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Diploma in Business Management – Eligibility, Admissions, Top Colleges, Jobs

The Diploma in Corporate Management is a one-year program that needs a bachelor’s degree and emphasizes management basics while also preparing you for the changing business world. This one-year management education certificate program is applicable to the field. Through this course of study, students will gain deep insight and understanding of the procedures and principles that underpin basic business management challenges through this course of study.

An undergraduate degree with a minimum of 50% is required for the Diploma in Business Management program. The admissions procedure is determined by the criteria established by the institute. This course is for students who desire to enhance their careers in business or administration by gaining skills and practical knowledge in areas such as human resources, marketing, risk management, and policies and operations. It is the perfect course for students who want to learn business and management skills as soon as possible after graduation. Some institutes do, however, accept students who have completed their 10th grade.

In addition to accounting and sales, the Diploma in Business Management is intended to prepare students for careers in management, among other professions. Course objectives include the development of skills and practical knowledge in the areas of human resources, marketing, risk management, policies, and operations. Students who wish to advance their careers in business or administration should enroll in this course.

Eligibility Criteria for a Diploma in Business Management

The program requirements vary by the institute, however, an undergraduate degree requires a minimum of 50% in order to graduate. The admissions process is determined by the institute’s requirements. Several of them use a merit-based or direct-admissions system.

  • The scores obtained by a student in a relevant board examination or Diploma programme are taken into consideration throughout the merit-based admission procedure. The candidates who have qualified for a position are assigned seats based on the marks they have earned.
  • Some institutions may have their own entrance examinations and interview processes in order to assess a candidate’s level of knowledge and abilities.

Course Overview for the Diploma in Business Management

Degree NameDiploma
Full-FormDiploma in Business Management
Duration1 Year.
Entrance ExamsNil
Eligibility45 to 55% in bachelors
Average FeesINR 30,000 – INR 50,000

What is the Diploma in Business Management?

In business management, information and preparation are provided in relation to the planning, implementation, supervision, and analysis of commercial activity (enterprise). It is possible to learn about the basis of an organization or an association, as well as distinct user levels, such as production, financial and administrative, human resource and sales and marketing, and others, in this subject of education and training.

Skills and knowledge for a Diploma in Business Management

Candidates who wish to enroll in Diploma in Business Management courses need to have a number of specialized skills in order to comprehend issues and increase their skillset. These skills are also required for a successful career and promotion. Individuals can enhance their skills and abilities by enrolling in the Diploma in Business Management program.

Communication SkillsAssociation Building
Brand UnderstandingCritical Thinking
Industry KnowledgeInterpersonal Skills

Admissions Process for a Diploma in Business Management

Many colleges operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The majority of educational institutions admit students to Diploma in Business Management programs on the basis of merit. Students enrolling in Diploma in Business Management courses must undergo different admission procedures depending on the school. Several colleges accept students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Direct Admission

Students can apply for admission by visiting the institution and filling out the Diploma in Business Management admission form, as well as presenting the required documents and completing the registration form. Students can also apply online by visiting the institute’s website, filling out the online application form, and submitting the needed documents in the required format.

Top Colleges Cutoff

The cut-off for the Diploma in Business Management is a set of criteria for determining a person’s merit score. Those who score below the cut-off percentage are admitted to the institution. The cutoff for the Diploma in Business Management at each college varies depending on the number of students and their 10+2 grades. This could be a merit-based or direct admissions system.
The merit-based admission process is entirely dependent on the students’ performance on the necessary board exams or, in some cases, a diploma course. Seats are assigned by universities or colleges based on the students’ grades. The applicants can apply for a Diploma in Business Management varies on the institute.

