Achieving JEE Success in 2024: Topper Insights & Strategies

Advice from Topper that will Help you Crack JEE Main & Advanced: JEE Main and Advanced stand as two of India’s most crucial examinations, drawing in countless aspirants annually. While many embark on this challenging journey, only a select few manage to secure a coveted spot. Given the fierce competition, seeking guidance from individuals who have not only cracked the exam but achieved top all-India rankings becomes invaluable.

We’ve gathered insights from exam toppers, individuals who have navigated this challenging path to success. Their advice can serve as a beacon for your own preparation. While we’ve provided some tips, incorporating their wisdom into your study routine can make a significant difference.

Feel free to note down these tips and adapt them to your unique study approach.

Here’s some advice from JEE Main & Advanced toppers that you should consider incorporating into your preparation:

JEE Topper

Sarvesh Mehtani – JEE Advanced 2017 Topper (AIR 1)

Sarvesh Mehtani, the All India Rank 1 holder in JEE Advanced 2017 and an AIR 55 in JEE Main 2017, offers valuable insights on preparing for JEE Main & Advanced 2024. Here are some of his tips:

1. Preparation Strategy

Sarvesh emphasizes the importance of a well-structured preparation strategy. He suggests the following approach:

  • Regular Preparation: Maintain consistency in your preparation throughout 11th and 12th standard. Cover the syllabus of both years thoroughly.
  • Focus on JEE Mains: Initially, focus on JEE Mains as it shares a substantial portion of the syllabus with JEE Advanced. Pay attention to the additional topics in JEE Mains.
  • Dedicated JEE Advanced Preparation: After JEE Mains, allocate 1.5 to 2 months for intense JEE Advanced preparation. This focused effort should be sufficient.

2. Benefits of Coaching

Sarvesh credits his success partly to coaching. He highlights the advantages of coaching, especially mentorship:

  • Supportive Coaching Institute: He attended Lakshya Institute, which provided continuous support and acted as mentors throughout his preparation journey.

3. Importance of Mock Tests

Sarvesh stresses the significance of mock tests:

  • Crucial for Exam Patterns: Mock tests help you adapt to different exam patterns, a vital aspect of preparation.
  • Regular Practice: Practice mock tests consistently, preferably once every 2 to 3 days. Sarvesh recommends full-length mock tests rather than subject-wise tests, especially in the last month for comprehensive revision.

4. Choice of Study Material

Sarvesh used subject-wise books and did not rely on special books during his preparation.

Sarvesh Mehtani’s advice provides valuable guidance for JEE Main & Advanced aspirants. His insights into preparation strategy, coaching benefits, mock tests, and study materials can help you in your exam journey.

Aman Bansal – JEE Advanced 2016 Topper (AIR 1)

Aman Bansal, who secured AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2016 and scored 323 out of 360 in JEE Main 2016, shares his insights on preparing for JEE Main & Advanced 2024. Here are his valuable tips:

1. Preparation Strategy

Aman’s preparation strategy focused on effective revision and addressing weaknesses:

  • Early Syllabus Coverage: During JEE Main preparation, he covered the syllabus comprehensively.
  • JEE Advanced Focus: For JEE Advanced, he concentrated on revising and strengthening his weak areas.
  • Test Paper Practice: Aman devoted time to solving test papers and taking mock tests. This helped him refine his exam-taking skills and formulate a final exam-day strategy.
  • Study Hours: On average, he studied for 7 to 8 hours daily. Occasionally, he extended his study hours to 9 to 10 for special assignments, classes, or mock tests. In the last two weeks before JEE Advanced, he reduced study hours to 1 to 2 daily to stay de-stressed and refreshed for the exam.

2. Importance of Coaching

Aman highlights the importance of coaching for cracking the JEE Advanced exam:

  • Guidance: Coaching provides essential guidance, helping aspirants establish the right preparation strategy. It ensures access to suitable study materials and mock tests.
  • Mentor Feedback: Even if students attempt test papers independently, getting them assessed by mentors and heeding their feedback is crucial.

