Best Career Alternatives after Engineering in India

Engineering in India is one of the most common career options. Every other student you see is interested in engaging himself in engineering degrees. IIT, KIT etc are something every student dreams of.

Every student wants to earn loads of money and dreams of higher packages but once done with the engineering degree, many students find themselves either jobless or not interested in carrying out the civil or mechanical career.

Here are few of the best alternative career options after Engineering :

#1 Teaching

So let’s be honest, teaching is one of the best career options after pursuing any type of graduation degree.
If you have always been interested in problem-solving skills and applying science in your daily life, why not use your knowledge and skills with students who want to learn new things. As an ex Engineering student, you can help them with your past experiences and mistakes and can give them live examples which they can use in their daily life.
You can also study further and can rise up in your teaching career to the professor, HOD, and dean. You can also carry out your personal research.
#2 Operation Management 

Operation management is basically connected with planning, organizing and supervising the production, manufacturing or provision of services.
The main focus of these types of jobs is to effectively convert inputs into outputs.
An Engineering graduate student is well aware of the real kind of pressure which is very important in the operation management career to deal with the ups and downs of the output quantity.
Supply chain management and logistics are a part of operation management. While understanding global trends in supply are important in chain management, the careful use of resources is important in logistics. Logistics covers the transfer and manufacturing of raw materials. Your problem-solving skill will help you in both of these career options as well as the operation management career.
#3 Technical Blogger

Technical knowledge is something an Engineer is made up of. You can do a productive use your this skill and knowledge by writing about the technical communication. As writing is an important part of an Engineer’s life, it can help you in many ways further.
Good graphics support good writing. Including diagrams and schematics will attract the reader and raise their interest in your blog.
As a technical blogger, you can also list the career options for the engineers out there. You can help them with the details of your work, communication, and experiences. Include as many details as possible for your reader and your reader will gradually engage in your blogs.
#4 Technical Sales

An engineer is well aware of the technology and it’s uses. Technical sales involve sales advice and support to their clients. Their work is to explain highly complexed technical information to their customers and clients.
They can let their customers know of the mechanism of a device and how it can be used to the best of it’s efficiency. Therefore, they play an important role in the modern sales world.
Selling and consulting a product to a client is what a Technical sales person generally do.
Training programmes for a Technical Sales are available. You can always go for a training programme as they are short termed and gives you the opportunity to learn and explore more and more things.

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#5 Trainer

As mentioned above about the training programs, there are a lot of short-term technical and mechanical courses out there. You can work as a trainer in explaining the technical aspects of a product to the students.
Or you can work as a trainer in a company, explaining the technical use of a product to customers, clients, dealers etc.
You can also be provided with the handling, installation and maintenance of the equipments.
If you are engaged in a foreign language, you can also work as a translator for engineering conglomerates. You can also contribute in a designing and making of a new product and can also introduce your company with new technologies and ways of making a device to best of it’s ability.
There are a hundreds of careers you can choose from. There are a list of non engineering and engineering related career options. A diploma in a foreign language, animation, production, direction etc can help you find the right career for you.
Go look for as many details as possible for a career and then choose wisely.

Don’t lose hope. There is always a new start to everything and you can begin at anytime, there is no right time.

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