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B.Com In Computer Applications: Eligibility, Admission, Colleges, Syllabus, Scope

B.Com Computer Applications is a three-year, full-time bachelor’s curriculum that combines computer science with commerce to study diverse areas of both. It’s a blend of commerce and computer applications for areas of business that necessitate computer competence. This programme is meant to prepare learners with a combined understanding of commerce and computer systems. Furthermore, this programme provides numerous work chances in the IT and commerce fields. After finishing the program, individuals can work as business analysts, business consultants, auditors, computer programmers, app developers, and other positions.

This programme is open to individuals who have finished their 10+2 in Commerce/ Computer Application or any other related discipline with a minimum of 45 percent cumulative marks. The majority of BCom Computer Applications enrollment is based on merit. A round of interviews conducted or exams would be conducted by selected colleges. However, entrance to this programme is usually based on merit.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Com Computer Applications

Candidates who fulfill the qualifying requirements for B.Com Computer Applications will be admitted. Candidates must have completed the 10+2 or any other similar exam from a recognized board with a cumulative of at least 50% to be eligible for the B.Com Computer Applications programme. Furthermore, candidates should have studied Commerce throughout their 10+2 years. Students must be under the age of 25. Candidates must also pass any college entrance examinations that may be required.

How do I get into a B.Com Computer Applications programme?

Candidates must meet the qualifying requirements in order to pursue a B.Com in Computer Applications. Furthermore, for merit-based enrollment, candidates must have good grades in 10+2 and strong achievement in entrance tests. For the entrance exam-based admission process, students must have good grades in 10+2. Admissions to the B.Com Computer Applications programme are generally merit-based. Admissions applications are available on the University website as well as through the college’s Admissions Office. Because the programme is part of the B.Com programme, the admissions process does not differ significantly for students. The following are the specifics of the admissions process:

How to Apply for B.Com Computer Applications programme?

Admission knowledge for BCom Computer Applications courses can be obtained on the official sites of the institutions to which candidates are enrolling. Both online and offline alternatives are employed for registering for admission. Candidates studying for offline admissions should attend the college campus, complete the application form, obtain the brochure, and provide all necessary documentation. Candidates who wish to apply online should visit the admissions website and complete the application form. The registration fees can be paid using online payment transactions or by sending a bank check or demand draft.

Selection Process

In India, the recruitment process for the B.Com in Computer Applications programme is mostly dependent on the aspirant’s 10+2 educational marks, which is merit-based. As a result, only those candidates who pass the individual institution’s minimal cut-off and meet the eligibility requirements will be admitted. Some colleges need applicants to take an entrance exam to be considered for admission. Candidates receive notification of their results by email or by visiting the institutions’ official websites.

Several of the best institutions in India that offer the B.Com Computer Applications programme use an entrance exam-based admissions method. Institutions can screen out suitable students based on the results of these entrance examinations. The following are some of the entrance exams for B.Com Computer Applications:

BCom Computer Applications Course Overview

In the table below, the major points about this programme have been emphasised, such as the fees, expected salary, career chances, and so on:

Course LevelUndergraduate
Full FormBachelors of Commerce in Company Applications
Duration3 years
Examination TypeSemester
Eligibility10+2 marks in the chosen subjects or an overall of min. 45% aggregate
Admission processMerit-based
Course feesINR 15K – INR 2 lakh
Average SalaryINR 5 lakh
Top Recruiting CompaniesDeloitte, TCS, Wipro, Infosys
Job positionBusiness Analyst, Business Consultant, Auditor, Computer Programmer, App Developer

What is the purpose of a B.Com in Computer Applications?

BCom in Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate programme that provides candidates with specific knowledge in the fields of computers and commerce. The programme is well-designed to prepare individuals to be valuable IT professionals. This curriculum instills a thorough understanding of many facets of computer systems and commerce.

Financial Accounting, Business Economics, C Programming, and other disciplines linked to both commerce and computers are covered in the B.Com in Computer Applications programme. Students can easily become Accountants, Operations Managers, Account Executives, Financial Analysts, Finance Managers, Computer Programmers, App Developers, and other professionals after finishing the program.

Why should you pursue a BCom in Computer Applications?

  • A student with a degree in this field is expected to be knowledgeable in both commerce and computers.
  • Accountancy, economics, and other useful abilities in the sphere of commerce that can be employed for one’s own advancement and future professional progression.
  • You’ll also have essential computer skills, which will enable you to understand and assist others by providing advice or services connected to computer repair, such as software issue fixes.
  • It provides a significant advantage over computer grads because you have a background in commerce as well, making you a desired prospect for IT companies.
  • One can perform as an auditor, budget analyst, CA, CS, financial analyst, business consultant, and so on, with a wide range of job prospects.
  • Students can work in a variety of fields, including business, financial services, and information technology.
  • Job prospects are plentiful, income packages are reasonable, and most institutions offer placements with reputable organisations that offer competitive compensation packages.
  • You could even get a master’s degree to specialise in one of your specific profession in the future.