3. Recreational Activities

Aman believes in balancing academics with recreation:

  • Sports Enthusiast: Aman regularly played badminton and indulged in indoor games. He maintained these recreational activities even before exams to refresh his mind. He emphasizes the need for breaks as continuous study can be draining.

4. Additional Tips

Aman offers more helpful tips:

  • Consistent Study: Regular and consistent studies are vital for success.
  • Effective Study Techniques: While studying, underline and highlight essential points.
  • Peer and Faculty Interaction: Discuss problems and solutions with peers and faculty to explore different problem-solving techniques.
  • Healthy Competition: Maintain a healthy competitive spirit with your peers.
  • Confidence: Stay confident and give your best effort with a positive mindset.

Aman Bansal’s advice provides valuable insights for JEE Main & Advanced aspirants, emphasizing a balanced approach to preparation.

Satvat Jagwani – JEE Advanced 2015 Topper (AIR 1)

Satvat Jagwani, who secured AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2015, shares his insights on preparing for JEE Main & Advanced 2024. Here are his valuable tips:

1. Preparation Strategy

  • Simplicity Wins: Satvat’s approach was refreshingly simple. He didn’t adhere to a strict study routine. Instead, he worked on his weaknesses and strengthened his strong subjects, particularly Physics and Mathematics. For him, it felt more like an enjoyable learning journey than rigorous preparation.
  • Teacher’s Guidance: Satvat acknowledges the pivotal role his teachers played in his success. He focused on revising what his teachers taught and diligently completed his homework.

2. The Significance of Mock Tests

  • Time Management: Satvat highlights the importance of mock tests for effective time management. These practice exams help you refine your pacing so that you can complete the real paper within the allotted time.
  • Error Identification: Mock tests are excellent tools for pinpointing areas where you make mistakes, enabling you to focus on improvement.
  • Confidence Booster: Performing well in mock tests can significantly boost your confidence when you approach the actual examination.

3. Relaxation Activities

  • Sudoku: While Satvat didn’t have much time for recreation during his intense preparation phase, he found solving Sudoku both relaxing and mentally stimulating. Engaging in such activities can provide a refreshing break from studying while keeping your mind sharp.

4. Additional Tips

  • Leverage Your Strengths: Concentrate on your strong subjects while continually practicing and revising.
  • Hard Work Pays Off: To achieve your goals, hard work is essential. Satvat’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication.

Satvat Jagwani’s approach to preparing for JEE Main & Advanced revolves around enjoying the learning process, seeking guidance from teachers, utilizing mock tests for skill enhancement, and engaging in relaxing activities to maintain a balanced mindset. Remember, with determination and smart preparation, you can excel in these competitive exams.

Chitraang Murdia – JEE Advanced 2014 Topper (AIR 1)

Chitraang Murdia, who secured AIR 1 in JEE Advanced 2014, offers his insights on preparing for JEE Main & Advanced 2024. Here are his valuable tips:

1. Preparation Strategy

  • Starting Point: Chitraang began his JEE preparation journey after completing Class 10. He enrolled in the weekend classroom program at Allen, Kota, a renowned coaching institute. The institute provided a structured plan that included classes and regular tests. He attended classes on weekends or during vacations and focused on self-study at home.
  • Test Series: Chitraang emphasized the importance of regular testing to set his biological clock and gauge his progress. Consistent practice tests were integral to his preparation.

2. Maintain High Motivation

  • Dedication and Focus: Chitraang stresses that dedication, honesty, and unwavering focus are more crucial than coaching. Maintaining high motivation levels is the key to success in JEE. Continuity in studies and inner strength to overcome momentary setbacks are vital.

3. Additional Tips

  • Hard Work: Chitraang underscores the importance of diligent study, paying attention, and minimizing distractions. He also recommends considering enrollment in a reputable coaching institute.

Please note that these tips reflect the personal opinions and experiences of the students mentioned. Examgyani does not have any affiliation with the individuals mentioned above.

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