Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Students

Effects of Social Media on Students

Social media is the biggest thing in today’s world after the launch of Facebook social media has reached each and every part of the world whether it is the villages or big cities.
Social media is the technology which helps in bringing people closer together whether they are far or near. It is used to create relationships among people as we know social media is used by students as much as it is used by adults moreover the number of students using social media is more than the other people.
Social media has reduced over daily work by a significant amount earlier we use to go to shops to by things now we have an option of buying things online, this is just one example there are many others.
Social media has both positive and negative impacts on the students I am going to discuss some of the positive and some of the negative impacts that social media has on students.

Positive Impacts of Social Media on Students

There are many positive impacts of social media on students I have mentioned some of them in this section hope you find them useful.

  • It facilitates online learning: The use of social media has made it possible for the students to learn everything online which was earlier not there. Now students have the facility of watching everything online if they want to study and subject if they want to learn any new thing they just have to open youtube and search for the same.
  • Access to information: The access to online media has taught students how to access information about each and everything that is possible in today’s world.
    Students can join the online groups which are related to the course they are studying and whenever they have a question they can post in that group. They can check for the study material related to there course in that group.
  • It helps to gain wider knowledge: Students have the access to the materials that are used worldwide. Each country has its own style of teaching so if a student finds a thing difficult it is possible that the same thing is taught by some other teacher in an easy way or in a way he can understand easily. There is each and every detail about each and every subject available over the net.
    If an assignment is given to a student he/she searches each and every online platform to complete that assignment so social media helps in gaining wider knowledge.
  • It helps in building relationships: This applies in both the cases of adults and students. Social media helps in building relationships.
    Students can talk to students from other countries or even from some places in the same country this will help to know new people which were not possible earlier. Students can solve the problems of other students with help of social media.
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Negative Impacts of Social Media on Students

I have mentioned some of the biggest negative impacts that social media have on the life of students.

  • It wastes time: Earlier students used to go outside to play but nowadays they prefer staying inside their home and use their phone they waste there time by using social media. Students find it very difficult to not to use their phone and social media for even a single day.
    Even students take their phone to their classes and instead of listing to what is being taught to them they focus on chatting and reading stories online.
    Many students find it difficult to go about their normal life without making use of social media.
    They waste their time chatting with there friends, lovers etc instead of revising what they have learned at the school.
  • It Causes Distraction: Many students focus only on their phones without concentrating on things that are most important for them like their studies. Even if they searched for some questions online the chances are high that they might end up studying or watching something that is not related to their queries in the slightest way. Students should get carried away by social media as it can affect their studies in the worst ways.
  • It causes social problems: Social media is the reason for many social problems in today’s world. Students like to talk to friends online rather than talking to the friends which are available. They don’t like a real-time conversation.
    Social media is one of the biggest reason due to which we are having more and more introvert students they are afraid of clearing their doubts so the use of social media should be limited.
  • It Causes Health Problems: If students use their phones or computers for long periods of time and if they do it on regular basis it can affect their health in a very bad way. Students may be exposed to the postures which they should not be using.
    There is also a danger of eye strain, physical and mental stress among students by the use of social media.
    Too much use of education technology tools for accessing social media by students is harmful and there must be a limit.

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