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Air Hostess Courses: Colleges, Jobs, Salary, Admission, Syllabus, Fees

Air Hostess Courses: Airlines hire air hostesses (also known as stewardesses, air hosts, airline cabin crew, stewards, or flight attendants) to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

After completing 10+2, individuals interested in pursuing careers in the aviation industry can choose from a variety of certificate and diploma programs. Women who want to work as air hostesses have a lot of opportunities in this industry, and they can enroll in courses like Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training to begin working for reputable airlines.

Air Hostess Courses: An Overview

The candidate has a variety of options for pursuing an Air Hostess course, including certificate and diploma programs, bachelor’s and master’s programs. Eligibility criteria play a significant role in the admissions process for various courses.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of all the available Air Hostess courses.

Name of the CourseType of CourseDuration of the Course
Air Hostess / Flight PursuerCertificate Courses8 months
International Airlines & Travel ManagementCertificate Courses4 – 6 months
Aviation Hospitality & Travel ManagementCertificate Courses10 months
Air Ticketing & TourismCertificate Courses6 months
Certificate in Aviation Security and SafetyCertificate Courses5 days
Airport Ground ManagementCertificate Courses6 months – 1 year
Diploma in Ground Staff & Cabin Crew TrainingDiploma Degree6 months – 1 year
Air Hostess DiplomaDiploma Degree1 year
Air Cargo Practises & DocumentationDiploma Degree1 year
Hospitality, Travel & Customer ServiceDiploma Degree1 year
Professional Ground Staff ServiceDiploma Degree1 year
Airport Ground Staff Training with On-job TrainingDiploma Degree7 months
PG Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality ServicesPostgraduate Diploma Degree3 months
PG Diploma in Airport Ground ServicesPostgraduate Diploma Degree1 year
PG Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer ServicePostgraduate Diploma Degree3 months
BBA in AviationUndergraduate Degree2 years
MBA in Aviation ManagementPost Graduate Degree2 years

Air Hostess Course Eligibility

The following are the requirements for air hostesses/cabin crew courses: Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be considered for admission to the program. 

  • Minimum Qualification Requirements: 10+2
  • Minimum Marks Requirement: 45% to 50% (varies from institute to institute)
  • Age Requirements: 17 to 26

The Syllabus for the Air Hostess Course

Candidates interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry will find the detailed syllabus for the Air Hostess course in relation to airlines, tourism, and hospitality below.

Airline OperationsAir Travel Industry
Airline Operations-laboratoryBasic Computer Skills
Communication SkillsBusiness Communication Skills-i
Fundamentals Of Front OfficeEnvironmental Studies
Fundamentals Of Front Office-laboratoryFront Office Operations
Introduction To Travel And Tourism IndustryFundamentals Of Food And Beverage Service
Management Concepts And PhilosophiesFundamentals Of Food And Beverage Service-laboratory
 –Tourism Destinations-ii
 –Workshop On Online Destination Management-ii
Accounting For HospitalityAirlines Service Operations
Airfare ManagementCargo Management-i
Digital MarketingE-Commerce In Tourism
Food And Beverage Operations-laboratoryHousekeeping And Operations In Hospitality Sector
Food And Beverage Service OperationsHousekeeping Operations In Hospitality Sector-laboratory
Language Elective 1International Tourism And World Geography
Management Practices And Organizational BehaviorWorkshop On Global Distribution System
Travel Agency And Tour Operations –
Airport ManagementFull Term Industrial Training
Cargo Management Ii –
Ethical Legal And Regulatory Aspects Of Tourism And Hospitality Business –
Marketing Concepts And Strategies In Tourism And Hospitality –
Sustainable Tourism Planning And Development –
Tourist Transport Operators –

Air Hostess Course Admission Procedure

The admission process for air hostess courses can be checked below. 

For Certificate and Diploma courses:

  • Candidates can apply directly to the institutes that offer these certificate and diploma programs.
  • Candidates are chosen for these courses based on a screening process that includes activities to assess candidates’ communication and aptitude skills.
  • Some of the airlines or institutes that offer the program also hold an entrance exam. Those who pass the exam will be considered for the program.

