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Diploma in Chemical Engineering – Course Detail, Eligibility, Admission Process, Colleges, Syllabus, Jobs, Salary

Diploma in Chemical Engineering: The Chemical Engineering Diploma is a three-year programme. This course teaches students about chemicals and raw materials, as well as how to make new materials from old ones.

Admission to Diploma in Chemical Engineering Colleges is based on merit, and students must have completed the 10th grade with a 45 percent average in math and science.

Chemical engineers in India can expect a salary increase of about 12% every 16 months. Employees receive a 9% annual raise on average every 16 months in the United States for all professions combined. Chemical engineering diploma holders can expect to earn between INR 1.6 and INR 3 lakhs per year as a starting salary.

Some of the top colleges that offer a Diploma in Chemical Engineering are Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Galgotias University, and Mewar University. The annual fee varies between INR 3,000 and INR 3 lakhs.

About Diploma in Chemical Engineering

The Diploma in Chemical Engineering is a three-year diploma level engineering programme that teaches students how to make something useful and new out of chemicals or raw materials, as well as life and physical sciences. In the process of creating something new, economics and mathematics are also used. Students who enrol in this three-year diploma programme not only master the technique of making new things, but they also gain a thorough understanding of the world of chemical science by the end of their studies.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Course Overview

The table below contains the Diploma in Chemical Engineering course highlights:

Programme LevelDiploma Level
Programme DurationThre Years
Criteria of EligibilityXth class qualified students from a recognised Board with at least 45% aggregate who have studied Maths and Science at the qualifying level
Process of AdmissionEntrance Test Based Admission Process
Examination TypeSemester Type
Programme Average FeeINR 6K to INR 100K
Beginning Average SalaryINR 2.0 LPA to INR 9.0 LPA
Usual Job PositionsAssociate Scientist, Field Operator, Process Engineer etc

What is a Diploma in Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering diploma is one of the many engineering diplomas available in the country, and as the name suggests, this diploma focuses on teaching the fundamentals of chemical engineering.

  • It is a three-year programme with two semesters per year.
  • It entails combining physical and chemical sciences, such as microbiology, biochemistry, and biology, in the classroom.
  • The main goal of this academic course is to apply chemical sciences to various industries where raw materials are converted into newer transformed products.
  • It is a thorough examination of the possibilities for regulating the sector and developing refined products using mathematics and economic calculations.
  • Its curriculum includes applied chemistry, thermodynamics, chemical technology, heat transfer, and much more, providing students with a broad understanding of the field.

Students who complete the course are qualified to work in production, research laboratories, analysts, and petroleum refineries, among other fields. After passing an entrance exam, students with a diploma in chemical engineering can enrol in the second year of the respective engineering branch.

Why Study Diploma in Chemical Engineering?

Because it is one of the few branches that bridges the gap between physics and chemistry, chemical engineering has a bright future. Engineering at the diploma level teaches all of the fundamentals of the engineering field.

  • It teaches the integration of physics, chemical sciences, and biological sciences.
  • The course covers the conversion of raw materials into newer products as well as insights into the industries involved.
  • Chemical engineering also teaches candidates how to recycle and reform chemicals that are ejected by industries, which is why the field is in high demand in the ever-growing recycling industry.
  • It also emphasises communication and innovation, both of which can aid in the selection of lucrative opportunities in the field of chemical engineering.

With the above-mentioned statements, a student interested in the field can conduct further research and, if interested, choose the country’s newest and most promising engineering field.

Who Should Study?

  • Candidates who are interested in engineering or a related field should enrol in the programme.
  • Students interested in expanding their knowledge of various topics in Chemical Science and Physics in higher secondary school, such as pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, specialty chemicals, microelectronics, electronic and advanced materials, polymers, and so on, should enrol in this course.
  • Students interested in a career in chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, or information technology should enrol in this course.
  • Candidates who are ethical and passionate about making meaningful contributions to society should enrol in the programme.
  • This course is also beneficial for candidates who want to obtain a Chemical Engineering certificate in a shorter amount of time and be job ready.

When to Study?

  • After completing the course, students can begin BTech in the second year.
  • Students can easily find work in both the public and private sectors.
  • Electronics, advanced materials, polymers, and other topics are covered by students.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to work in the food processing industry, developing food additives that can be used in processed foods to improve flavour and make foods more appealing to consumers.
  • Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work as Specialty Chemicals and open their own research lab.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to apply for admission to the Diploma in Electrical Engineering programme:

  • They must have passed their Class Xth exam with honours from a recognised Board.
  • At the qualifying level, you must have received at least a 45 percent.
  • At the qualifying level, you must have studied Mathematics and Science.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Admissions via Entrance Exams

Entrance exams such as Uttarakhand JEEP, DTTE CET, Gujarat Polytechnic, Haryana Polytechnic, and others are held by various states for the purpose of granting admission to aspirants who wish to pursue the Diploma programme in Chemical Engineering at their state’s polytechnic colleges. Eligible candidates must take one of these entrance exams in order to be considered for admission to the diploma in Chemical Engineering programme. Officials will conduct a counselling process based on the candidates’ performance in one of these exams, and only the most suitable candidates will be admitted.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Syllabus

The following is the syllabus and structure for the Diploma in Chemical Engineering:

