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How to Score 100 Marks in Mathematics in Class 12th

No matter what class are you in Mathematics is always one of the most important subjects. Many think that only a person with a rational mind can solve maths problems but it’s not true. Maths is something which develops rational thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

Mathematics is particularly not a hard subject. All it needs is a real practice.

Here are the things you can do to score 100 marks in Mathematics in class 12th without any problem. If you go through these points regularly and properly, there’s nothing that can stop you from topping the class 12th:

1. Understand the Pattern

Understanding the pattern is the first and foremost thing to lie your focus on. To understand the exam pattern better, here is syllabus of Mathematics class 12th :

  • Calculus: 44%
  • Vectors & 3D: 17%
  • Algebra: 13%
  • Probability: 10%
  • Relations & Functions: 10%
  • Linear Programming: 6%

Question Paper Analysis:

  • Easy: 20%
  • Moderate: 60%
  • Difficult: 20%

2. Practice

Practice over and over again even when you have practised the same questions a hundred times. At least 80 – 100 questions per day will ensure your proper practice.
Practice previous year question papers and take online mock test and assignments. Solve the question papers just like you’re giving your exam. That way, you will be sure about how much more you need to practice and how much already know.
Don’t ignore NCERT. About 60% of questions in the exam are straight from NCERT questions and solved examples. Rest 40% questions are from R. D Sharma.
Make sure you have prepared every single question and example from the book. Doing every question from R. D. Sharma is quite impossible but you can study the important chapters like Integration, Differentiation, Vectors & 3D.

3. Don’t burden yourself

Don’t rely on too many reference books. NCERT book and a guide book is enough for you to prepare well. Just remember to go through every question.
Don’t leave any question but if you find a question difficult, it’s okay to side it to solve later but don’t ignore it. Go to your teachers and learn how to solve such type of questions.
If you are not able to solve a particular type of question even after trying multiple times, don’t get irritated. You can leave the question for a while and take a 15 minutes break to refresh your mind. Going for a walk is a good option.
Try to solve the question again after the break and if you’re still unable to solve the question just leave it. Ask the question to any elder or teacher the next day.
If you are finding a chapter difficult to understand, start from the very beginning. Learn the basics. Try and attempt the easiest of the question and work your way in slowly to the difficult questions.

4. A Theorem and Formula Notebook

A separate Formula and theorem book is compulsory. And by book, I mean hand written book, not a printed book.
Learn the formulas and write on your own. You can write a formula multiple times so that you won’t forget it. Writing on your own will help you to memorize them better. You will remember them for a longer time.
Before starting studying, open the formula book and revise all the formulas and then continue with your studies.
Make sure to make a thin formula notebook which you can carry around with yourself easily. Revise the formulas daily. Even carry the formula book with you in the exam hall and submit it to the teacher later.
Remember, on the exam day you just need to focus on the formulas only. Don’t go out practising questions and discussing them with your friends. Just stay calm and keep your mind fresh.
Revising too many things on the exam day will confuse your mind and you will feel irritated or tired. So avoid it.

5. Remember to mention the details

In calculus and algebra, don’t forget to mention the formula or theorem you have used to solve your question. If you forget this, you can lose a mark.
If you want a perfect score then doing this is a silly mistake. Recheck your calculations at times. Sometimes students make calculation mistakes in a hurry. So remember to not to make these silly mistakes.
While revising, don’t revise the full question, just check the formulas or theorems applied and check the calculations.
Check whether you have listed the question number correctly or not because a wrong question number could make you lose a mark.
In chapters like probability, the presentation is a must. Present your question neatly even if you have a bad handwriting.
Make your diagrams clean and mention the points neatly.
Maintain a good pace from the beginning. Don’t spend too much time on one question. If you are finding it difficult in solving a question or if you think there might be calculation mistake, leave the space for the question and begin with the other questions. You can solve it at the end.
A healthy pace will ensure that you will not lack out any question.
And practice and practice!!
Mathematics is all about practising and problem-solving skills. Always start a chapter from the basics and then move in slowly. Give proper time to your chapters and again, practice as much as you can.
Good luck.

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