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How to Prepare For NEET 2022 Without Coaching

Every medical aspirant dreams of getting admission in one of the top ranking colleges for having a bright future. However, with increasing competition, it is getting tougher day by day as a result, students rely more on high rated coaching even by taking loans but the main thing that really matters is your hard-work and your determination towards achieving your goal.
So, if you believe in self-study my friend, you are at the right place reading this post as we are discussing about preparation techniques and methods to crack NEET without going to coaching.

#1 Create a Time Table

It is always better to organize yourself before starting anything. Creating a timetable helps in having a systematic and well-planned way of beginning your studies but for this, your timetable must be realistic, allot timings as per your subjects and your capacity of studying per day.

#2 Set Target Each Day

Each day begins with new energy and hope, make it to the good use by setting small targets for each day (for e.g completing one chapter or a topic in 2 hours). This will boost your confidence and make yourself a little closer to achieving your target each day, you can make these targets according to your time-table.

#3 Make Notes

It is always advisable to make proper notes in your own language as it will save your time in reading the whole topic again from the book as well as you will get a better understanding of the topic by following this, importantly make notes from NCERT standard books.

#4 Do Not Hesitate to Take Help

It is often seen that the students who indulge in self-study sometimes ignore their doubts or just bypass them believing they will clear that later, as a result, they remain as it is. Avoid doing this, tick your doubts or write in your notebook and take help from your teachers or seniors and clear them at once.
Take tests best of assessing your performance and practice by solving sample paper and taking online tests. In this way, you will be able to know about your weaker sections that you can improve by focusing more on those topics.
Believe in yourself, do not pay heed to the non-believers in self-study.
Be positive and do not harbour any doubts, always be focused on your goal and say to yourself – “I can do this”

#5 Self Discipline

Since you have opted for self-study then it is your responsibility to remain dedicated and sincere with your studies, don’t skip it and make justice with your timetable and your subjects, don’t let your time go waste in those things that do not have much importance in your life.
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