For MBA and BBA programs:

  • For students who have passed their class 12 board exams, admission to the BBA program is based on entrance exams.
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree can apply for the MBA program, and admission is based on performance in management entrance exams, personal interviews, and group discussions.

Suitable Candidates for the Air Hostess Course

  • The applicant must have completed the 10+2 exams.
  • A minimum of 40 percent to 45 percent aggregate marks from a recognized board of education is required.
  • A full-time bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is required for admission to a master’s program in aviation.
  • In order to be considered, you must have received a minimum grade of 50% in your bachelor’s program.
  • Candidates with excellent communication skills will be given priority over others.

Important Skills Required

Some of the must-have skill-sets for an Air Hostess are listed below to help you advance your career.

Expertise in Terms of Knowing Safety RulesEnsure Passenger SafetyHands-on Meals Service Management
Quick Reflex in an EmergencyExperience in CPRCommand Over Language
Disciplined ServiceCustomer Service OrientedPositive Attitude

Air Hostess Course: Expected Salary

An Air Hostess’ average salary is INR 5,19,522. Some of the most popular job roles and their average estimated salaries are listed below.

Profile of JobAverage Annual Salary
Ground staff agentINR 2,94,266
Cabin Crew – Air HostessINR 5,19,522
Sales RepresentativeINR 3,19,632
Cargo ManagementINR 40,00,000
Airline Ticket AgentINR 2,93,878
Ramp PlannerINR 2,47,067
Airport ManagerINR 6,06,782

Air Hostess Courses

Diploma Courses

Course NameInstituteCourse Duration 
Diploma in Cabin CrewBlue Sky Academy1 Year
Diploma in AviationCR Aviation Academy1 Year
Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel ManagementPatiala Aviation Club1 year
Diploma in AviationTaneja Aerospace & Aviation 1 year

MBA Airlines Management.

Course Name InstituteCourse Duration Course Fee
MBA Airlines ManagementKasturi Institute of Management Studies2 yearsINR 4,00,000
MBA Airlines ManagementNational Institute of Management and science2 yearsINR 2,00,000
MBA Airport and Airlines ManagementNehru College of Aeronautics and applied science2 yearsINR 3,30,000

B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality Management

Course NameInstituteCourse Duration Course Fee
B.Sc. Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality ManagementNIMS3 yearsINR 90,000
B.Sc.Lovely Professional University3 yearsINR 1,20,000
B.Sc.Chandigarh University3 YearsINR 1,10,000
BMS Aviation ManagementJain University, Bangalore3 YearsINR 1,24,000
B.Sc. Airline, Tourism, and HospitalityGNA University, Phagwara3 YearsINR 75,600

Online Courses

Course NameProvider of Course Course Duration
Cabin crew / Air Hostess online trainingOne Education4 hours
How to become Air HostessUdemy2 hours
How to become a flight attendant/cabin crewUdemy1 hour
Online diploma in becoming cabin crewUdemy8.5 hours
Cabin crew Assessment day mastery courseUdemy2 hours

Air Hostess Courses: Top Institutes

Because the aviation industry is rapidly expanding, an increasing number of people are enrolling in air hostess courses. The demand for air hostesses is steadily increasing. Candidates will find a list of the best colleges that offer Air Hostess courses below.

Institutes in Delhi:

Institute Name Course Fee
Airborne Air Hostess AcademyINR 80,000
Flying Queen Air Hostess Academy

Institutes in Mumbai:

Institute NameCourse Fee
Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess TrainingINR 1,50,000

In Chennai:

Institute NameCourse Fee
Kasturi Institute of Management StudiesINR 4,00,000
National Institute of Management and ScienceINR 2,00,000

In Punjab:

Institute NameCourse Fee
GNA University, PhagwaraINR 75,600
Lovely Professional UniversityINR 1,20,000

Air Hostess Courses: Job Prospects

The career options are numerous and varied. Ground staff agent, Flight Stewart, Cargo section, Airline ticket agent, Ramp planner, Air Hostess, Sales, and Airport manager are all needed in the airline industry.

