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10 Things to Make Sure Before Choosing Any College

Dreams and goals are all that a person lives for.
We all have our dreams and life goals for which we live and work hard every day. Every step we take is either raking us closer or farther apart from our dreams. So definitely, every step matters and for this, it is necessary that every step we take should be towards the forward direction not backwards.
Every decision of ours affects our lives. The friends we make, the college we take, the books we read, the movies we watch, the people we choose to live with etc. So in this article, we are going to discuss one of those aspects – the college we take.
After 12th, what every student and their parents want is choosing the best college. No matter how much one has scored in class 12th, everyone wants to take the best of the college.
So here are the Top 10 things to make sure before choosing any college :
There are many ways of choosing a college. Many things may be crossing your minds about your forefathers who have attended the same college from generations, your group of friends who have planned to go together in one college, the college which everyone chants about all day long etc.

Admission Rate

If you have scored well in high school you likely have higher chances of getting admission to the college which have lower admission rate. Lower the admission rate, higher is the competition level. If you have scored well in 10+2, you are halfway on it.
If you have not scored brilliant marks in high school, you can still go on browsing about the college which has a little high admission rate. These colleges are easier to get admission in.

Students and Faculty Ratio

Many colleges have a high rate of admissions every year bit lack in the number of faculties.
If there are fewer faculty members, students may likely to get problems in resolving and understanding subjects because teachers will be busy in many students and classes at a time and they would not be able to focus completely on the doubts of a single student.

Reviews of the College

Google provides a direct link to the college infrastructure, reviews and direction. Go through the full review of students on different websites.
Read and understand every review and you can search more to know if that is true or not. If a college is in overrated, you will only know about it when you talk to a student directly.
If you cannot find any student or friend from that college, then reviews are the best way to figure out your doubts.


Place nets are a really important thing to lay your eyes on while searching for a college. Check placemats related to your course and companies that may visit the college every year.
Many college offer 100% placement but to be honest, all they can provide is a mere job of BPO or call centres at different companies. Many big and highly rated companies may come to that college but offer a really low profile job after graduation.

Location from Home

Travelling every day to college and then way back home is tiring. But sometimes, you may need to hang out with friends or go for a stroll or go outside of the college to do your projects. For all this, a good location of the college is important. If your college is well connected to metro and transport services, it’s a nice college to consider.

Campus Size

The size of the campus and building is also important. If a college offers a lot of courses, then it must have a large infrastructure to provide well opportunities and study options for students.


Extra curriculum activities or fest and cultural programs of colleges, helps students to grow socially. They learn communication skills. Many colleges which offer journalism, Mass communication etc type of courses, must have regular events to help the student attain the maximum exposure of their career.

Course Availability

There are evening shifts for many courses in different colleges. If you want an evening shift you need to consider that because many colleges do not generally offer this. This timing also has less number of students and are easy to take admissions in.

Quality of Professors

Check the degree or qualification of teachers. Go through reviews and learn what they have to say about faculty members. After all, they are the ones who are to guide you for next few years of your life.

Alumni Network

The colleges which have higher alumni rate are high in rating and for a good reason. The more alumni rate they have, the more are the chances they have the quality of education. To carry on the name and fame of the college they need to continue with the good education and lot of highly trained teachers are generally interested in taking classes at these colleges.
Choose wisely. Good luck.

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