Semester ISemester II
Basic MathematicsBasic of Computer Systems
Chemistry IChemistry II
Engineering Drawing, IEngineering Drawing II
Physics IPhysics II
Applied MathematicsCommunication Skill
Developing of life skillEngineering Mathematics
WorkshopOrganic and Physical Chemistry
Semester IIISemester IV
Strength of MaterialsPrinciples of Stoichiometry
Electrical TechnologyApplied Mathematics
Polymer ChemistryBasic Electronics
Petroleum Refining and PetrochemicalsFluid Flow and Heat Transfer
Technology of Inorganic ChemicalsMaterial of Construction
Mechanical OperationsTechnology of Organic Chemicals & Products
Technologies of Plastics
Semester V Plant Training
Semester VISemester VII
Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsIntroduction to Energy System Engineering
Chemical Reaction EngineeringProcess Instrumentation & Control
Elective IElective II
Stress ManagementCADD & Estimation
Chemical Engineering DrawingMass Transfer
Plant UtilitiesProject
Industrial Management
Semester VIII Field Training

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Course Comparison

The Diploma in Chemical Engineering and the BSc in Biochemistry are two distinct degrees with a number of similarities and differences. So, how do they differ from one another, and which is the superior option? The following table will help to clarify the situation:

ParametersDiploma in Chemical EngineeringBsc Biochemistry
Course Duration3 years3 years
Area of FocusFocuses on chemicals and products, recycling energy, plant safety, plant maintenance etc.,Focuses on chemistry of life forms, Bioinformatics, clinical biochemistry etc.,
Criteria of AdmissionQualify 10th standard with minimum 45%Qualified 12th standard and qualified entrance exam for Bsc
Criteria of Eligibility45% overall and in maths and science of 10th50% marks in 12th standard
Average Course FeesINR 3,000-INR 50,000INR 15,000-INR 15,00,000
Job OptionsMaintenance Technician, Plant Operator,Associate Scientist etc.,Metabolism Engineers, Genetics Engineer, Molecular Biology Engineers etc
Areas of EmploymentLabs, Industries, Petroleum Refineries etc.,Drug Manufacturing Companies, Industrial Laboratories, Agriculture and Fisheries etc.,
Average Placement PackageINR 1,60,000-INR 3,00,000INR3,00,000-INR 5,00,000

Top Diploma in Chemical Engineering Colleges in India

Some of the best colleges for a Diploma in Chemical Engineering can be found in the table below:

College NameAverage Fee
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, MumbaiINR 36,037
GLA UniversityINR 2.13 Lakhs
Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological UniversityINR 36,310
Galgotias UniversityINR 1.35 Lakhs
Government Polytechnic,PunjabINR 25,000
Gujarat Technological UniversityINR 99,000
Mewar UniversityINR 1.59 Lakhs
Sri Prakash College of EngineeringINR 48,000
Integral UniversityINR 1.20 Lakhs
Bharati Vidyapeeth UniversityN/A
Swami Vivekananda Institute of Information TechnologyINR 1.16 Lakhs

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Government Colleges

Below is a list of the top government colleges that offer a Diploma in Chemical Engineering, as well as their fees.

College/University NameAverage Fee (INR in Lakhs)
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai30,000
IIT Gandhinagar
Thiruvalluvar University63,000
Institute of Petrochemical Engineering, DBATU
Hooghly Institute of Technology1800
NIT Jalandhar1,59,000
Kerala Government Polytechnic College10,500
Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College, Delhi
CPC Polytechnic College, Mysore12,800
Government Institute of Chemical Engineering, Visakhapatnam

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Jobs

Despite the fact that it is only a diploma level degree, a diploma in chemical engineering opens up a wide range of career opportunities. The majority of them were in production and industry, with a few in office work as well.

Chemical engineers’ main areas of work are petrochemical industries, research laboratories, and other places where the chemical engineer must supervise and guide in areas where the physics of the industry must be balanced with the chemistry of the industry.

The following are the most popular Diploma in Chemical Engineering job profiles:

Job PositionJob DescriptionAnnual Average Salary
Maintenance technicianInstallation, maintenance, and repair of equipment, ongoing troubleshooting, and equipment safety monitoringINR 2,00,000-3,00,000
Plant OperatorControlling power generation equipment, checking voltage and flow of electricity, reading charts and metres, and so onINR 1,00,000-2,00,000
Market AnalystAnalyzing market trends, gathering data, analysing statistics, and recommending new measures to improve businessINR 4,00,000-INR5,00,000
Process EngineerDesigning and developing new process equipment and plants, as well as modifying and installing existing onesINR3,00,000-INR4,00,000
Associate ScientistWorks in a lab, in an office, or in a school. Assist a senior scientist with research and project management.INR5,00,000-INR 6,00,000
Field OperatorSetting up systems, operating machines/equipment, and troubleshooting Analyze the blueprints/designs, make recommendations, and collaborate with the team and management.INR1,00,000-INR2,00,000
Technical Service RepresentativeAttend to customer complaints, resolve them, and assist with troubleshooting.INR2,00,000-3,00,000
SupervisorMonitor the activities of subordinates and field engineers, make recommendations, and provide assistance to the staff.INR 2,00,000-3,00,000

Salary in Government Sector

The monthly salary for Diploma in Chemical Engineering in top government companies across the country is listed below.

Company NameAverage Salary Offered (in INR)
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)25,000 – 50,000 per month
Coal India Limited (CIL)20,000 – 46,000 per month
Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL)25,000 – 50,000 per month
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)20,000 – 46,000 per month
National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)25,000 – 50,000 per month

Salary in Private Sector

The monthly salary for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in the top private companies across the country is listed below.

Company NameAverage Salary Offered
Piramal Healthcare LimitedINR 5 – 6 lacs per annum
Pfizer Inc.INR 12 – 15 lacs per annum
Schlumberger LimitedINR 15 – 20 lacs per annum
GlaxoSmithKlineINR 7 – 9 lacs per annum
Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corp. LtdINR 28,000 – 30,000 per month

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Career Options and Job Prospects

Here is a list of options available to Diploma holders in Chemical Engineering, from which they can choose at their leisure:

  • Associate Scientist
  • Process Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Supervisor
  • Field Operator
  • Technical Service Representative
  • Maintenance Technician

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