Top Colleges for a Business Management Diploma

Name of the CollegeCollege Fees
Symbiosis International University, PuneINR 2,88,000
WLCI School of Fashion, PuneINR 4,35,000
ITM Business School, MumbaiINR 4,65,000
Indian School of Business Management and Administration, HyderabadINR 30,900
GD Goenka University, GurgaonINR 2,60,000
School of Inspired Leadership, GurgaonINR 4,49,000

Syllabus for the Diploma in Business Administration

The following are the core subjects covered in the Diploma in Business Management:

Human ResourcesFinancial Accounting
Marketing PrinciplesProject Management
Business CommunicationBusiness Law and Policy
Business EconomicsProduction and Operation Management

Career Opportunities after a Business Management Diploma

The Diploma in Business Management program has long been accepted as the cornerstone for a successful professional career in any industry. Management and administration, as well as finance and marketing, are exciting areas of study since they may prepare you for a variety of occupations. Graduates with a business administration diploma have a plethora of options available to them. There is an advantage to taking this course in that it allows students to choose from a variety of different job opportunities.

Top Companies

  1. IDBI Bank
  2. Hindustan Unilever Limited
  3. Godrej
  4. Morgan Stanley
  5. Indiabulls
  6. HDFC Bank
  7. Bank of America
  8. Birla Sun Life
  9. Deloitte
  10. Kotak
  11. IBM

The key positions that graduates are offered after completing the course are listed below.

Job PositionsDetailsAverage Salary
Production ManagerIn an association, the Product Manager is in charge of organizing the business, dealing with work concerns, and managing the account. Creates item requirements, details, valuation, and time plans for item presentation and figuring promoting operations, as well as time plans for other tasks. They also contribute to the creation of things by overseeing statistical surveying.7 to 8 lacs
Marketing ManagerThe Marketing Manager is in charge of developing, implementing, and monitoring promotional plans for a business in order to increase the number of new and existing clients.6 to 7 lacs
Business Management ExecutiveBusiness Management Executives are in charge of supervising others. He is capable of managing the activities of employees, providing training, recruiting, and identifying new representatives, as well as ensuring that an association is on track to accomplish its financial goals and objectives.2 to 3 lacs
Finance managerWhen it comes to the financial soundness of an organization, the Finance Manager is in command. They are responsible for budgetary reports, the development of methodologies or designs, and the direction of venture exercises to achieve the organization’s long-term financial objectives.8 to 9 Lacs
Business AnalystA Business Analyst is responsible for conducting an investigation into an organization and a business sector, as well as business archives or frameworks and cycles, in order to assist Human Resources in evaluating the plan of action.7 to 8 lacs

Future Scope of Diploma in Business Management

Graduates of the Diploma in Business Management program can find entry-level management or administrative positions in a wide variety of enterprises, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Both the government and commercial firms are in desperate need of skilled management specialists. Managers are responsible for ensuring that a company, organization, or sector works smoothly. Managers are responsible for the management of human resources, the day-to-day operations of a company, as well as finance and accounting.

Students who complete a Diploma in Business Management program can go on to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a postgraduate degree in the same area, such as an MBA in Business Management. Because you will be able to pursue higher-paying employment, you will be able to widen your knowledge even further.

FAQ’s of Diploma in Business Management

Do you know how long it takes to complete the Diploma in Business Management program?

The Diploma in Business Management is a one-year curriculum that focuses on business management.

Is it worthwhile to pursue a business management degree?

A diploma in business management outperforms a university degree because it is flexible and economical, despite the fact that it has always been a source of debate and discussion.

What subjects are required for business administration?

The main subjects of economics and management studies in business. However, you will also gain knowledge in areas such as finance, human resources, public relations, and marketing. In the process, you will also obtain transferable skills and knowledge, such as a grasp of how organizations operate.

What are the chances of getting a job after earning a diploma in business management?

Students can pursue a BBA or MBA in Business Management after completing their Diploma in Business Management program.

Is taking a business administration course a wise idea?

Among ambitious entrepreneurs and corporate executives, a business management degree is a popular choice. It gives you the academic knowledge and skills you’ll need to explore international career opportunities, as well as a broad understanding of business and particular areas such as finance and human resource management.

What is the average fees of a Diploma in Business Management?

Depending upon the type of college, the Diploma in Business Management course fees ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50,000 every year.

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