration, you will benefit from the programme.

Preparation Tips for Entrance Examination

  • Before beginning your preparation, familiarise yourself with the most recent entry curriculum. Always go to the official websites for more information.
  • Begin your preparations as soon as possible. A year before the exam is usually deemed best. Your timetable can be readily planned.
  • Do not begin with a large number of resources. It causes a lot of misunderstanding. Stick to one or two reputable, trustworthy sources.
  • Examine the previous year’s paper and make a list of noteworthy points.
  • Examine your own abilities and shortcomings. Work on your strategies in this manner.
  • Take an online practice exam and maintain a record of your results.
  • Continue reading to learn more about your subject.
  • Use question papers from prior years to get a sense of the types of questions they ask.
  • Go through the syllabus of the qualifying exam or NET/DET organized by UGC.

PhD Commerce & Management Syllabus 

The program’s curricula include classroom instruction, case studies, homework, and project work. Students will have a better comprehension of the programme and a deeper understanding of the topics as a result of the course’s design. The most important aspects of the issue are covered in Economics, Finances, Commerce, and Management in Business.

PhD programmes do not have a set curriculum. Students are frequently obliged to enrol in courses pertaining to their chosen subject of study.

Before beginning their thesis, most applicants take the following courses:

Course 1Research Methodology: To induct into the students an in-depth knowledge of Research Methodology and to enable them to carry out research in a scientific manner
Course 2Business Research: To enable students to pursue research in the various fields of commerce and management.
Course 3Research Gap and Methodological Design: To equip the Ph. D students with the fundamental concepts, theories and issues in the various fields of the study. This is to enable the students to develop concepts in various advanced areas by studying seminal research papers published in noted journals both national and international.
Course 4Synoptic Outline Writing: The objective of this course is to judge the competency developed in the students to write an appropriate synoptic outline in their respective fields of pursuing a PhD. 
Course 5Research and Publication Ethics

PhD Commerce & Management Subjects 

The typical curriculum followed by most universities and colleges throughout the programme is as follows:

  • Organizational behaviour
  • Project Work
  • Creative Thinking and Design Innovation
  • Fundamentals of Management in Business
  • Human Resources and Business Ethics
  • Research Methodology
  • Marketing and Operations Management
  • Dissertation /Seminar/ Research Thesis
  • Principles of Management

PhD in Commerce & Management Colleges in India 

College NameFees
Calicut UniversityINR 7,730/year
Career Point UniversityINR 1,22,000/year
Mangalayatan University, IBMINR 90,000/year
Amrita School of Arts & SciencesINR 31,000/year
Manipal UniversityINR 36,000/year
Apex UniversityINR 1,02,000/year
SRM UniversityINR 16,000/year
University of TechnologyINR 1,01,600/year
AL-Falah UniversityINR 1,50,000/year
West Bengal State UniversityINR 12,500/year
Kalinga UniversityINR 3,52,000/year

PhD in Commerce & Management Colleges College Comparison 

ParticularsCalicut UniversityAmrita School of Arts & Sciences
Duration3 Years, 6 months3 to 6 years
FeesINR 7130 totalINR 30,000 / year
EligibilityMasters’ degree with at least a grade ‘B’.A Masters’s degree with at least 60% marks
FacilitiesPlacements, Distance Learning, Hostel, Laboratory, Fitness Centre, StadiumPlacements, Transportation, Laboratory, Hostel
Ranking76- NIRF13- NIRF

PhD in Commerce and Management Colleges Abroad 

College NameFees (Total Tuition)
University of CaliforniaUSD 32,508
The University of MelbourneUSD 40,000
University of ManchesterUSD 40,000
Australian National UniversityUSD 52,280
University of TasmaniaAUD 136,032
James Cook UniversityAUD 134,400

PhD in Commerce & Management Scope 

  • Students who pursue a PhD in Commerce and Management will gain a wide understanding of the field’s fundamentals.
  • Students are qualified to study numerous facets of business and commerce using their research and assessment skills.
  • By studying areas like Human Resources, Operations, Productions, and Business Principles, candidates learn the ability to do research in a range of business fields.
  • The curriculum has produced doctorates with the necessary abilities to pursue careers in the sectors of business, accounting, operations, and management.
  • They could work as Business Analysts, Finance Managers, Chief Financial Officers, CEOs, and Company Secretaries, among other jobs.

Top Recruiters 

Following the completion of your PhD in Commerce and Management, you will be qualified to work for a variety of private and international firms in a variety of roles, including the following:

  • Amazon Development Centre
  • Delhivery Pvt Ltd.
  • iNurture Galileo India Pvt Ltd.
  • Universities & Institutes
  • Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd.
  • Vedantu Innovations Pvt Ltd.
  • IBM Pvt Ltd.

