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Advice from Toppers that will Help you Crack JEE Main & Advanced [2022]

JEE Main & Advanced are one of the most important exams in India, lakhs of students prepare every year for the exams and only few thousand are able to qualify the exam. With such a high level of competition, it is very useful get advice from somebody on how to study and prepare for the exam, now we might have written a few tips for you to prepare but it would be great if you got advice from people who have not only qualified for the exam but are the topper in all India ranking. We would advise you to note down these tips and try to follow them as per your convenience.
Here is the advice from some of the toppers of JEE Main & Advance.

#1  Sarvesh Mehtani – JEE Advanced 2017 Topper (AIR 1)

Sarvesh Mehtani from Chandigarh, a student of Bhavan Vidyalaya School, secured 339 marks with AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2017 and bagged an AIR 55 in JEE Main 2017. Here are some tips from Sarvesh Mehtani on how to prepare for JEE Main & Advanced 2022.
1. Sarvesh Mehtani’s Preparation Strategy
“I had a very regular preparation. The total preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced was a little different. I think the preparation should be normally done till 12th standard with the 11th and 12th syllabus and everyone should orient themselves a little towards the JEE Mains because there are little extra topics. But after the JEE Mains are done, you can start preparing for JEE Advanced. I think I prepared 2 months for JEE Main and around 2 or 1 and a half months for JEE Advanced. I think that much of time is enough.”
2. Huge Benefits of Coaching
“I took coaching from Lakshya Institute. The benefits of coaching were huge. I was supported throughout the journey by the Institute and they also acted as mentors to me.”
3. Mock tests are crucial
“Yes, mock tests are crucial. It is very important to orient yourselves towards the different patterns that the exam can have. I practised mock tests at least once in 3 or 2 days. I practised overall mock test and not subject wise as in the last month the preparation should consist of complete revision and not particular topics.”
4. Special Books are not Necessary
“I used many subject wise books. I did not use any special books during the preparation.”

#2 Aman Bansal – JEE Advanced 2016 Topper (AIR 1)

Aman Bansal from Jaipur, Rajasthan, a student of Jai Shri Periwal School, secured 320 marks with AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2016 and bagged 323 out of 360 marks in JEE Main 2016. Here are some tips from Aman Bansal on how to prepare for JEE Main & Advanced 2022.
1. Aman Bansal’s Preparation Strategy  
“I had covered the syllabus during JEE Main preparation itself. For JEE Advanced, I focused on revision and reviewing my weaknesses. Along with revision, I also devoted my time in solving test papers and taking mock tests to brush up my exam taking skills and decided on the final exam day strategy. On an average, I used to spend 7 to 8 hours for studying. Some days I even stretched the study hours for 9 to 10 hours in case of special assignments or class or mock test preparation. Before 2 weeks to JEE Advanced, I reduced the number of hours on studying and spent 1 to 2 hours daily to keep myself de-stressed and refreshed for the actual exam day.”
2. Coaching is Necessary to Crack JEE Advanced Exam
“For me, it was very necessary as without the right guidance aspirants are mostly clueless about the right preparation strategy. They may not get through the right study materials and mock tests. Even if one opts to solve the test papers himself, getting them checked by mentors and following their feedback is very important.”
3. Recreational Activity is Helpful
“I love sports and played badminton regularly. Even before my exams, I used to play occasionally to refresh myself. I am also very fond of playing indoor games. I believe that some recreational activity is definitely required as no one can study constantly without break.”
4. Other Helpful Tips
“Regular studies are very important. Utilise your time properly. While studying, underline and highlight the important parts. Discuss with your peers and faculty members to explore various problem-solving techniques. Maintain a healthy competition with your peers. Do not get stressed and give your best shot with 100% confidence.”

#3 Satvat Jagwani – JEE Advanced 2015 Topper (AIR 1)

Satvat Jagwani from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, a student of Nalanda Public Senior Secondary School, secured AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2015. Here are some tips from Satvat Jagwani on how to prepare for JEE Main & Advanced 2022.
1. Satvat Jagwani’s Preparation Strategy
“I did not really follow any strict study routine. I kept it simple. I worked on the areas I was weak in and focused on strengthening my strong areas. Physics and Mathematics are two of my favourite subjects. So, I did not really feel like I was preparing. I was just enjoying studying. Besides, my teachers helped me a lot. All I had to do was revise whatever they would teach me and do my homework for the class.”
2. Do not Underestimate Mock Tests
“Yes, I even took a lot of mock tests. That helps you to manage the time. They also help you to know where you are making mistakes. I had done well in most of my mock tests. So, that fuelled my confidence for the actual examination.”
3. Do some Activities that Helps you Relax
“Honestly, I haven’t had much time for recreation in the last few months. But yes, I do enjoy solving Sodoku. It is not only relaxing but also helps to stimulate your brain.”
4. Other Helpful Tips
Focus on your strengths. Keep practising and keep revising. To achieve anything you need to work hard.

#4 Chitraang Murdia – JEE Advance 2014 Topper (AIR 1)

Chitraang Murdia from Udaipur, Rajasthan, Delhi Public School (Udaipur), Murdia scored got 97% marks in the CBSE boards, secured AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2014. Here are some tips from Chitraang Murdia on how to prepare for JEE Main & Advanced 2022.
1. Chitraang Murdia’s Preparation Strategy
“I started preparing after Class 10th. I took my coaching classes from Allen, Kota and got enrolled in the weekend classroom program. They did all the planning from me. So basically, I attended classes from 9 am-12 pm or 2 pm – 5 pm and took tests regularly. To set the biological clock, they put us on three tests which were important and helped me big time.
Also, let me tell you that I attended classes only on weekends or vacations. Else, I used to study at home only.”
2. Keep your motivation high
“Dedication, honesty, and focus are more important than coaching. The key to success in IIT is to always keep your motivation high. I tried to maintain continuity in my studies. It is important to keep your inner strength in face of momentary setbacks,”
3. Other Helpful Tips
Study hard. Pay attention. Don’t get distracted, If possible, join a good coaching institute.
Note: Please note that the above-written tips are the personal opinions of the students mentioned, we at examgyani do not have any relation whatsoever with any of the opinion expressed above.
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