Profile of Job Description of Job
Ground staff agentThe ground crew assists passengers and cabin crew in boarding and disembarking from the plane. They help each other with their bags and luggage. They also point out the pilot on the taxi pick-up location.
Cabin Crew – Air HostessThe passengers’ safety and comfort are ensured by the Air Hostess. They make certain that passengers are informed about safety and emergency procedures. They attend to the passenger’s requests as well as their service requirements.
Sales RepresentativeIt is your responsibility to promote the airlines to the travel industry. They must target the appropriate audience and maintain customer loyalty.
Cargo ManagementResponsible for the flow of operations from and to an aircraft, including loading, unloading, and storing cargo. This job also necessitates a high level of precision.
Airline Ticket AgentThis position is in charge of booking tickets for passengers as well as dealing with their reservations. They interact directly with customers and respond to their questions about timing, seat assignment, availability, costs, and so on.
Ramp PlannerThe cargo handler, baggage handler, fueler, food catering contractor, and cabin cleaners are among the tasks that the ramp planner is responsible for directing. Before the flight leaves, all of these departments’ tasks must be completed.
Airport ManagerComplete responsibility for the airport’s day-to-day operations. Airport managers are responsible for enforcing FAA rules, negotiating airport contracts, and enhancing security.

Air Hostess Courses: Benefits and Scope

After completing the Air Hostess course, the aviation industry offers a variety of benefits that make the job less boring and monotonous. The following are a few of the most compelling reasons why a candidate should pursue Air Hostess Training.

  • The work environment is very glamorous, and the compensation package is fairly good, though there may be some differences between domestic and international airlines.
  • Explore:
  • As an air hostess, you will have the opportunity to visit many new and exciting places. You’ll meet new people and learn about different cultures. Company-provided lodging and amenities are always at the top of the list.
  • As an Air Hostess, you will develop outstanding qualities such as patience, politeness, a willingness to help others, mental foresight, and excellent social skills.
  • The career options are numerous and varied. Ground staff agent, Air Hostess, Flight Stewart, Airline ticket agent, Ramp planner, Sales, Cargo section,and Airport manager are all needed in the airline industry. Escorting, corporate travel, event management, guiding, agents, tour guides, and liaising are all needed in the travel industry.
  • Air Asia, Air India, Virgin Australia, Alliance Air, Classic Journeys,Emirates, Etihad Airways, Evaair, Indigo, Qantas, Japan Airlines, Delta Airlines, Qatar Airways, Spice Jet are just a few of the top companies where an Air Hostess Course graduate can find work.


What job opportunities are available after completing the Air Hostess courses?

The career options are numerous and varied. Ground staff agent, Flight Stewart, Cargo section, Airline ticket agent, Ramp planner, Sales,Air Hostess, and Airport manager are all needed in the airline industry.

What is an Air Hostess’ salary in India after completing air hostess training?

According to payscale in India, an Air Hostess earns an average annual salary of 5,19,522. Though experience is important in determining salary increases. Because there is a growing demand for air hostess jobs, the pay scale may continue to rise year after year.

What is the best Air Hostess course?

The candidate has a variety of options for Air Hostess courses, ranging from certificate and diploma programs to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Eligibility criteria play a significant role in the admissions process for various courses.
B.Sc in Airline, Tourism, and Hospitality is the best option if you want to pursue a full-time bachelor’s degree.

Can I become an Air Hostess after finishing 12th grade?

Once you have completed the 12th grade with a minimum of 40% -45% aggregate marks from a recognized educational board. You can enroll in an air hostess course and become an air hostess after completing it.

What is the average salary for an Air Hostess after completing the courses?

An Air Hostess’ average salary is INR 5,19,522. Other job roles have different pay scales. The aviation industry pays extremely well. A ground staff agent’s average annual salary is INR 2,94,266. An air ticket agent’s average salary is INR 2,93,878.

How much do Air Hostess Courses cost on average?

The cost of an air hostess course at one of India’s top colleges ranges from INR 75,000 to INR 4,000,000. The candidate can select the courses they want to take and begin a career in aviation.

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