Job Profile 

Job ProfileJob DescriptionSalary
Chief Executive OfficerThe job description includes managing business operations with senior management and the board of directors. finance management and concept implementation for businesses.INR 29 to 30 lacs
Business AnalystsThe work includes gathering information, analysing it, keeping track of it, and creating reports for corporate development.INR 5 to 6 lacs
Finance ManagerMonitoring accounts, analysing data, and writing reports are all necessary. analysing current market trends and creating corporate expansion strategies.INR 9 to 10 lacs
Business Development ManagersThe work includes identifying sales prospects, creating novel hypotheses to sell, evaluating data, and preparing reports.INR 5 to 6 lacs
Chief Financial OfficerThe position also involves managing company activities, processing money, and managing accounting and treasury difficulties.INR 30 to 40 lacs
Account ExecutiveHandling accounting and managing the business’s administrative tasks are part of the job.INR 3 to 4 lacs
Company SecretaryBy coordinating with the board and senior management, meetings are held and updates on the state of the company are delivered. Systems of management and procedures are being put into place.INR 4 to 12 lacs

PhD in Commerce and Management Salary and Jobs 

After obtaining the degree, salaries range from INR 3 to INR 40 lakhs per year, depending on the sort of employment area you pick. You can work as a Business Development Manager, Business Analysts, Finance Manager, Company Sector, and other jobs in reputed firms.

PhD in Commerce and Management Skill 

A doctoral degree in commerce and management is a research-based programme. Students must have an analytical mindset and the ability to carry out research in order to be successful in the programme. Students must be dedicated and focused because the programme demands a significant amount of time and work to complete. The following are some of the abilities:

  • Ability to take initiatives
  • Independent Approach
  • Solution-Oriented Mindset
  • Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Practical Approach
  • Research Skills
  • Management Skills

Benefits of Studying PhD in Commerce and Management

PhD in Commerce and Management is an appropriate course for candidates who are interested in moving towards the research side of business and management. Candidates pursuing a PhD are introduced to several business and marketing tactics that help innovate a business venture from zero to top. Candidates involved in market research work as a backbone of a company and their business. The profit and losses a company makes depend on the research scientists for at least 50 per cent.

PhD in Commerce and Management FAQs 

Is financial aid available for a PhD in Commerce and Management program?

It varies from one university to the next. Some colleges and universities provide both financial aid and scholarships. Some of the candidates have been selected for fellowship programmes.

What is the procedure for admission to a PhD in Commerce and Management course?

Only applications that have been completely and accurately filled out, as well as those that have attached the appropriate certifications and other documents, will be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to take an admissions exam and participate in a personal interview. The final results will be released when the candidates’ marks in their postgraduate test, entrance exams, and personal interview have been merged.

Is the entrance exam necessary to be admitted to the doctoral program in Commerce and Management?

Yes, in order to qualify, you must pass the University’s written examination. The PhD entrance exam consists of two papers: general aptitude and research technique, as well as a domain-specific subject at the postgraduate level.

Is a PhD in Commerce & Management difficult?

It is difficult to follow the course since it takes extensive research, which is a time-consuming procedure that requires a great deal of patience, but it does have its benefits, such as a strong work profile and compensation.

What are the requirements for applying for a PhD in Commerce & Management?

Candidates for admission to the programme must have completed a postgraduate degree in commerce/M. Phil. degree from a recognised university listed under UGC/AIU with a minimum aggregate of 55% and above. A national-level admission exam, as well as a university-level entrance exam and a personal interview, are required of the candidate.

What is the expected salary range after completing the PhD in Commerce and Management course?

Depending on the sort of job, the projected income range after obtaining a PhD in Commerce and Management is between INR 3 lacs and INR 30 lacs.

What is the scope of the PhD in Commerce and Management?

A PhD in Commerce and Management will provide students with a thorough understanding of the field’s fundamentals. Students can use their research and assessment abilities to study a variety of aspects of business and commerce. Finance managers, CFOs, CEOs, and corporate secretaries are all options.

Can I pursue a PhD in Commerce & Management if I have a master’s degree in either commerce or management?

Yes, you can enrol in the programme provided you have a master’s degree from a recognised university with a grade point average of at least 50 per cent to 60 per cent and have passed the required exam.

What are the top recruiting sectors for PhD in Commerce and Management?

Recruiting companies majorly belong to the business, private, management and finance sectors.

What qualities do I need to have to pursue PhD in Commerce & Management?

Critical thinking, management skills, a practical approach, a solution-oriented mindset, and other qualities are required to successfully complete the course.