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5 Tips to Prepare for Any Competitive Exam Effectively

Competitive Exams are a tough time for every one of us. Everybody feels exhausted and tired throughout the day. Mostly, we are confused how to study properly to perform well in a competitive exam.

Here are the few tips on how to study effectively to score well in any competitive exam:

#1 A planned Study Time

When it comes to preparing for any exam whether they are competitive exams or board exams, preparing a well-ordered study table is the most important thing to do.
Divide your time efficiently giving every subject the required time every day.
Remember to not to clash your subjects into one another and not to study hard subjects one after the other.
Also, remember to add small break points in between them, a 15 to 20 minutes break is always a healthy way to study properly and keep your mind fresh.
Go for a 5-minute stroll or do something relaxing in the time of the break.

#2  Get Proper Sleep and Diet

When it comes to sleeping, we all ignore the importance and benefits of a proper sleep.
Sleeping relaxes your body and freshens your mind. An 8-hour sleep should always be included in your timetable, it will relax your brain and will help you to focus better.
A healthy diet consisting of salad and light food will help you to stay fresh.
A carbohydrate-rich diet is always a right type of food to consume during study hours as it avoids sleepy encounters. You can always backup your diet with oatmeals and fruits. Also, drink a lot of water.
Remember a healthy body is the most important thing to achieve everything in life.

#3  Avoid Distractions

A peaceful environment is also important, if you are sitting in a noisy place, better get away from it otherwise your mind will not be able to focus properly.
Avoid social media as much as you can. As we all know, social media always attract your attention somehow.
Try switching off your mobile phones and use it only when in need.

#4  Make Proper Notes

Now, this is very important. Whenever you study, try to make your own points in your own language. It will help you to understand the topic better and memorize it faster.
Use any language and make short points. Always make the points direct. Underline the important things in your books or notebooks or highlight them. It will help you to find those important things faster the next time you study.
Make separate notebooks and try to write the notes neatly. A neat and clean work always attract the eyes and brain. This truck will always help you.

#5  Don’t Stress and Get Some Exercise

We all are likely to get a little stressed out while studying for exams, remember to not feel exhausted and stay fresh throughout the day by drinking coffee or anything you like. A stroll and listening to music for few minutes will help you in relaxing your brain.
Always think you can do it and don’t over think and over analyze any situation. Keep your focus on learning things and gaining knowledge rather than focusing on getting marks.
Plan a little time for exercise, it will help you in reducing stress and tension and make your mind feel lighter.
It will refresh your mind and body and help you to focus more effectively towards your studies.

Now one bonus tip is to: Accept failure

We get heartbroken and lose every hope after we go through a failure. One should understand a failed attempt means you are trying and failing is a path to success. Failure teaches you the most important thing: not to repeat your past mistakes again. Failure makes you better. So learn to accept failure and learn to learn something from it.
Exams give everybody a hard time for sure, but proper time management will always be helpful and pushes you towards success.
Good luck.

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