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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Preparing for NEET 2022

NEET 2022 (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a national level medical exam in India. NEET is the single entrance exam for all government and private medical colleges in India except AIIMS and JIPMER.
Following are some mistakes you should avoid while preparing for NEET 2022:

#1 Don’t Ignore NCERT Books

The first and foremost mistake many students do is ignoring NCERT books. NCERT books contain 70% of the syllabus of NEET exam.
Many questions come in direct or indirect language from NCERT books. Solved examples are also very important.
While you are engaging yourself in too many books from different publishers, don’t forget NCERT as it is one of the most efficient books to study from.

#2  Poor Time Management

Time Management
A proper time management is the most important thing. Making timetable will help you to study efficiently for exams. But most students don’t find it important. It will help you to focus and give more time to important subjects and topics.
Don’t ignore hard chapters. Ignoring hard chapters reduce your percentage of getting good marks. Give required time to every subject and remember to add small break points in the timetable. A stroll and listening to music is a good way to refresh your mind in between.
Start studying 6 months before your board exams. Before board exams, every student is busy in studying the board syllabus. Pre-preparation will help you in your exam and you will not feel stressed out at the last moment.

#3  Not Seeking Advice

Not Seeking Advice
While studying in high school, students forget to seek advice on the preparation of NEET exam. Teachers are well aware of the exam patterns and important topics. Seeking advice from them will help you to study in detail.
Always clear your doubts on time and don’t rely on tomorrow. There are hundreds of online sites and materials which will help you in studying properly and will clear your doubts. Getting a coaching class could help but don’t get dependent on the classes and the teachers.

#4  Ignoring Self Study

Self Study
Students appearing in NEET exams are generally high school students preparing to also appear in board exams. While studying for boards, they don’t give proper importance to self-study but become more and more dependent on coaching classes and teachers. Don’t do that.
Self-study is the only thing which will help you in the success. Go for doubts and advice from the teachers but don’t rely only on the classes. Study according to your timetable and focus ok your goals.

#5 Don’t Believe in Last Minute Preparation

Last Minute Preparation
Don’t ever do that. Last minute preparation will never help you in qualifying your exam. It will only increase your stress and tension.
Giving proper time to every subject and every topic is important which is not possible in the last minute preparation. It will make you more and more stressed out every minute and you are most likely to mess up your exam.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Underestimate Yourself.

Underestimating yourself will make you feel useless. It will make you believe you can never do that.
Believe in yourself that you can do it and even if the failure meets you, it will end up teaching you something important. Failure is a way to push yourself towards success. And don’t lose hope.
Good luck.

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