BCom Computer Applications Best Colleges

BCom Computer Application is a specialised speciality course offered in only a few Indian institutions. The following table lists the best colleges in India for this subject, as well as the cost structure and predicted employment package if you qualify from any of them.

NIRF Ranking 2020College NameLocationAverage Annual FeesAverage Annual Salary
6Loyola CollegeChennaiINR 13,840INR 2,50,00
9St. Gits College of Applied SciencesKottayamINR 22,500INR 3,00,000
38Women’s Christian CollegeChennaiINR 56,000INR 2,30,000
52VELSChennaiINR 40,800INR 4,50,000
55Sacred Heart CollegeThevaraINR 34,350INR 3,50,000
57IIMCHyderabadINR 32,300INR 7,20,000
73Jain UniversityBangaloreINR 1,20,000INR 7,00,000
93Mahatma Gandhi UniversityKeralaINR 18,000INR 4,20,000
97St. Albert’s CollegeErnakulamINR 15,248INR 2,10,000
Kakatiya UniversityTelanganaINR 3,50,000

BCom Computer Applications Syllabus

The curriculum for BCom Computer Application is listed below. Based on the institution, there may be a few differences.

Semester 1Semester 2
Financial Accounting – 1Financial Accounting – 1
Business EconomicsManagerial Economics
Business OrganizationSecond Language
Second LanguagePrinciples of Management
Information TechnologyRelational Database Management System
Semester 3Semester 4
Principles of Insurance BusinessEnglish
Business Statistics – 1Second Language
EnglishCorporate Accounting
Second LanguageIncome Tax – II
Advanced AccountingThe practice of Life Insurance
Income Tax – IBusiness Statistics -II
Programming with CProgramming with C++
Semester 5Semester 6
Practise of General InsuranceRegulation of Insurance Business
Business LawCompany Law
Cost AccountingManagerial Accounting
Banking TheoryCommerce Lab
Computerized AccountingFinancial Institutions and Markets

Career Scope for BCom Computer Applications

With the digital revolution in full swing, B.Com Computer Applications students have a plethora of career options. Both public and private organizations have a variety of job openings. Students can work in IT firms, software firms, websites, online marketing firms, business enterprises, and the banking industry, among other places. Individuals can also seek post-secondary education or other professional training. Students can choose from a variety of job opportunities, including:

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Auditor
  • Computer Programmer
  • App Developer
  • Accountant
  • Financial Manager
Job PositionJob DescriptionAverage Annual Pay Scale
AuditorThey check the integrity of the financial documents and audit the business records. They will bring out any inconsistencies or deception.INR 4,80,000
Computer ProgrammerThey’ll have to work on current computer languages and continuously improve them or create a new language if that’s possible.INR 8,50,000
Business ConsultantThey support customers in improving their businesses by analyzing, strategizing, and planning, among other things.INR 9,80,000
Mobile App DeveloperThey are in charge of developing and testing programme apps for mobile devices.INR 5,00,000
Business AnalystThey assist the organization by helping enterprises through data analysis to improve processes, goods, services, and software.INR 6,50,000

BCom Computer Applications Future Scope

The degree provides a foundation in two contemporary subjects, business, and computers, which opens up a wide range of prospects in both the government and business, particularly in reputable firms. It also provides options for further education.

Career Options after BCom Computer Applications

  • Students can work as chartered accountants or as accountants in large corporations.
  • They could work as an auditor, who is in charge of verifying all corporate documents and transactions.
  • A computer programmer or a mobile app developer are two examples. Here, students can put their computer talents to good use by acquiring and building something unique and valuable for the general audience.
  • They can work as business analysts or consultants, assisting companies in gaining more clients and revenue by strategizing with them on various financial plans, for example.
  • Students can also work in a variety of sectors such as advertising, management, and software development.

BCom Computer Applications FAQ’s

Is BCom Computer Application a promising career path?

Yes, it is a fantastic field because it offers many opportunities.

What are the benefits of pursuing a BCom in Computer Applications?

Accounting, banking, marketing, e-commerce, teaching, insurance, and stock markets all offer a variety of job options.

Is it a good idea to complete this course?

Yes, because it will provide a foundation in both computers and accounting and commerce.

What subjects are covered in the first year of the BCom Computer Application programme?

Accounting fundamentals, business law, and macroeconomics are just a few of the disciplines covered in the first year.

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