Take Your Career to New Heights with Graphic Designing Courses in 2019

So you love all things art and spent most of your high school days doodling pictograms, drawings, stick figures and various patterns at the back of your notebooks? However, have you put these creative ideas on the back burner because you were told that you probably can’t make a living out of it? Well, you can seriously consider bringing these ideas to life again through the help of Bachelor of Graphic Design available at Arch College of Design and Business.

Here is how you can master this creative, exciting and professional field if art is where your true passion lies at.

The different graphic designing courses you can opt from

There are various UG as well as PG programmes you can opt from when enrolling in graphic design schools. Some of the most popular ones include the following.

  • BVA (Applied Arts): The applied arts industry is a quickly growing area. This course focuses on blending applied arts with communication design practice and contemporary visual arts. This means the course looks into design concept all the way to marketing. It is a four-year duration course
  • BA Graphic Design: Students discover historical and contemporary graphic contexts. This makes it easy for you to decipher how visual language can be used to interact with a consumer, user or purchaser. It encourages students to develop their own personal, visual style. This international degree programme generally runs for five years
  • Voc Graphic Design: This curriculum is generally a mix of research intensive and hands on approaches. Students deal with on the job training as well as theoretical and practical subjects within the context of visual communication and graphic design. The course lasts for three years
  • Voc Design Communication: This two-year, post-graduate course gives importance to information development and communication design. It explains vital concepts and how they can be used to communicate with users through print, social media and online methods. The programme caters to non-graphic and graphic elements such as photography, drawing, typography, writing skills, audio, video/animation and storytelling among other aspects

These are some of the most popular and sought-after graphic designing courses available.

Skills required to make it big in graphics designing

Before setting your eyes on a Bachelor of Graphic Design, you need to know whether you have the skills required to make a success out of it. Creativity is one of the most essential elements you need to possess. In addition to this, an ability to communicate effectively with customers and clients as well as being innovative are a few other skills needed.

Besides this, working well with others, not being afraid to learn new things and being business minded to handle various budgets, manage clients and handle invoices is also a prerequisite.

Life after completing a graphic designing course

Some of the most common positions for people who have completed graphic designing courses are creative directors, graphic designers, marketing specialist, user interface (UI) designer, production artist, product developer, user experience (UX) designer, art director, animator or even a freelancer. It is important to know your skills properly and how versatile you prove to be in these positions if you want to decipher the best path for you.

Building your fame in this field is all about mastering your tools, knowing how to get featured in magazines, blogs and websites, understanding your skills, participating in contests, joining online communities and sharing your designs and work via social media.

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